I’m Going For A Dream

When I was still in school,
More than 30 years ago,
Everyone I knew
Asked me the same thing.

“What are you going to do
To earn a living
In this world?”

And, God help you if you answered,
“I’m going to write.”
Because everybody knew
That writing for a living
Would leave you living
In the back seat
Of a VW Bug
That was built
In 1962,
Eating cans of dog food
Every night.

Writing was just something
That no one serious
Would ever, ever do.

Here I am,
Now 52.
And I find that writing’s
Something I am going
To learn to do.
That writing is a dream
That I’ve always had.

And damn-it!
It’s time a MADE
Some dreams come true!

Oh, it won’t happen overnight.
That much I know is true.
It won’t happen at all
If I listen to the words I hear
That tell me
What I’m supposed to do.

And, since I’m in the middle
Of changing my entire life.
Why not start taking baby steps
Into a world
Where I can write?

So, I think it’s time
That I started to learn about
The world of freelance writing.
Time for me to see
What it’s all about.

And I’ll have you know
That I’m terrified
Of even trying.
Because I’ve always been told
That serious people
Get real jobs.
That they don’t write.
For as my parents,
And the friends I had
When I was growing up
Always said to me,
“You write pretty good,
But what are you going to do
To earn a living.
God knows you can’t do that
By writing.”

To those that are afraid
That I’ll crash and burn.
I have just one thing
That I’d like to say.

I’d rather crash and burn
Than to have never tried.

I’m going for a dream.
I want to write.


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