NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 24

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 24 – Home

Mystica woke up with the coming of the dawn. Scream the dragon was long gone. He’d left after he’d carried Mystica home from the fairy kingdom. For some reason, he’d taken his time flying back. He’d flown past several waterfalls in the mountains. He took his time at each of them, circling them several times. It was as if he wanted to show them to Mystica. And she’d had to admit that each waterfall he’d flown past on that trip had been a joy for her to behold. She’d never really seen real waterfalls before.

Scream had also landed on a couple of mountain tops. The view from there had been majestic. And stunning. Mystica was amazed at how far she could see from those mountain tops. They were just bare, snow and ice covered rock. But the view from them was awesome. Mystica had enjoyed standing there, on Scream’s back. Looking across the landscape for as far as she could see. She could see the clouds up in the sky. And the shadows that they made on the ground, where they filtered the light of the sun. She could see whole villages, here and there in the mountains. She’d never really looked at the clouds from above.

Scream had made one last stop at a mountain top that overlooked the Northern Forest. The forest was so lush, and green. And with the fall coming, the leaves of many trees were starting to change colors. She could see splashes of yellow, orange, and red, scattered here and there among the green. She could see the river that she knew so well, as it flowed out of the mountains, and then meandered through the trees. It’s water sometimes looking as if it were made of liquid silver. She let her eyes trace it for a while. Until it came to the lake within the forest. The lake that was her home. The place where she lived.

Then, Scream and Merlin had taken her home. To the lake itself. Mystica had used her magic to float across the lake, and land on the tree limb that hung over the water. The sun was about to set. But there were several things she wanted to do.

She’s stripped off her clothing, and then dove into the water of the lake. The water felt so very clean, and pure. As if it could wash away the pain she felt in her heart and soul. Her house was gone. So were some of the trees. And the grass of the clearing had been destroyed. She felt the aching in her chest, as she remembered the way that the captain had died. Encased in with magic flame that burned away all the darkness in his heart and soul. Until all that had been left was empty. It hurt her very much to know that there were people with no light in them. People that had been consumed by the darkness that lies within each and every one.

She floated on her back for a time. Looking up at the star filled sky. She wondered sometimes, what stars were. She knew they looked like little dots of light, painted on a canvas that was the black of night. But she didn’t know at all what stars could be.  Other than beautiful to see.

Mystica took a deep breath, and slowly let it out. Letting go of everything that she worried about. She felt her hair, floating in the water. And the way the water caressed every little bit of her. How it felt on both her wings. How in the water her broken wing never seemed to hurt at all. She loved the way the water felt, as it flowed between her toes, and fingers. How exquisite it felt as if flowed across the palms of her hands.

She dove down into the lake, sever times.  Holding her breath. And enjoying the silence that there was beneath the surface of the water. After a time, she had returned to the tree limb above the water. But she hadn’t gotten dressed. She let the air dry her off. Enjoying the breeze, as it flowed past her body. And across her chest. Enjoying how, as her hair dried, the breeze would flow through it, moving it about every now and then.

She’d then used her magic, to make a little place on that tree limb where she could spend the night. The magic caused the branches of the tree limb to arch upward, forming little walls on each side of the limb that would keep her from rolling off. All the lumps and bumps on top of that limb smoothed themselves out, forming a flat surface for her to sleep on.

Mystica stretched out on the tree limb. That night, she slept naked on that limb. The breeze of the early fall night caressing her skin. The stress she felt from the events of the past few weeks floating away on that breeze. For the first time in days, she slept peacefully. With no nightmares.

And the dawn had come. As the black velvet of the night time sky started to fade into the crystal blue of a new day, Mystica woke up. The magic then returned the tree limb to its natural state. Mystica thanked the tree for letting her sleep safely through the night.

Then she dressed. Putting on her underclothes, then the skirt. Putting on the corset last. She floated through the air, across the lake, to the remains of her house, and rummaged through the few food supplies that she had left. That had not been burned in the fire the night of the captain’s attack.

She ate beef jerky that the villagers had given her. She ate the last of her fruit. Raspberries and blackberries. She ate the last of her bread. Then, she washed it down with water from the lake. And she sat down, by the water’s edge, in what used to be the clearing. It was now just barren dirt.

As she sat there, on the dirt, she wondered what to do. A sparrow flew across the little clearing, from one of the burned trees. Mystica held out her hand, and the sparrow landed on a finger. It looked at her. And sang. As it sang, a baby rabbit came into the clearing. It was not much bigger than Mystica’s hand. It lightly hopped across the dirt, and when it got to her, it made a great big leap, and landed on her lap. Mystica placed her free hand on that rabbit. Scratching it delicately, and tenderly, right between its two big ears.

A deer fawn walked from the north. Following the river’s edge. It took a drink one time, as it walked on its awkward legs. It stopped when it got to Mystica. And then it nuzzled her, and settled down onto the ground right next to her. It’s body brushing up against her leg and hip.

Mystica cried tears of joy. For she knew that this was the way the animals of the lake had chosen to welcome her home. Several animals came out of the forest, and walked across the clearing to the water’s edge. Where they stopped and drank.

It was as if they all said the same thing to her “Welcome home.”

The sparrow fell soundly asleep holding to the index finger of her right hand. The bunny closed its eyes and slept for a little while. Right there on her lap. And the fawn took a nap as well. Leaning against Mystica. The animals trusted her. Both the old and young. They knew she would never hurt them. And they welcomed her return.

When the sparrow, rabbit and deer had awakened from their naps, they had gotten up and moved on. But Mystica knew that they had shown her what they wanted her to do. They wanted her to stay here in the forest, by the lake, with them. They’d told her she was home.

She didn’t know what she could do about the damage from the fire to the clearing and the trees. But she knew one of the gifts of the white magic was the gift of healing. So she felt she had to try to heal the scars the fight that had happened in this place had left behind. So she closed her eyes, and held up her staff. White magic light shined brightly in it’s crystal ball. Then Mystica had whispers just one word. “Heal.”

The burned and dead grasses on the ground did not get up and turn green, coming back to life. Instead, she watched, as new grass grew in just a few short hours. So that the burned and scarred dirt of the clearing was covered by green grass once again.

The burned trees that were not dead, healed. Growing new bark, limbs and branches. But if you looked at them, you could see the scars of the fires they had lived through. The dead trees had fallen to the ground, and then decayed. Returning to the land everything that it had given them.

When the sun set that night, the clearing was as heald as it could get in just one day. And Mystica was exhausted from the time and energy she’d spent guiding the white magic on that day.

She’d floated back across the lake, to the tree limb once again. And that limb had made a place for her to sleep.

Mystica slept well that night. With no nightmares again. As the tree limb cradled her, almost tenderly, its branches keeping her from falling to the water below. Making sure that she was comfortable. Branches shifting so the leaves of the tree formed a pillow for her to rest her tired head upon.

Mystica slept that night with the peace that comes when your heart knows you are truly safe. When your soul knows you are home.

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