NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 26

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 26 : Scream

It was a black night. The night of a new moon. So there was no moon light in the sky. The clouds were out that night. Storm clouds. Although it didn’t rain. Dark grey clouds hung low in the sky, just above the trees. There were no stars to be seen.

Mystica, as she slept in the home the trees had made for her, had dreams of such beautiful things. Until suddenly, the flowers, and the birds, and butterflies, and warm breeze, and the baby rabbits, suddenly disappeared. Being replaced with a thundering scream. On that shook the ground. On that struck pure terror into the heart and soul of everyone that heard it.

It was a nightmare.

In that nightmare, she was in a little village, in the foothills of the mountains. Just outside the forest. She stood in the middle of the village. In the middle of the night. The sky so dark that you could not see anything at all. Not eve your own shadow. As she stood there, she heard a thundering scream. It came from the sky. It woke everyone in the village that night. She heard the sound of gigantic wings, pushing against the air, as a second scream tore through the night. Then she saw a dragon, dropping from the sky.

That dragon struck with fire. Casting fire down on the village on the ground. Fire that burned everything it touched. She heard people screaming, as they ran from houses. She saw people running in sheer terror, as they were burned alive. She saw the dragon’s fire burn everything, and everyone. Setting fire to every house, to ever shop, to ever building in the village. She saw people drown in flames, as they tried to escape. As they tried to run.

The dragon’s assault on the village was ruthless and unrelenting. The dragon that was striking had no mercy at all. He screamed, and then breathed fire. Time and time again. His voice thundering in the night. All that anyone could tell was that a dragon was there. But they could not see him, could not find him in the sky.

It was only when the last breath of life left the village on that pitch black night, that the dragon grew silent. The dragon flew in a circle, around the burned out remains of the village he’d destroyed. And then, he screamed. Mystica could hear the sounds of his wings pushing against the air.

Mystica woke up. Her heart aching in her chest. Her soul crying tears of pain. For the dragon she had seen in her nightmare that night, had been the dragon Scream. She got to her feet, to stand inside the place the trees had made for her. And as she did, she heard a scream. One that cut through the air like a sword. That was all she needed to be absolutely sure that what had happened in that dream had happened in real life. That the dragon Scream had destroyed a village, his dragon fires burning away every shred of life that had been there.

Her heart ached so very much, and her soul’s tears were so strong, that she staggered from the home the trees had made for her, and was barely able to keep herself from falling to the lake below. She floated, haphazardly, across the lake to the clearing at it’s edge. Merlin was there, waiting for her. He was very much disturbed too.

He spoke with Mystica, his voice sad and quiet. Sounding much like thin sheets of metal being folded up. “Scream has struck tonight.” Merlin looked to the sky, and then he screamed himself. The sound of plates of iron being torn into tiny bits. “He watched as you cared for the abandoned fairy child. As he watched, his anger burned.”

Merlin turned his fire red eyes to look right at Mystica. “Dragons do not treat their young that way. And any dragon that ever has, has been destroyed by fire from the dragons of its clan.”

The ache in Mystica’s heart surfaced at that point, as tears began to fall from her eyes. Running down her cheeks, and falling to the ground. “Merlin,” she began, “his heart is broken, isn’t it?”

Merlin reached up, with his dragon hands, and the razor sharp claws that each one had. Oh, so very gently, he brushed away the tears that Mystica’s eyes shed. And then Merlin said, “It’s true. This marks the second time that Scream has burned a village to the ground. In both cases he did so because those villages had abandoned a little fairy child. They’d left her to die. Alone. And in great fear, and pain. In the wilderness.”

Mystica sat down on the ground, for the aching in her chest would no longer let her stand, and the tears her soul cried left her short of breath. “Can you tell me why?”

Merlin sat down on the ground, right next to Mystica. “For me to explain to you why Scream does things the way he does, I’ll have to tell you a story that’s been lost in time, for better than 10,000 years. For I know why Scream does what he does. There was a time when I did the very same thing.”

