Mr. Inconsistency

It was Saturday.
As I walked through a garden
That I know of.
When it occurred to me
That there was something
In my life
That I need to change.

For as I walked along,
Taking pictures of
Such beautiful things
As Camellias in full bloom,
And Magnolia trees
That were exploding
With colors of their own.

I realized.
I’m an inconsistent being.

At work,
I’m most dependable.
I can be counted on
To get things done.
To be there
When I’m needed.


When I’m not at work,
I’m unpredictable.
And not so very

I’ve realized that there are
A million things I’ve said
That I’d get done.
And I haven’t done
A single one of them.

I need to grow
The same type of
That I have at work
In the rest of my life.
Don’t you think?

As I look back
At these past few months,
I can see signs
That I’m starting to do that.
One step at a time.
One day at a time.

Like getting housework done.
I’m not good at that.
But in the past month
I’ve made visible progress
In the Family Room.
And I know
That I’m not done.
That I’ll spend better
Than an hour
Working on the Family Room
Before this day is done.

So that I can,
Inch by inch,
And day by day,
Gradually reconstruct the room.
And make is usable.
For my lady
And my son.

One day at a time.
I’m rebuilding me.
From the damage that was done
16 months ago.

I’ll get there.
This I know.
But for now.
Just call me
Mr. Inconsistency.


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