Everything Changes

Everything changes.

Two years ago,
I didn’t have a blog.
I’d never written anything
Read by anyone.

Two years ago
I didn’t know
What Flash Fiction is.
I’d never heard of it.

Two years ago,
I avoided Facebook.
I avoided Flickr.
And Twitter too.
I had no interest in them.

Two years ago,
I worked at a job.
That I’d had.
For 28 years.

Every day was the same for me

I knew
What days I would work.
How long I’d be at work.
What I’d do at work.
Who I’d see at work.

I knew
What my weekend
Would bring.

To years ago.
Everything was normal.
Was always the same.

That was two years ago.

Everything has changed.

I’d never heard
Of NaNoWriMo.
Had no idea
What it was.
Until last fall.
When I participated.
And like so many
Of the people I have met.

I spent November writing.
Until I had the full framework
Of a novel.
A story.
A book.
Something I’d always wanted
To do.

And suddenly.
It’s happened.
I have a story
I can fill in,
Clean up,
And finish.

And I know too
There are more stories
I will write.

Because the lessons
I had learned.
The ones that told me
That I couldn’t write.
That I’d never be a writer.
Those lessons
Are now gone.

I’ve written a story
Of my own.
So I know I can.

I know what Flash Fiction is.
And I’m learning
How to write it.
Flash Fiction’s very fun to me.
And it’s unpredictable.
I knew know
What I’ll end up writing.
Where a story
Will go.

I’ve been writing now,
Almost every day.
For the past two years.
I’ve got a record
Of everything I’ve written.

It’s like it tells the story
Of someone waking up.
Someone coming
Back to life.
Discovering that everything
He believed in
For 28 years.

Was wrong.

I’ve met people
That I would have never met
Two years ago.
People of all kinds.
And all ages.
Everyone’s so different.

I have a very different
Kind of job.
Working part time now.
And I never really know
When I’m going to work
From one week to the next.

And where I work
I get to interact
With people all the time.
Every single day.
People that I’ve never seen before.

I don’t do the things
I used to do.
I don’t go to church.
For I’ve come to understand
That church
Is not for me.

It’s a good thing.
I like that it exists.
I’ve seen it help
So many people
That I’ve known.
Even people I know now.

So, I have nothing bad
To say about it.

It just doesn’t work
For me.
It reminds me too much
Of the way that everything
Was the same.
Every day.
When I reached the end
Of that 28 years
Where I used to work.

Sometime in the coming months,
I’ll buy my own backpack.
And when I do,
I’ll at long last
Do something
I’ve always wanted to.

I’ll spend the night
In my little tent.
Sleeping in a sleeping bag.
On the ground.
Beneath the stars.
At a campground
Near the ocean.

I’ll go alone because
I’m OK being by myself.
And I know something else.
That lots of people
I have known.
And that I know right now.
Think that sleeping
In a tent,
In a sleeping bag,
On the ground.

Isn’t any fun.

I wish they’d remember
All the dreams they had
When they were young.

I’ll close this rambling note down now.
With the words from a song I like.
From Off The Grid,
By Abney Park.

“I’ve packed my bags
Bought back my pride.
I’d rather live in rags
Than throw my dreams aside!
I’ve packed my bags
Bought back my pride
I’d rather live in rags.”

The dreams I’ve always had.
That I set aside
For the 28 years I worked
In the same place.

It’s time I tried my best
To bring some dreams of mine
To life.

And that’s what I’m going to do.

Everything changes.
Doesn’t it.

A Couple Of Notes :

1. You can learn more about the Steam Punk band, Abney Park here : Abney Park’s Web Site

2. You can learn more about Flash Fiction at the following places. Please feel free to read the stories you find there. Many of them are very good. And by very gifted, creative, and talented people.

Sioban Muir’s #ThursThreads
Cara Michael’s #MenageMondays

3. Learn about NaNoWriMo here : National Novel Writing Month

Get out there and explore life. (:



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