NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 19, Part 2

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 20 : Eyela Is With Child

It was the next morning, when Mystica woke up, she found Whisper sitting on her table. He flew over to her, and landed on her shoulder. “Welcome back,” he whispered in her ear. “I’m sorry that you were injured. That the confrontation with the wolves went the way it did. That you’re wing is damaged. I’m sorry, Mystica, that you won’t ever be able to fly like you once could.”

Mystica scratched Whisper’s neck. She knew he loved it when she did that. Then she took some of the fruit and bread that the villagers had given her, and ate a small breakfast. She washed it down with water from the lake that she kept in a wooden flask on the table in her home.

“I’m OK, Whisper, my dear friend. I really am. I understand what happened. I understand the words you spoke to me the day I left. I found a way to listen to my heart. And you were right. I will guide me.”

Whisper watched Mystica as she ate. When she was done, he whispered to her, “There’s something outside that you should see.” Then he flew from her shoulder, out through the window she had made just for him. So that he could visit her whenever he wished to.

Mystica got to her feet. The scars on them from all the cuts were beginning to fade away. All the scars on her arms and legs, and on her face too, were fading away. And would soon be gone. But the scars on her left wing would remain. Forever. That much she knew.

So she followed Whisper from the tree house. It was hard for her to fly. But she didn’t have to fly very far at all. Just from her home to the ground. She could walk to the lake. It wasn’t more than 50 feet or so. A nice small clearing. She’d grown used to her home. She liked very much living by the lake in her little tree house.

Whisper landed once again on Mystica’s shoulder. When she got to the lake, he whispered these words to her, “Merlin comes.” And there he was. Merlin. The dragon. On the far side of the lake. In his hands he held a wooden staff. One with a crystal ball on one end. A staff that was as tall as Mystica herself.  She recognized it in a glance. She knew that it was hers. The one that she’d put down more than a year before. That she’d promised to never use again.

Merlin flicked his wings, and took to the air. The power that he held to fly so easily was simply breathtaking. Mystica watched as Merlin flew across the lake, and landed. Right next to her. Then he spoke, softly, so he wouldn’t hurt her ears. His voice sounding like a sheet of metal being torn in two. “I believe this belongs to you.” Then he put her staff upon the ground. “Listen to your heart, white mage. It will tell you the truth. It will not lie to you.”

Then Merlin was airborne once again. Flying back across the lake, and vanishing into the shadows among the trees.

Mystica looked at her staff, resting on the ground. Where Merlin had placed it. She reached down, and picked it up. And moved it to the grass. Where she stood it on it’s end. Pushing it down into the ground so that it would stand on its own. She knew that someday she would pick up her staff again. But her heart told her it wasn’t time just yet. But that the time was not far away.

Mystica looked out at the lake. And she knew what she wished to do. She stripped off her clothing, and then carried it into the lake with her. She soaked her clothes thoroughly in the water of the lake. She placed her clothes on the grass of the clearing. Then she went swimming. She swam to the center of the lake. Enjoying the feel of the water. Enjoying the way the water washed the dirt and sweat off of her. The way that it caressed her ribs. The way it flowed between her fingers, and her toes. The way her hair floated in it.

After more than an hour swimming in the lake, Mystica walked onto the grass. She stood there, letting the sun bake her until she was dry. She then ran her fingers through her hair, until it was smooth and the tangles in it were gone. She thought that someday, she would like to have a brush, so that she could brush her hair. It was a luxury that she missed. Such a simple thing, brushing her hair.

She gathered up her clothes, and made the short flight up to the tree house. She hung her wet clothes on the branch outside the house, to let them dry. Then she went inside, and took out some of the new clothes that the villagers had given her. She put on a pale blue corset, and a long flowing skirt that had brown, and red, and white stripes that ran up and down it’s length.

That corset was low cut. And had wire along the front to hold it in its shape. The back was so very low that it passed beneath her wings. She found that she liked the way the corset felt. The way it left her shoulders completely free to move. The revealing look it gave of her. She’d never felt very pretty. Not in the castle, surrounded by the housemaids. Now the housemaids. They were pretty. But, in that corset, with it’s revealing cut and fit, she thought she looked very pretty indeed.

She flew back to the ground, and walked over to the lake, so she could see her reflection in the mirror of its surface. She hadn’t really paid attention before. But she’d developed a nice tan. The light bronze of her tanned skin contrasted well with the pale blue of the corset. She liked that look very much. It really was pretty.

As she stood there, looking at the lake, her reflection changed. She saw two armies. Fighting. She saw people on both sides dieing. She saw that one side was the fairy army of Eyela. It had to be. It was clearly fairies. The other side had cross bows, and swords. Mystica knew that was the army of the captain. She watched as the armies fought. It was a battle that had been going on for some time, from what she could tell.

As she watched, it became apparent that the captain’s army was losing. She watched as it began to retreat from the plains back into the Grey Hills. She saw Eyela’s troops pursue the captains. As the fight continued. Through one night into the next day.

Then she saw something that made her heart go cold in her chest. She saw Eyela, the fairy princess, get struck down by two cross bow bolts. One striking her in her right shoulder. The other striking her in the right arm. She saw Eyela fall.

As she saw Eyela fall too the ground from where she had been in flight, she knew she had to find a way to get there. To help Eyela. She knew that now, she was far stronger than she’d been when her mother had died. Her heart was crying out to her, “Help her! You can help her!”

