I Have Questions…

I have many questions. Questions I don’t answer. Questions with no answers that are safe. No answers that are acceptable.

Question : What is the purpose of a sympathy/get well card in the working world? For example, if you work in an office, and you get ill, and you receive a “Get Well” card from the people you work with. What’s the purpose of that? I only ask, because I literally do not understand. I know from my own experience that no one that I work with would actually help my family, or me. I’ve never seen such help happen in my 29 years of employment, or in my current employment. Hence, I have to wonder what the purpose of a get well card is in such an environment.

Question : What is the reason we pretend to care about each other in the working world? Again, based on my nearly 3 decades of experience in the working world, I can only conclude that the people you work with don’t really care if you live, or die. So long as whatever happens to you does not cost them their own employment and paycheck. Hence, I have to wonder why people in such an environment pretend that they care about each other and each other’s families.

Question : How would people in a church service on a Sunday morning react if the pastor said, “Every head bowed, every eye closed, as we pray to God,” and someone looked upward to heaven, eyes wide open, to pray to god?

Question : How would people in a church service on a Sunday morning react if you don’t stand up when you’re supposed to stand up, and instead, you just sit there through the entire service, including the hymns?

Question : Why is it that people are perfectly willing to tell you that you need psychological and emotional help, and should find a professional to speak with, and when you do, they never talk with you again? It’s as if you talking with a professional, and admitting you have the problems you have, tattoos the number “666“ on your forehead, and you become someone to be avoided at any and all costs. Why is that?

Question : Why do people not get the psychological and emotional counseling and help that they need, opting instead to “pull their boots up, and get tough”? I ask, because my experience has been that people refuse to admit if they are fighting depression, anxieties, phobias, or other emotional/psychological disorders. However, they will happily tell you that you need help. What’s up with that?

Question : How would the people in a church “family” react if a married man hugged a divorced woman, and sat with her in church every Sunday? And why would they react that way? I only ask because it’s been my experience that actions such as these, taken by friends in a public environment, are observed, and reacted to. And that the reaction is always inaccurate, and assumes that there is something “going on”. I don’t get that at all. Can someone ‘splain that to me?

Question : Why do people react the way they react to a male that wears a pink t-shirt with a pretty fairy and a bunch of butterflies printed on the front? Is this that “stereo typing” thing in action, where people “understand” that such a person is a homosexual? Do they not understand that the male simply likes t-shirts that have pretty fairies and butterflies printed on them? I don’t get it. Can someone ‘splain this to me?

I could ask questions like this all day long. These are the kinds of questions that I seek answers to. For there are many things in this life that I just don’t understand. That make no sense to me. That strike me as being illogical, and irrational.

And sometimes, I just have to ask, even though I know that no one will ever answer. No one ever has…


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