Fairies : Wild Magic, Part 1

Dream, Fauna, Musica, Rose, Sunshine had a group meeting. They talked among themselves. About what was going on in the past few weeks. About the nasty men from the villages they had once lived in. About how those men had treated them. And how they were treating Mystica. Mystica, their adopted mother. The kind fairy that took care of them. That helped them when they were hurt, and all alone. About how the nasty men wanted to hurt their new mother. And they decided, for themselves, that they couldn’t let that happen. They wouldn’t let that happen. Mystica took care of them. So they would take care of her. Mystica helped them, so they would help her.Whisper the wise old owl, sat on Dreams shoulder. He listened intently. And then he spoke. To all the girls. “If you wish to help, then I will go with you.” So, with Whisper’s help, the girls came up with a plan to help Mystica.

During the middle of the night, They girls met Whisper in the middle of the clearing by the lake. Merlin was with him. Merlin had agreed to watch, and only act if he needed to, to protect the girls. While Rose could fly, the other’s couldn’t. They hadn’t learned how, they were still young. Most fairies don’t begin to fly until they are 6 at least. That Rose could fly at 4 years old was an amazing thing.

Musica was the oldest of the fairy girls. She was only 7. She was learning to fly, and could actually get off of the ground for short distances. She didn’t get very high. But she could fly enough to get over obstacles, and get where she wanted to. It made swimming in the lake really fun. She could fly out over the lake a little bit, and then just splash right in.

Merlin let Fauna, who was only 2, ride upon his back. Sunshine was 5, and Dream was 3. It was really late at night, and they were already really tired. Rose flew quickly into the woods, and then returned, in a few minutes. Two wolves had come with her. Dream and Sunshine happily accepted rides on the backs of the wolves.

Once the party was all together, they took to the woods. Heading south, along the river. They knew that’s where the men would come from, if they were heading to the lake. It was a little journey they would take, of just a couple of days.

Mystica woke up the next day, and was surprised to see that everyone was gone. She was very much concerned for the children that she cared for. She flew across the lake, using just her wings, even though it hurt her to do so. When she got there, she looked into water of the lake, and spoke, “Show me where the children are.” Images appeared on the lake, as the white magic responded. She saw her children. That little group, marching through the woods, heading south, along the river. She saw that Merlin was there with them, watching over them. And she knew that Merlin would let no harm come to the children. Merlin loved those girls every bit as much as Mystica herself.

So Mystica decided to simply watch. To stay at the lake. And see what her girls did. She couldn’t imaging what had possessed the girls to take of into the woods in the middle of the night. Especially heading south, toward the villages of the foothills, and the southern edge of the woods, where they had come from.

And then, it dawned on her. Her little girls were heading straight for the men that were making their way toward the lake, to come after her. Mystica knew that the men were no threat to her. But they could very much hurt her girls. Still. Merlin was there. And he obviously knew what was going on. So, she kept watching, just to see what would happen next.

The wolves and other animals of the forest provided food for the girls on their journey. Berries of all kinds. And other fruits too. The girls could only imagine where the animals had found the food. Merlin and Whisper, and the wolves too, made sure the girls were safe. They took good care of them. Making sure they got plenty of sleep on the little journey they were on.

It took 3 days for the girls to find the men that were heading toward the lake. Wow, but there sure were a lot of them! And they were big! And had things like bows and arrows, and axes and swords! The girls stayed hidden in the woods. The wolves helped them stay out of sight. Merlin used a little of his black magic to extend the shadows just a touch, to help hide the girls.

This kept up for several hours, until the sun had set, and the men set up camp for the night. That’s when the girls decided to put their plan into practice. And each of them had parts to play. They would start with Dream.

Dream sat down on the ground, and crossed her legs. Merlin landed on her shoulder, and then whispered in her ear, “Believe in yourself, young one. Listen to your heart. It knows what you should do.”

Dream thought about the men. All of those big, nasty men. Coming to hurt her new mother, Mystica. How they called her the White Witch. And were heading to the lake to hurt her. Maybe even to kill her. And as she thought of that, she got angry. She closed her eyes, and oh, so softly, said a single word. “Dream.” And the imagined great big dragons, breathing fire, attacking all those men. That was her dream. A dream of those men getting what they deserved, for what they’d done to her, and her new sisters. And for how they wanted to treat her mother.

And as Dream sat there, on the ground, with her eyes closed, the men, in their camp, began to scream. Some of them woke up, terrified, that they’d been attacked by dragons, in the middle of the night. It was then that Sunshine joined her sister Dream, in her part of the plan.

Sunshine got angry. She frowned. She wanted to scream. She got so angry she cried. Tears of anger fell from her eyes. And as Sunshine’s anger grew, the weather began to change. Clouds filled the sky, blotting out the stars, and the moon. The night became as dark as night ever gets. then it began to rain. Lightly at first. But the rain began to grow. Until it was torrential. A wind came from the north, blowing toward the south. It was just a breeze at first, but like the rain, it grew. Until the limbs of trees swayed in that wind, as the wind howled through them. The wind, the rain, and the darkness assaulted the camp of the men. It blew their tents down. They became exposed to the wind, and rain both. And they grew cold. They couldn’t sleep in that. And they were still having nightmares, when they closed their eyes, about dragons attacking them.

The men in that camp had a terrible night. They got almost no sleep at all. And they were soaked to the bone by the rain. And shivering from the cold they felt as the wind relentlessly blew past them. Some of them began to think that the sky itself was fighting them.

But still, when the sun began to rise, the men gathered themselves up, and resumed their journey to the lake.


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