When Mystica’s breath had grown stronger once again, and the tears no longer fell from her eyes, onto the ground. Merlin told her a story from very long ago. A story that he knew so very well. A story from his life. And this is the story that he shared.


There was a time, more than 10,000 years ago, when the fairies lived in the Northern Forest. They had many towns and villages in the forest then. And a full kingdom, with a castle, and its walls.

In those days, every now and then, a fairy child was born that carried wild magic in her heart and soul. It was those fairy children with wild magic that caused the fairies to fall. A dragon named Merlin had left the fairies all alone. Never bothering them. Letting them live in the forest that was his home. Until one day when a tiny fairy girl, only two years old, who had the gift of wild magic. Every time she cried, it rained. And the harder that she cried, the harder it rained.

The fairies did their best to teach her not to cry. They explained time and time again to her, why. They tried to keep her happy. They tried to find her friends. But no matter what they tried, the little fair cried. She cried so very much, that the other fairies named her “Rain.”

One day, she cried so hard, that there was a flood. And lightning from the sky. The storm that her tears caused had caused other fairies to die. And that was all that they could take. They couldn’t figure out how to work with a child whose magic they did not understand. So in her second year they took her to the kingdom’s castle. To meet the king and queen.

The little fairy girl didn’t want to go. She missed her home so very much she cried. And as she did, it rained. But the king and queen decided that they had to try to help the village she was from. So they took the little girl into the kingdom, where she lived within its walls.

But the little girl was all alone. Surrounded by people that she didn’t know. With no one to play with. And missing her mother’s love. The fairy child named Rain, cried. And she cried like she had never cried before. As her tears ran wild, so did the storm that formed. And the storm raged on until the little child had fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion. When all was said and done, several of fairies of the kingdom had been killed in the storm that had raged that night.

The king and queen had to make a choice. To continue trying to help the child, at the risk of more fairies being killed, or to find a way to protect the kingdom, and all the other fairies. So, for the first time in the history of the fairies, they took the little child, Rain, and had two full grown fairies fly her to the foothills of the mountains. There, they set up a tent, and spent the night.

The next morning, when the little girl woke up, she was all alone. The tent was gone, for the two grown fairies had taken it with them. The little girl cried. And got lost in the foothills. She fell. She got bruised. She broke her leg. And her arm too. And then, the wolves found her.

I watched the entire thing. I watched. the fairies abandon the child. I watched them leave her there, alone. To die alone. And to die in great pain. I saw what they did that day. And I swore that the fairies would never be allowed to do that gain.

And I nearly destroyed the fairies to make sure that they never treated another fairy child the way they’d treated Rain.


With those words, Merlin’s story ended. And Mystica understood why Scream had destroyed the village that had abandoned the fairy child, and left her there, in the foothills of the mountains. Where she died alone. Terrified and in great pain. He’s struck back for the child. Something she had been unable to do herself. Scream had treated the people of that village, as they had treated the little fairy child.

She couldn’t condone what he’d done. But she could understand it. She couldn’t condone what they people of that village had done. But she could understand that too.

“Merlin,” she declared, “we have to find such fairy children. Those that have wild magic. And we have to help them. We can bring them here. To the lake. Where they can live with us. For with the white magic, I can protect us from whatever the wild magic may unleash. And I can show them they are loved. And help them learn what their wild magic does.”

Merlin nodded his head, yes, “And, Mystica, my friend. By doing that you will bring change to the dragon Scream.”

Mystica got to her feet, and looked out at the water of the lake. She called forth her magic, and collected up a ball of white light. Then she spoke to it, “Find the dragon, Scream. And tell him I know what’s happening. And that I’ve got a way to change everything. Tell Scream that I’m going to find those fairy children. And I’ll help them. And care for them. They’ll become my fairy family. Please, find Scream. And let him know.”

The white magic ball then launched itself into the sky. Where Merlin knew it would find Scream. And show him what Mystica had planned.

Merlin knew that the plan Musica had would change everything. Starting with a little fairy child whose name would be Rain.

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