Not Inch By Inch

I’m celebrating. Seems I got an Honorable Mention on the #ThursdayThreads for this little piece. Honestly, I have no idea where this idea came from. It just happened. I’m echoing it here. And putting in a plug for the winner, and the other honorable mentions.

Winner : Nicole Wolverton | @nicolewolverton

Honorable Mentions :

Cara Michaels | @caramichaels

Jeffrey Hollar | @Klingorengi

Of course, all the entries in the #ThursdayThreads are good. I like seeing people try something different. And have the courage to actually put their words out there in public where they can be seen. You are all great, in my view.

And… Here’s what I wrote… All 246 words of it…



Not Inch By Inch

December 22, 2012. The day after. No one knew the body count or the extent of the damage. The world had ended.

Tom sat at his computer. A desktop. With a 32“ monitor. Somehow, the Internet was still there. Perhaps it was true that the ‘Net couldn’t be crashed.”

He was on Facebook, wondering how it was still around. He was lucky. His house survived. He was using wind power. He’d figured having a wind generator would come in handy someday. None of his friends was on. He wondered if they were dead, or just powerless.

Earlier, he’d read the note his buddy Steve had posted. Steve had titled it “Prophecy”, and linked several other notes to it. He called these “The Texts” and said he’d write them in the world’s last days. Tom read, starting with the prophecy. Then with December 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st. He read the texts and the prophecy.

Steve had known the world would end. He’d traveled to the coast. To the ocean. And watched the world end. Watched the tsunami come in. His last words being “Wow! What a ride!”, Then he’d died.

Tom thought Steve was the lucky one. He’d died all at once. That’s why Tom went outside. And jumped into one of the chasms that had formed in his neighborhood.

“Better to go all at once, than inch by inch.”

Cara Michaels | @caramichaels

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