Into The Ocean Of Dreams And Wishes

Ideas flood my head.
So many of them
That they blend together.
And I get lost.
In a sea
Of independent thoughts.
That each cry out,
“Write me! Write me!”

And then they’re gone.
Lost once again
In the ocean of thoughts
That are drowning me.

Leaving me wondering
What the heck to do.
How to make sense of
The chaos in my head.
How to pull out ideas.
How to find a single thought.
And bring that thought
To life.

I know that I was trapped
For many years
In the life I used to have.
A life that would not
Let me out
To explore the world.

For no one that was grown up,
And professional,
Would write about their dreams,
And wishes.
So I buried them.

And now,
They’ve come out.
The creativity
That’s been trapped
Inside of me
For so many years
Has surfaced.
Like the lava
From a volcano.

Leaving dreams,
And wishes,
Bits and pieces
Of thoughts,
And stories
Scattered everywhere.

And it seems it’s time for me
To figure out
How to live
With all of them.

So, I’m going to go
On a wild journey
In my writing life.
And write down things
I’ve never tried to write

Just to find out
Where those dreams
Lead me.

Bring it life.
I’m ready.


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