NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 21

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 21 : The Grey Hills and the Mountains

Eyela spoke with her troops the next morning. She told them that their homes were safe. The captain had been defeated. And he had returned to the Grey Hills and the mountains beyond them. Then, she asked her troops what they believed they should do next. She asked if they should help the people of the Grey Hills, and the mountains. If they should work with them to free them from the captain’s rule. If they should let the people of the Grey Hills solve their problem on their own. She asked them what they believed it was best to do.

Eyela told them of the report from Stephan, the captain of the guard. Of the villages they’d seen in the Grey Hills. The way the people of the hills had treated them. The way they’d been afraid. They number of stories of violence and death that they had told.

And then she asked he people once again what it is that they should do. And one-by-one. Each fairy in her troops took a step forward, and declared, “He’s our problem too!” So it was decided that the fairy kingdom would pursue the captain and his minions into the Grey Hills. And then into the mountains too. To free the people there from the captains ruthless rule.

Eyela’s chief commanders told her she should return to the castle. That they could handle the battle that was to come. But Eyela was the leader of her people. Their heart and soul. The one that they looked up to when they needed someone to show them what was true. What to believe. What to do. So she refused. She informed the troops that she would be going to. That she would always stand by them. Fight with them. And cry for every one of them that was injured, or died, in the days to come.

Everyone now knew that it was time to change. Time for the fairies to renew their contact with the people in the Grey Hills. So that such a thing as the ruthless rule of the captain could never happen again.

So the fairies entered the Grey Hills. Moving forward. One village at a time. Day after day. As they freed each village, and each town from the captain’s rule, the people of the Grey Hills joined them, to fight the captain and his men. Women fought with them. And the stories of the number of women and girls too, that had been abused, raped, and beaten, and then killed, by the captain and his men, grew and grew. As did the stories of what happened to anyone that happened to not follow the captain and his men. And behave like them.

Families cried for the loss of their loved ones. Their daughters and their sons.

The captain and his troops fell back to the mountains. They all knew that the battle they were fighting was already lost. That they would fall, before it was all done. Each day their number shrank. Each day more of the lands they ruled turned against them.

The war between the captain and his troops, and the fairy kingdom would be won by the fairies. This much the captain knew. There was nothing he could do to change that outcome. He had struck at Eyela too early. His forces hadn’t been the strength that he needed to complete his plan. But at least he’d see her fall. Shot by cross bow bolts. Falling from the sky. There had been no way at all she could have survived.

And yet, he knew she was alive. Leading her troops against his. And he knew too that the only reason she’d been able to stay alive was because of the witch. The white witch. Mystica. Who lived in the Northern Forest. So he decided that if he couldn’t win, he’d at least have his revenge, and kill that witch himself. She would die by his own hand. So the captain took fifty of his men, and headed through the mountains, to the forest of the north.

It took five months, in all, for the Grey Hills, and the mountains to be freed. By that time, everyone could see that Eyela was with child.

The fairies opened trade agreements with the people of the hills. They promised the people of the hills that they would always work with them, to the benefit of both. They apologized to the people of the hills for not acting sooner than they did. For letting the captain, fairy that he was, run loose among them for so very long. The people of the hills were happy to accept the fairies help in rebuilding their damaged lives.

In the sixth month of her pregnancy, Stephan arrived at the front, to help take care of Eyela. That was when they both announce the child that Eyela carried was their child. Everyone, the fairies and the people both were happy to know that there would be a fairy princess once again. That the royalty would not die when Eyela did.

When Eyela and Stephan announced they were to wed, the fairies and the people of the Grey Hills both decided that it would be a blessing, and a reinforcement of the peace that they were building if Eyela and Stephan would get married in a village in the hills. If they would take their honey moon in the hills, Or maybe even in the mountains.

And so it was that Eyela married Stephan on a winter day, while the snow was falling from the sky, in a tiny village, deep in the Grey Hills. At the foot of the mountains. Fairies, and people from the Grey Hills, and the mountains, all attended. The wedding had been beautiful indeed. There had been so many smiles, and so very much laughter. And from that day forth, Stephan became king, and Eyela became queen.

They set up a temporary home in the village where they’d married. For they wanted to grow the friendship that had formed between the fairies, and the Grey Hills, and the mountains to the north. So that all the people of those lands could learn to live together. For the war that had been fought, and the captain’s rule of the Grey Hills, and the mountains north of them, had taught them all that they were stronger together than they could ever be apart.

But search as they might, in every part, every glen and valley, every mountain top, they could not find the captain. The captain was just gone. He’d fled to the the Norther Forest. As it became apparent what had happened, and where the captain had gone, everyone knew that the captain had decided there was something that he had to do. That the captain wouldn’t give up until he’d found the White Mage of the north, and took his revenge on her, by tearing out her heart.

So the people of the mountains, the Grey Hills, and the fairies put together a small force, and headed to the Northern Forest. To find the captain, and thus solve the problem of the captain, once and for all.

As they did, Eyela and Stephan went with them. Hoping all the while that the White Mage of the north, Mystica, the princess of the kingdom, was still alive. And that the captain hadn’t found her yet. For they knew that Mystica knew nothing of the ways of war. And had no way at all to stand against the captain and his men.

They had to find the captain before the captain found their friend.


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