Dreams : The Day She Cried (Revised)

I’ve written a new dream.
Created from nothing.
As I have done before.
And will do again.
And I share this dream with you
On these pages that I write.
So you will know
What I believe
That I will do.
If this happens
In my life.

Frank worked with Stephen.
In the same place.
In the same room.
And on the day
That Diane cried.
Frank was sitting
At his desk.

To Frank,
The place they worked
Was a cold,
Impersonal place.
A place he called
“The Land of Grey”.

A place where everywhere he looked
He saw people
That were hurt.
And what was worse to him.
Those people didn’t know
The pain that they were in.

He’d learned long ago
That to survive,
To keep his job,
In the land of grey,
He had to appear to behave
Like everyone that worked
In that place.

Doing so
Caused him endless headaches.
To the point
Where he kept a bottle
Of naproxen sodium pills
At his desk.
And took two of them
Every day that he came to work,
To start the day.

He looked forward,
Every day,
To lunch.
For it was a chance for him
To escape.
To get away.
For just a little while.
A chance for him
To just be the way
That he was.
And not have to pretend
To be like everyone else
In the land of grey.

As he was getting ready
To go to lunch that day.
To take his lunch,
And take his car.
And drive to the city park
That was 4 miles away.
And sit there,
On a bench.
Looking at the flowers,
And wishing to see birds,
And squirrels.

He noticed something
Right before his eyes.

It was Stephen.
He was getting ready
To go to lunch.
He didn’t wish to speak
With Stephen right then.
So he decided to wait
At his desk,
Until Stephen had left.

So he watched
As Stephen checked the clock.
And saw that it was time
To go to lunch.

He watched as Stephen
Got his jacket.
And headed toward the door.
Only to stop.
And stare.
At Diane.
As she was sitting there.
At her desk.
Tears falling
From her pretty eyes.

Frank sat at his desk
And watched.
And thought to himself.
“Stephen, dude.
Help her.
Don’t walk away.
Don’t let her cry.
She needs to know
That someone cares
For her.
Don’t walk away
My friend.
Don’t let her cry

And much to Frank’s dismay,
Stephen turned
And walked away.
And left Diane alone.

Frank sat there
In shock.
How could anyone
Be so very cold?
How could Stephen
Be so cold?
How could he let
Diane sit there?
At her desk.
Tears falling from her eyes.

How could anyone
With a heart that still beat
In their chest,
Not help a friend
That was so very hurt?

But I hate
The land of grey,”
He thought.

Frank could not.
Would not.
Let the tears
Fall from Diane’s eyes.
As she sat there
All alone.
In a world
Where no one cared.

So he took his lunch
To Diane’s desk.
And he said these words
To her.

“Hi, Diane.
I’m going outside.
To eat my lunch.
While I sit in my car.
And enjoy some music.
And I see you’re still here.
And was wondering
If you could keep me
For just a little while.
‘Cause I don’t really
Want to be
Alone right now.”

He lied.
Even though he was an awful lier.
And he was pretty sure
Even as he said the words,
And told the lie he did,
That Diane knew
He was lying.

But she didn’t get upset.
Instead, she brushed her tears aside.
And looked Frank in the eyes.
And tried so very hard
To smile.
I’d like that.
For I don’t want
To be alone
Not right now.”

Frank and Diane
Went to his car.
He bought a drink for her
From the soda machine
On the way there.

Diane explored the music
That Frank loved
To listen to so much.
And gladly shared
Half of his lunch.

Frank knew that she’d never heard
Any of the music
That he loved.
It was the kind of music
That you never heard
On the radio.
The kind they never played
On any TV show.

But she listened
Sometimes she laughed,
And said,
“How can you listen
To such noise as that?
I can’t understand
A single word
The singer screams!”

And other times,
She looked at him,
And smiled,
With a magic light
Shining in her
Bright green eyes.
“This song’s just beautiful.”
Was all she’d say.
And the she’d let the music

Frank told her
He was glad to see
She was not crying
Any more.
And asked her if she needed
Anything from him.
If there was any thing
He could do for her.

And all Diane would do
Was smile.
And share these words
With him.
“You already have.
You already have.”

And on that day
In that workplace.
Frank and Diane
Came back from lunch.
With laughter,
And with smiles.

And Frank felt sorry
For his friend
For he knew
All too well.
What Stephen had done.
And that one day
There would be a price to pay.
When Stephen’s heart
Had grown cold.
As cold as ice,
And as hard as stone.

In the days that followed
Frank and Diane
Became good friends.
And worked together
Very well.
And every now and then
The two of them
Went to lunch
As friends
Are known to do.

And here the dream
I have created,
With the words
That I can write.
Comes to an end.
Two stories
In one place.
In the land of work,
A land of grey.
When both Stephen
And Frank.
Did the right thing.
And neither one
Did anything
They should not have

And I close this dream
With just one wish.

I wish for you use great care
In the choices that you make.
And pick the way
That’s right for you.
And who you want to be.
And may you learn
To trust the words
That your heart speaks to you.
For the truth is
Your heart always knows
What it is
That you should do.

I also wish
For you to know
That I don’t turn
And walk away.

I never have.
I never will.
As long as the heart
That God has blessed me with
Beats within my chest.
I’ll do
What I believe.

What my heart tells me
Is the way
Life should really be.


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