NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 15.

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 15 : Life Was Looking Up

The captain looked out the window of the second floor of his home. He wondered how the troops he’d sent into the Northern Forest were doing. How many villages they’d destroyed. How long it would be before he ruled the Northern Forest.

He’d done well since that bitch, Eyela, had thrown him out of the kingdom. He now ruled the Grey Hills, and the mountains. He had an army now. And he was almost ready to take his army, and add the Southern Plains to the lands he ruled. He would rule the plains. He would rule the fairy kingdom. And when he did, he’d give that bitch what she deserved.

A long, slow, painful death.  That would take weeks. She’d pay very much indeed for what she’d done to him!

As for Stephan. He’d enjoy cutting Stephan’s innards out. One organ at a time. And showing them to that bastard. Yes, he would. Stephan would know pain. Stephan would pay for having returned. He should have stayed away. Where he belonged.

Then there was the matter of the witch. Mystica. He still could not believe that Eyela had made such a worthless thing a princess. Oh, yes. He’d kill her himself. Put his sword through her heart. Then cut her head of. And cut her body into pieces. All he’d leave of her was prepared food for wild animals to pick at, and eat. And he’d watch. And laugh as she died. His heart would sing happy songs that day. For he’d finally have his full revenge on her!

He looked at the sky, and the forest in the distance. You could see it from his home. His castle. Yeah. That was what it was. His very own castle. He’d wanted one. He’d had one built. Just for him, and his officers. So, some people had to die for him to get his castle. So what? Wasn’t that what people were for? Human resources. Expendable resources. Replaceable resources. None of them worth anything. But they were good for performing the work he wanted done. If a few of them were injured, or died. Well. That’s how life was supposed to be.

And he had his castle. And his army.

He sighed. And looked out through the window one more time. Then he returned to the bed in his room. Where some sweet young female was bound, and waiting for him. Right there. On his bed. Arms and legs tied to the bed posts, so she couldn’t fight back at all. He’d had a lot of fun playing with her the past few days. Using her like she was meant to be used. He figured in a day or two, he’d get bored with her. Then he’d just throw her away. Oh, he’d have fun cutting her heart out first. And watching her die. But then, he’d throw her away. Like he had so many others of her kind.

That’s what women were for, wasn’t it? To be used by him, and then thrown away? But that was for another day. Right now, he was ready to have more fun.

That night, someone knocked on his door. “Captain! It’s urgent!”

He shrugged. Playing would have to wait. He got dressed, and then answered the door. “Yes, what do you want?”

“It’s the squad you ordered into the Northern Forest, sir. They are returning.”

“They aren’t supposed to be returning yet! I’ll have them killed for this!”

“Sir! Many of them are already dead. And most of the ones that are returning are wounded. Some are barely alive. We’ve been trying to talk with them. To find out what happened. But we haven’t had any luck so far.” The man looked very nervous. Very scared. He knew it was never good to tell the captain bad news. The captain could go off in one of his rages, and cut off his head. There was no way to know.

“Take me to them,” was all the captain said.

The man lead the captain to a large open space, where a makeshift hospital had been set up. There were beds that men were lying on. Every single man that the captain saw that had been among the soldiers he’d ordered to the north was absolutely terrified. They kept mumbling things about dead people coming back to life. And some kind of fire that didn’t burn. They spoke of the agony the fire had left them in.

The captain soon realized that none of his officers had returned. “What happened to the officers?” he asked. One of the soldiers heard him.

“The officers are gone, sir,” he responded. Then a look of sheer horror crossed his face. “The fires that didn’t burn anything, roasted them alive. Every one of them. It was horrible sir. Horrible…” Then he closed his eyes, as if trying to shut out the world. As if closing his eyes would some how stop him from seeing those officers burn once again.

The captain turned to him, and asked, “What happened?”

The man swallowed. Then he tried his best to tell the captain the story of the day the dead had come to life. “We had killed everyone in 5 villages. Just like you ordered. And we were heading to the sixth. When we got there, we attacked. And killed everyone. Every one. No one was left. But once we’d killed everyone, and were getting ready to form up and leave, all the dead people… The dead people got back up… And then, they turned into these balls of white. White fire it was. That’s the only way I can describe it. And the white fire attacked us. We fought. We used our swords. And our cross bows. But it was no use. All our weapons did was pass right through the flames. We couldn’t fight them. Some of us grabbed water from the village well. And threw that at the flames. But that did no good at all.”

“Everyone the flames touched screamed in agony. I felt one of the flames catch my arm, and then all of me… Captain… I’ve never hurt so bad. I never knew I could. It was like… Like… I don’t know. Really. Maybe like my soul was on fire? I just know it hurt. And it hurt so bad that I passed out. When I woke up, I staggered to my feet. And I did like everyone else was doing. I ran.”

“We dropped everything, and we ran. When we finally stopped running, we gathered up. Formed a group. And tried to figure out what to do. All we could think of was to return here. And tell what had happened.” The man closed his eyes. “That’s when the wolves found us. I don’t know how many of us the wolves killed that day, before they left.” The captain could see the scars of the memories of the events that the soldier had survived written in his eyes. This man was no coward. Something real had struck at his soldiers. Something very real indeed.

Something magic.

“The witch! Mystica! The witch! She’s in the Northern Forest!” the captain bellowed. A look of blood lust in his eyes. “At last, I know where you are hidden!”

He put a hand on the soldiers shoulder. “You did well, coming here to tell us what you’d seen. What you’d learned.” Then the captain walked away. He told the people caring for the soldiers that returned to take care of them. If a single soldier died, he’d have a caregiver killed. One for one. The way it was supposed to be.

Then the captain returned to his castle. To his room. Where the plaything of a female waited for him. Tied and bound to his bed. But… He wasn’t interested in playing any more. Oh no. He wasn’t. For he’d finally learned what he wanted to know. He knew where the witch was. And on that night, that’s all that mattered to him. That’s all he cared about.

He now knew where to look for his most hated enemy. The daughter of the whore that had caused him to lose his career in the castle. The whore that had cost him his life. He’d had her killed. And then started working to find her daughter. And have her killed to. Even more importantly. Now that he knew the witch was in the Northern Forest, he’d go there with his men. And hunt her down himself. So he could kill her. So he could enjoy watching the life seep out of her. Watching her blood spill on the ground. So he could cut her up. Into little pieces. And then feed those pieces to the wolves.

Oh, yes. He would do that. He would enjoy that very much. He’d have his revenge on her at last.

But before that. Before that, there was another detail he had to attend to. Yes, another detail. Before he could hunt down that witch, he would hunt down that bitch, Eyela. And her lap dog Stephan.  He’d send his troops into the kingdom. To wreck havoc. And force her to act. Force her out into the open. And then, his troops would kill her.

Gods, but he prayed she died a painful death that lasted several days. The thought of her dying in great pain pleased him. He would be happy knowing that she’d died slowly. And in agony.

Yes. Things were looking up for him. And before too long, things would be set right. And he’d be ruling the kingdom. Oh, yes. He would. But more than that. He’d rule the Southern Plains, the Grey Hills, the mountains, and the Northern Forests. Who knew? Maybe he’d even invade the land of ice and snow? Why not? Why shouldn’t he rule the entire world?

But first, he’d take care of that bitch, Eyela. And her lap dog Stephan. He could just see that. His own hands, cutting Stephan’s organs out. One at a time. While Stephan was still alive. And the caregivers kept him alive for days.

Yes. Life was looking up.


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