Did They Lie About That Too?

If you were to just
Sit back and listen,
When I am getting things done.
You might be surprised
At the things you might hear.

There are times
I just like sound.
Any sound.
I like to make sounds.
And hear them.
They don’t have to say
Anything at all.
They don’t have to make sense.
They just have to be

My favorite sound of all time
Has got to be the yell
That Goofy makes
When something goes wrong.
I say that one all the time.

Then one day I noticed
The song “Kidnap The Santa Clause”
From “Nightmare Before Christmas”.
And that seemed to stick
In my head.

Until my head realized
It was a play on my favorite sound.
Only someone like me
Could figure that one out.

I click my tongue
For no reason.
Except to hear it.
To break the silence
Every now and then.
With a nice loud,

“Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.”
You know that sound,
I’m sure you do.
When you close your mouth,
And suck in just a little bit,
And then force your mouth

I sometimes like to “pop” out tunes
That are in my head
For no reason at all.
Other than it’s fun.
Imagine if you will,
The William Tell Overture.
I just bet you can’t.
It’s something I’ve found
Most people just don’t do.

I make all kinds of sounds.
I just play with sound.
To see what I can come up with.

I suspect the way I play with sound
Is a reason why
I like music so much.
Music filled with
All kinds of sounds.
Different sounds.

One thing that I have noticed
About how I play with sound.
It seems to confuse people
If they hear me
When I play with sound.
Or when I just have to
Let a sound out
To express myself,
Or let off some stress.

It seems that people behave as if
This is something
That a grown up doesn’t do.
But it leaves me wondering.
Who said that grown ups
Can’t have fun?
Who said that grown ups
Can’t explore things?
Like sound.

I wonder if it’s the same people
That said that grown ups
Don’t walk in the rain.
That they don’t count the cars
On a train
As it goes by.
That they don’t read comic books.
Or use finger paints.

Or perhaps its the same people
That taught me
Flowers just don’t bloom
In January
Or February.

They lied, you know.
Because I know
Camellia trees
Are in full bloom
In those two months.

I can’t help but wonder
Did those people that taught me
Flowers just don’t bloom
In the dead of Winter
Also teach me
How grown ups are supposed
To be?

And if they did.
Did they lie about that too?


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