Dreams : A Present To A Friend

I wrote words once,
For a friend I used to have.
In my eyes,
She will always be my friend.
Though I know
She’ll never speak to me

I told her
I would create dreams,
And wishes too,
That I could share with her.
While she was so very hurt.
And she just needed
A friend.

In the past year
I’ve learned an awful lot.
About me.
And the life
I’ve been blessed with.

I have new friends now
That are so very hurt.
And just need someone
They can call their friend.

I must start
By apologizing to them.
I’m sorry that it took me
As long as it did
To figure this out.
I wish I’d learned this

But I lack certain skills.
Never had them,
In the place of skills
That I know you have
For living with the other
People of the world,
I’ve got other skills.

Like the gift I’m using now.
This gift of sharing words.

One of my friends
On Saturday,
Explained to me
She just needed something
In her life right now.
Something that would help her
Deal with all the problems
She’s facing every day.

There are times I look
Into the blue eyes that I see
In the mirror
Looking back at me,
And I ask myself
How I could be
So very blind.

But as I’ve learned,
What’s done is done.
It’s over
And it’s gone.
I can’t go back in time
And change anything.
I have to start with now.

And that’s just what I’m going to do.
Because I believe
She’s asked me to.
And even if she hasn’t,
I see nothing wrong
With creating dreams,
And wishes too,
That I can give to her.

In my world,
It’s how things are supposed to be.
It’s just what friends do.
So, I’ve created a dream
Just for you,
My friend.
In the hope
That I can help you
Find your smile

There is a strip of sand
Not so very far from here.
That I have visited
Oh, so many times.
And I know that strip of sand
Runs by the ocean,
And its waves
For miles,
And miles,
And miles.

You spoke, once,
Of the trip you took
To the Outer Banks.
Where you spent time
All alone.
Sitting in a chair.
Right there on the sand.
And watched the ocean’s waves
For hours on end.

I could tell by the words you said
You felt the ocean on that day
Was so very beautiful,
That it sometimes
Took your breath away.
And left you speechless.
That there were no words at all
That you could say
That would express
The nature of the gift
That life had granted you
On that day you sat
In that chair,
Out there on the sand.

The beach I know of
Is very isolated.
So that you could be alone.
I’ve walked on it
For miles,
And miles.
And never seen a soul.

I dreamed that you were there.
Sitting in another chair.
On a sunny, warm spring day.
That I’d done
What I wanted to.
To give that gift to you.

So that you could sit there,
In that chair.
On that quiet strip of sand.
And watch the ocean’s waves.
And the clouds up in the sky.

On that day the clouds
Looked so very much
Like white whisps of cotton,
Floating in a crystal sky.

And every now and then
A few sea birds would fly by.
Mostly sea gulls, to be sure.
But every now and then
An air wing of pelicans
Would skim across the surface
Of the ocean,
Just above the waves.

And every few hours,
When it was time to hunt,
An osprey would fly
Across the strip of sand,
And out to sea.
Where you could watch him
As he dove
From the sky
Into the sea,
Always catching fish.

There were even two times
While you sat there
In that chair,
That the dolphins swam right past,
So close that you could see their eyes.
And the smiles
They always seem to have.

You got to watch them
As they swam.
The way their break the surface
Of the water
Time and time again.
First with their nose,
Then head,
Then body,
And then tail.

They make these moving arcs
Within the ocean.
So that you can never see
The entire dolphin
At one time.
Just the part
That’s there above
The ocean
And it’s waves.

Isn’t it amazing
How many little crabs come out
If you sit there on the sand
Even for a little while,
And just don’t move about?

Isn’t it so very fun
To simply sit and watch them.
As the scurry about.
Pulling scoops of sand
Out of holes they’ve dug
In the sand down by the waves.

Every now and then
The breeze would flow past you
As you sat there,
In that chair.
And you would feel that tingle
In your ribs,
And across you chest,
That you can only feel
When you feel the soft caress
Of the breeze
That happens by the ocean
Every now and then.

This was my gift to you
Upon that day in spring.
To get you there someway.
So that you could stay
Right there on the sand,
Sitting in that chair,
Before the ocean,
And its waves,
For however long
That you wished to.

This is the dream
I share with you today,
My very special friend.
It is my wish
That somehow these simple words
Give me the priceless gift
Of knowing that I’ve helped you smile,
Of only for a little while.


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