NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 28

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 27 : The Princess Ivy

On a beautiful day, when the sky was a crystal blue, and looked like a big bowl covering the ground. A day when the clouds were cotton candy white, and hung in the sky, almost motionless. So that they looked like the universe itself had painted them in three dimensions.

The trees were all green, with new leaves everywhere. Many of them were filled with the blossoms of the spring. The magnolias were especially beautiful, with their large yellow, white, purple and pink blooms.

And daffodils were everywhere. They were in all the gardens of all the fairies of the kingdom. From tiny white blooms with their white cores, to the full size white ones with their peach colored cores. Many of the female fairies in the kingdom had placed a daffodil bloom or two in their hair.

Stephan was a nervous wreck. Standing in the bedroom. Knowing all he could really do was watch. Watch the care givers that were in the room, taking care of Eyela, his one true love. All he could do was watch, as Eyela gave birth.

It took hours, and hours. And through much of it, Stephan stood next to the bed, holding Eyela’s hand. It struck him as so silly, all the times that Eyela asked him, “Are you doing OK, my love?” Was he doing OK? Hell, yes! He was fine! It wasn’t him that was prone upon the bed, in obvious discomfort, giving birth to a new life. All that he was doing was standing there. Praying to the universe that his lady love, and their child would come through the day, and be fine. So that he could do his very best to take care of both of them.

For the 16 hours that Eyela was in labor, Stephan never once left the room. He stayed by her side the entire time. He didn’t eat. He didn’t sleep. He stayed by his lady’s side. It was where he belonged.

Word had spread through the entire kingdom, like the warmth of the sun itself. Every fairy within the walls had known that today was the day that Eyela would give birth, by the time the sun had risen, and the colors of the world had come alive once more.

The entire kingdom waited for the word that a new prince, or princess had been born. After all, it wasn’t every day that a prince or princess came along. This was the first time it had happened in better than 10,000 years. The birth of a royal fairy was very rare indeed.

The kingdom was so very much excited. They’d been worried for centuries that Eyela would never find someone to love. That she would never have a child. That the last true member of the royal bloodlines would someday grow old, and die. Ending an era. That they’d have to find a new bloodline. That there would have been a war of succession to determine who the new royal family was.

Now, there was to be an heir. A child of royal blood. Eyela was over 10,000 years old. Fairy history told them that. The story of the dragon Merlin having spared her life. Giving her to the last few families of fairies, as they hid within the forests of the Southern Plains. Merlin, the black magic dragon that had nearly destroyed every fairy everywhere.

The story was a legend. Every fairy knew the tale. It was in their written history. The story of how Merlin simply disappeared, after giving Eyela to the fairies that were left. No one knew at all why Merlin had spared the fairies on that day. He could easily have wiped the out. As he’d done with all the fairies in the north. In the Northern Forest, in the mountains, and the Grey Hills. The only fairies being left alive having fled to the Southern Plains.

Every fairy knew the stories of Eyela, as she grew up, and became the princess of all fairies everywhere. How she started a new kingdom, here in the Southern Plains. How she guided the fairies back from near extinction to become the people they were now. How even now, she was still the princess of the kingdom. Teaching the fairies to exist with other races. Making bonds between the fairies, and the humans, and the elves. So that the kingdom would be stronger than it had ever been before.

And now, the princess herself was giving birth.

As the sun was setting on that beautiful spring day, Stephan cried tears of joy. As Eyela held their daughter for the first time. Their daughter. The princess had been born. Eyela held the newborn in her arms. She was exhausted. But she smiled anyway. And she looked at her beautiful daughter. Her and Stephan’s child. She gently touched the cheeks of her daughter’s face.

“What should we name her, my love?” Stephan asked of Eyela.

Eyela smiled. She held her daughter close. And felt her breathe. “I think we should name her Ivy, don’t you?”

Stephan knew she would say that. Knew that if the child was a daughter, she would be named Ivy. After the mother of Mystica. Someone that had changed everything in the kingdom. The mother of the princess Mystica. Yes, while Mystica was not of royal birth, she was very much a princess of the fairies. They child of the stable girl named Ivy.

Ivy, who had been murdered right here in the kingdom. In the marketplace. The reason that Mystica had left. Yes, he thought. The name of their child should be Ivy. He looked into the eyes of his one true love, and smiled a smile so pure that Eyela couldn’t help but see it in his eyes. “Yes, my love. I do believe that Ivy is the perfect name for her.”

And so it was that as the sun set on the fairy kingdom in the Southern Plains on that day in spring, the princess Ivy joined the world.

The fairies celebrated her birth for an entire week.

In the Northern Forest, by the lake, Mystica had watched it all. She’d seen the story as it happened, painted by white magic, on the mirror like surface of the lake. She found that she cried tears of joy. She was happy for Eyela and for Stephan both. And she was deeply honored that they had named their little girl after her mother. That there was a princess of the royal blood named Ivy. Well. Mystica knew that her mother was smiling, and singing about that, from beyond the veil of life.

She spoke to the white magic, and told it what she wished to do.

And there, in the bedroom, in the kingdom, where Eyela, Stephan, and the newborn child named Ivy were. Mystica appeared. She was drawn in white light. But everyone there knew that it was her. “Queen Eyela, and King Stephan. I wish to congratulate you, on the birth of your child. And I wish for you to know that I am deeply honored that you have named her Ivy. In memory of my mother.”

Eyela smiled, “Would you like to hold her for a time?”

Stephan gently carried his tiny baby girl to where Mystica stood. Then he let the image of his adopted daughter hold Ivy in her pure white magic arms. He watched as Mystica cried tears of joy. Mystica gently kissed the girl on the top of her head. “Please remember, dear Ivy, how much that you are loved.”

Then Mystica had handed Ivy back to Stephan. “Thank you,” was all she said. At which point her image faded out. And she was gone again.

Eyela held her daughter close. As she looked upon her one true love. “I have the feeling, my love, that the story of our dear friend, the princess Mystica, is only just now starting.”

Stephan leaned down, and gently kissed his lady’s lips. “Somehow, my love, I can’t help but believe that after all these centuries, there will once more be a fairy kingdom in the great forest of the north.”

Mystica sat on the ground, next to the dragon Merlin. As she watched the images on the surface of the lake. She looked at Merlin, and she smiled. “I don’t know that I would call it a kingdom. But someday soon, there will be a family of fairies here, within our home. Wild magic fairies no less.”

Then Mystica looked upon the lake once more. At the images of a second birth that had happened on that day. The birth of a fairy girl in the kingdom of the fairies itself. Born to a family that ran a shop in the marketplace. They were not rich, but they were not poor. They lived a simply, happy life.

But there was something that the fairies didn’t know. Something that was evident to Mystica and Merlin both. The fairy girl was born with wild magic in her heart and soul. And somehow, Mystica just knew that this child would one day soon be known as Rain. And would become the very first member of the family that Mystica and Merlin would raise.

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