Living In A Lie

This past Friday,
I took a walk.
At the Botanical Garden.
I went there
Because I wanted to.
Because I knew
I needed to.
Just to get away
For a little while
From the stress of life.
And allow myself
To remind myself again
Of the things that really matter
In this world we all live in.

I’ve been learning
So very much
In the past 18 months.
About myself.
About my life.
And about the people
That I know.
And the people
That I meet.

It was a year ago
When I told my doctor
That I knew
That the people I once worked with
Would never take the time
To take a walk
Through the flowers
And the trees,
The geese,
The robins,
The squirrels,
The butterflies
And bees
In the Botanical Garden.

When I walked there
This past year
I learned many new things.
Among them
Was the truth
That flowers bloom
All year.
Even in the winter.
In the cold.
The ice.
The snow.

I was surprised.
I was amazed.
To see flowers outside.
With snow on the ground.

After all.
I’d been taught
All my life
That there are no flowers
At that time of year.

I learned
In those days
That I’d been taught
A lie.
For there in the garden,
In plain sight,
Underneath the open sky
Were flowers
Of so many kinds.
Were colors

It was so beautiful
I cried.
And I grieved
For the time I’d lost.
The years I could have walked
Through the flowers
At the garden
In the winter months.

Last Friday
I walked once more
Through the garden
In the winter
Of the year.

I knew exactly
Where to go.
Because I was there
Last year.

I walked through the Camellias.
So very many of them
Filled with blooms.
And I had to smile.
And laugh.
For there I was.
In the middle of the Winter.
Walking through Camellia trees
That were filled
With blooms.

They taught me
That the flowers
Just do not bloom
In the winter months.
But the Camellias
Revealed without a doubt
That what I had been taught,
That was common knowledge
About the winter months.

Was just flat wrong.

And as I walked
Among the trees,
Taking pictures
Of their blooms,
I suddenly felt very sad.
Very sad indeed.

For it occurred to me
How few people
In this life
Know that simple truth.

It saddened me greatly
To know
That people have chosen
To believe
What they have been told.
And never question
Common wisdom
In the least.

Even if it’s obvious
From the pictures that I took,
That I’ve shared
With friends,
That the truth
They have been taught
Is false.

It saddened me greatly
To realized
How many people
In this life
Are living
In a lie.


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