Fairies : Sword (Part 3)

With the coming of the dawn, Merlin’s voice shattered the quiet of the forest. The sound of a metal sheet being ripped in half. Sword had never heard such a thing in all his days. But he figured it was OK. None of the girls seemed worried about it.

He watched as Mystica came out of her home in the trees on the far side of the lake. She stood there, on a branch, as if she was waiting for someone. And it wasn’t long before the shadows in the trees came to life. And a tiny dragon emerged. A black dragon. With teeth shaped like swords. And razor-sharp claws.

The dragon had landed next to Mystica. And the two of them had spoken for a time. Then Mystica was encased in a pale white glow, and floated quickly across the lake. By the time she landed in the clearing, all the girls had gathered in the clearing too. They were waiting for her. Sword decided to walk over to them. After all, this was the morning Mystica had said they would start the journey to take him home.

There was one of the fairy girls that Sword had noticed many times in his days at the lake. The little fairy named Rose. She couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. Maybe 6. And she could fly. Better than he could. Much better than he could. She could do everything a master flier could. Hover. Fly backwards. Upside down. Loops. Circles. Just off of the ground. Between trees. You name it. He’d never known a child fairy that could fly like Rose could.

As everyone had gathered in the clearing, Sword couldn’t help but wonder how such a group would possibly take him all the way across the forest, back to the ocean where he lived. It would be a journey of days for him and Mystica. But add in the girls, and that journey would get much longer. He knew that. But he wouldn’t say anything. It had been many weeks since he’d been in his home, the sea. If it took a few more days, he could live with that. And the girls had been very kind to him. Doing what they could to help him. He knew that. And yes, he was grateful to them. He knew he would not have survived without their help, and care.

As he was wondering how long it would take for an adult and a bunch of children to journey across the forest to the sea, he noticed shadows forming on the ground, and over the lake. And those shadows grew rapidly, becoming very large indeed. He looked up over the lake. And much to his surprise, three dragons were there, in the sky. Wings spread. Flying very rapidly indeed. Heading straight for the lake.

Sword recognized the first dragon. The biggest dragon of the three. The color of burnt charcoal. That was the dragon that had protected him. Watched over him. In the village on the sand. He watched that dragon, and the others, as they approached the clearing. The clearing wasn’t large enough for all three of them at once. So, one at a time, they landed. Starting with the big dragon. The dragon Mystical called Scream.

Sword watched as Musica, the oldest of the fairy girls, climbed up on Scream’s back. She took Fauna, and Dream with her. The three of them settled right down on that giant dragon’s back. As if they’d ridden on him many times before. And Sword realized exactly how they were all going to make the journey to the ocean. To his home.

They’d be riding on the dragons.

Oh, but he was going to have one heck of a story to tell everyone when he got home! Was he ever!

He watched as Scream took flight. And a second dragon landed. Sword was quit surprised by the color of that dragon. He’d never seen a dragon that was pale blue. It was a beautiful dragon, with eyes that shined just like diamonds. If diamonds were a brilliant blue. Or so Sword thought. Rose and Sunshine climbed aboard that dragon. And when they had seated themselves on the dragon’s back, that pale blue dragon took to the sky.

The third dragon landed. This one was the same color as a raging fire. Sword had never seen anything like that. A living creature that looked like living fire. And Mystica took him by the hand, and the two of them had climbed up on that fiery dragon. Soon they were airborne too.

That’s when Sword heard that sound again. The sound of metal being torn asunder. And with that sound, the dragons headed East. Across the forest. Toward the ocean. Toward his home.

Even with the dragons, it was a journey of three days. But that was OK. In that three days, he got to sleep above the ground. High up in the trees. He got to hear beautiful music, and beautiful songs, played by Musica. Those songs always seemed to calm him down. Reassure him that everything would be OK. He had marvelous dreams. Of being back in the sea. Swimming through it’s depths. Talking with the creatures of the deep once more. It was as if he’d returned home in his dreams.

And the sun shined down from above, on the three dragons, Sword, and his fairy friends, each of those three days. And Sunshine smiled and laughed so much on those three days.

Every now and then, the dragons would slow down, and Rose would take off. Flying from one dragon to the other. Checking on everyone. Sword never would figure out how she always had another rose to give to him. And it was amazing to see such a tiny fairy flying right next to the heads of such big dragons. Talking with them. Laughing with them. Smiling. And just having fun.

It took three days to reach the ocean. And honestly, Sword found he wouldn’t have minded at all, if it had taken three days more.


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