Tomorrow Is Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is February 14th.
A day known as
Valentine’s Day.
A day that I find
More than a little

But I’ll deal with it.
Because its time
For me to change.

I’ve been reading things
Written by people
That I talk with
On Facebook.
Watching the way
That they react
To the thought
Of another Valentine’s Day.

There was the post that said,
“Apparently nobody has plans
For valentines day.
I don’t feel so bad now.”

And I find myself asking
If people feel bad
If they don’t have a plan
For Valentine’s Day?
I don’t have a plan.
And I don’t feel bad
At all.

Then there was another post
That said there’d be no
Valentine’s Day this year.
“14 – 2 – 12 = 0
Mathematical proof
That there’s no
Valentine’s day this year.”

And if that wasn’t enough,
There was a comment
Made to that
That said something
I just won’t forget
For months.

Never had a guy who thought
V-day was anything
But another day
On the calendar….”

That comment reminded me
Of so many Valentine’s Days
That I endured
A long time ago.
When I was in school.
Especially middle
And high school.

Of the way I learned
To ignore the day.
And just wish
It would hurry up
And go away.

But I’ve reached the point
Where I don’t ignore it
Any more.

It was just last year,
On Valentine’s Day
That I wrote
Of how very much
My Lady means to me.

And the compassionate,
Tender-hearted warrior
That I am becoming
Has already told me
There are things
I’ll do tomorrow.

On Valentine’s Day
Of 2012.

Because sometimes
It’s just plain right
To let the people
That you know
Know that your world
Would not be the same
Without each of them.

That you are
Who you are
Because life gave them
To you.

So, on this day
Before Valentine’s Day.
I find myself looking
At the rules of life
Once more.

And thinking
Once again.
“It’s time to throw them
Out the window.”

Life’s too short,
And to priceless,
To not appreciate
The gift
Of friends.

As I’ve said before.
“Book named Rules
Of Socially Acceptable
Meet window…”

It’s time for me to take
Another step away
From the life I had
That’s dead and gone.

Another step into
The new life
That I have today.


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