I Hate Snow

Here I sit.
On the carpet
Of the Family Room.
Right in front
Of the heater.
That says it’s 58 degrees
In here.

That’s up from 56.

It’s days like these
When I find it fun
To work through
All the laundry.
When I shut the door
To the utility room.
And turn the dryer on.

Perhaps I should just hide in there
For an hour or two.
Soaking up the heat
That the dryer makes.
While I read a book.
Or maybe write something.

Two years ago,
We had central heat.
Heat throughout the house.
But then the damn thing
Just burned out.

We haven’t had it looked at,
To see if it should be repaired.
Or if it should be replaced.
Our heating system’s
Getting very old.
And we know that.
In October,
It’ll be 20 years old.

Two years ago,
We’d have replaced it.
No questions asked.

But then I ran headlong into
My conflict with the world.
And wound up

And we don’t make enough
To have the heat replaced
Any more.

But that’s OK.
We cope, you know.
It’s not like we’re going to freeze.
We’ve learned ways
To say warm
Even on the coldest days.

Like sitting here
Next to the heater
In this big,

I sometimes try to remember
When I could walk around the house
With no socks on.
That was back in November,
You know.

My feet sometimes talk to me.
Sometimes they complain.
About having to stay encased
In socks.
For days,
And days,
And days.

It’s OK
That we don’t have central heat.
We’ve learned to use
Heat zones.
And the work just fine.

We heat up a few rooms
In the house
With electric heaters
Of two kinds.
And oil.

It has a major benefit.
That makes is worth the effort.
But it ticks off
The power companies
Big time.

We’re saving better than
$200 a month
By not heating the house.

We’ll get the heat fixed
But we’re not in a rush.
For the truth is
That we’ve learned
That we won’t freeze to death
If we don’t turn
The heater on.

You should know
Something else I’ve learned.
In the past 2 winters.
I know a lot of people
That claim they like the snow.
And that they like the winter.

But those same people
Would sure change their tune
If they were to try
Living with no heat
In their great big house
For just one solid week.

People are just wimps
Grown used to so many things
That people lived without
For generations
Before ours.

Take a look at history.
How did people heat their homes
100 years ago?

Turn that thermostat down.
And grab a jacket.
Or a sweater.
And shut up
About the snow.

I hate snow,
Don’t you know.



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