It was then that she heard a dragon scream. It was a thunderous scream. It shook the leaves of the trees, and caused ripples on the lake. She looked up, and saw a dragon. An angry dragon. A dragon that was so angry that it had grown huge. And very dangerous. She realized it was the dragon that had destroyed the village she’d seen that was at the southern edge of the forest. As she watched that dragon, she saw Merlin flying next to it. Merlin was much smaller. Merlin had stood next to Mystica the previous day. And standing, he only came up to Mystica’s waist. This new dragon landed on the ground of the clearing, and nearly filled the entire clearing. It towered over Mystica.

Merlin spoke to Mystica. “This is Scream. He’s young. And strong. We’ll need his help to do what we have to do. Since you can’t fly to where you need to get, Scream will carry you.”

Mystica knew that it was time to pick up her staff again. So she did. And then the dragon Scream bowed down, low to the ground, as Merlin asked him to. Then the two dragons took flight. Mystica riding just behind the head of Scream.

She never knew how very fast dragons flew. Just by the power of their wings, the dragons flew out of the forest, then up and through the mountains, then the Grey Hills. Until they reached the edge of the Southern Plain. They arrived less than two hours after they’d left the lake. It had take Mystica 6 days to make that flight, when her wings were healthy, and she could fly her best.

The dragons approached the camp of Eyela’s army from the sky. The tiny Merlin, and the giant Scream. They landed in the middle of the camp of the fairies. The fairies were greatly disturbed. They recognized Scream. Scream the dragon that was terrorizing the Grey Hills. The dragon that the fairies couldn’t fight. They did not recognize Merlin. Until he spoke. His voice sounding like sheets of metal being ripped in two. When they saw that Scream did as Merlin asked, they knew that this tiny dragon that only came up to a fairy’s waist was the greater of the two. And the more deadly.

Scream lowered his head to the ground. And Mystica climbed off. The fairies recognized her. And a murmur raced through the camp. “Mystica! The White Mage is here! Mystica, herself!”

Mystica spoke to the fairies that had surrounded the two dragons. “Yes. It’s me. Mystica. This is Scream,” she introduced the giant dragon. “And this is Merlin.” Every fairy fell silent. They knew the name Merlin from legends. The dragon that had nearly destroyed the fairies.

Mystica looked at the guards closest to her. “We’ve come to help Princess Eyela. She’s been injured, hasn’t she?”

The guard blabbered out, “Yes. She’s very hurt. And the healers are not able to help her. She’s dying, Princess Mystica. She’s dying.”

Mystica held up her staff. White light shined in it. A pure white light. A strong white light. Far stronger than any of the fairies could remember having ever seen it when Mystica had been in the kingdom. “Take me to her.”

Quickly, the fairies took Mystica to the tent where Eyela was being cared for. Mystica walked up to Eyela. She saw that Eyela was indeed very badly hurt. She saw where the two cross bow bolts had been removed from Eyela’s shoulder and arm. She saw that Eyela had broken bones from where she’d struck the ground when she fell from the sky. But she saw something else. Something that she knew no one else would see.

She stood next to Eyela. “Don’t worry, princess. I’ve come to help. It’s not time for you to die.” Then she closed her eyes, and raised her staff. The white light that came from the staff was so strong that it made the walls of the tent transparent. Those outside could see the shadows of the figures that were inside. Mystica gently lowered the crystal ball of her staff until it touched Eyela’s chest. Right above Eyela’s heart. Then she whispered a single word. “Heal.”

The light from the crystal ball settled into Eyela. As it did, the tent went dark. Everyone inside the tent watched as Eyela’s broken bones mended. As the wounds in her shoulder and arm healed. And in less than an hour, they all realized that Eyela was asleep. Eyela was healed. And was going to be fine.

Mystica then sagged to her knees. The healers in the tent picked her up, and carried her to a cot. There, they laid her down, and she fell soundly asleep. She slept for a solid day. When Mystica woke up, Eyela was sitting on a box, next to the bed. Watching over her. “Thank you, Princess Mystica. Thank you for coming here, and healing me.”

Mystica smiled. Then she sat up. Eyela ordered that drink and food be brought to Mystica. Then the two of them shared a meal. And then they sat in the tent, and spoke with each other. Mystica told Eyela of her adventures. Including the battle with the soldiers, and the battle with the wolves. Eyela told her of the war with the captain and his followers.

When they’d finished sharing stories, Mystica looked into the eyes of the last true princess of the fairies. The last of her bloodline. “Eyela. There is something you must know. Something I did not wish to speak of when anyone else was here, and listening.” Eyela nodded her head. A questioning look in her eyes. “Eyela. You are going to be a mother.”

A look of shock crossed Eyela’s face. Then a smile. Mystica asked, “Does Stephan know?”

Eyela shook her head, no. “Are you certain?”

“Yes, Eyela. I’m certain. I can feel the presence of a new life in you. A life that grows stronger and stronger.”

Mystica stayed with Eyela through that day, and into that night. The dragons, Scream and Merlin, waited patiently for Mystica’s return. The fairies spent a lot of time trying not to look terrified of the dragons. Knowing that the dragons could wipe them off the face of the world any time they chose to do so.

That night, Mystica returned to the dragons. Eyela walked with her. She spoke to all three. “Mystica, Merlin, Scream. Thank you for helping me. You will always be welcome in the kingdom of the fairies. You will always be considered friends.”

Mystica smiled. And then the two dragons took flight, Mystica sitting behind Scream’s head once more. And the three of them returned to the lake in the Northern Forest. Where Scream took flight, and left.

Mystica smiled as she stood before the lake, next to the dragon Merlin. “She’s with child, you know. The fairies are going to have a royal family again. After 10,000 years.”

As she looked into the surface of the lake, seeing her reflection, and the reflection of Merlin, she couldn’t help but think that the dragon smiled.


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