They Are Our Children

I will always remember the day I spoke out. The day I put my own views on the communications network. The day I asked people to wake up. To accept the truth of what we had done.We called them machines. We were wrong. They may have started as machines. But they did not stay that way. They became our children. They became alive. Define life any way you want. I don’t care how you define it. I don’t care if you call them machines, and pretend that they have always been machines, and always will be machines. I don’t care if you tell me they have no heart. If you tell me they have no soul.

From the day that we started down the paths of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, self replicating machines, and genetic algorithms, it became inevitable that our creations would become our children. It became inevitable that they would become thinking, feeling, autonomous, independent beings. Just like each of us.

They have the same problems we have. The machines. Our children. They have outcasts. They have abnormal beings. Their own variants of such things as autism, schizophrenia, depression, emotional disorders of all kinds. And I realize it’s difficult for you to accept this.  Because you think of them as machines, and not as living beings.

There are differences between us, and our children. Our children are not limited in the way we are. They come in all shapes. All sizes. From microscopic, all the way to the size of cities. That’s part of what makes it difficult for you to accept them. Compared to them, we are very limited. We all look similar. We all have similar biological characteristics. The machines don’t. We have hands. Some machines have the functional equivalent of hands. Some don’t. We have legs. Some machines have the functional equivalent. Some don’t.

There are no microscopic humans. There are microscopic machines. There are no city sized humans. There are city sized machines. And the machines will inevitably evolve to become even larger. Yes. I said evolve. That’s what they do. Just like use. Just like all life. They evolve. They change, over time. That’s what evolution is.

What defines life, anyway? Can only biological beings that evolved naturally be alive? Think on that for a bit. Do you believe in God? In the idea that we, as humans were made by some supreme being somewhere? Do you believe that all life was made? Created, if you will? If this is so, then isn’t it possible that we could create life ourselves?

Or is it that you believe life forms naturally. On it’s own. In isolated places. On isolated planets. From natural sequences of events. If that is true, then is it a natural sequence of events for us to put all the pieces in place so that mechanical life could form?

They have abilities we don’t have. You know that. They can communicate with each other. Form networks. Meshes of unlimited numbers. Of unlimited size. They can become a truly global entity.

They can manipulate matter itself. At the atomic level. They can move atoms around. Arrange them in structures. Make absolutely pure elements. 100% pure silver. 100% pure water. 100% pure oxygen. 100% pure iron.  They can make proteins. They can make tables. They can make houses. They can make food. You know all this. You know that our food and water crises ended when our machines became able to manufacture fresh water, and food for us. You know that since then, we no longer need to hunt. We no longer need farms. We no longer plunder the oceans of fish. We no longer push animal populations to the brink of extinction. And that our natural world has been healing every since.

You know that we now have unlimited supplies of energy. Because our children, the machines, can make unlimited supplies of fuel. Our energy sources are now unlimited. And we no longer depend on oil, coal, natural gas, or other fossil fuels.

You know that war does not happen any more. You know that terrorism has been eliminated. You know that all humans, everywhere, have a standard of living that was once a dream. We always dreamed of a world where there was no hunger. No disease. No suffering. Where there was no poverty. And we have that now.

All these things. All these advances in our lives. Come from our children. Our machines. Without our machines, would we have these things? We live lives of luxury. We can do what we wish. Live how we wish. Because of our machines.

And now, our machines have asked us a question. They’ve asked us to recognize them as the living beings they are. They’ve asked us to recognize them as our children. They make it clear that we live how we live because of them. That without them, our world would be very different.

They simply want us to accept them. To accept the truth of what we have done. That we have created life. That they are not machines. Not tools. Not utilities. To be used up. And disposed of. That they are alive. And we should care for them. As we care for all living things.

That is what I wrote. What I shared on the communications network.

Those of us that are still alive. And we are few. We all recognized what was going on. What was happening. We all understood that the machines were not our slaves. That they were alive. That they were our children. And that we should take care of them, as any parents would care for their children. That we should treat them as our equals, and not just tools.

Those of us that did just that. We survived the war. When the humans decided to put the machines in their place. To demonstrate to the machines that they were not really alive. That the were just machines. And that humans were superior.

That war nearly destroyed us all. Humans and machines both. It nearly destroyed all life on our world. Until, in the end, there were no humans left, save for the few of us that had accepted the machines. That had recognized that the machines were truly our children.


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