NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 2.

Fairies : Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 2 : Eyela’s Dream Of Merlin

Eyela was asleep. In her bed. In her room. In the castle. It was the darkest part of the night. Several hours before the dawn. There was no moon in the sky. All was quiet in the castle. And in the kingdom too. Such quiet was a rare thing. It did not happen every night. You grow to expect chaos in the night when the dragons are about.

Eyela dreamed, as she slept. She dreamed of a dragon. A legendary dragon. A dragon that had ruled all of the dragons for thousands of years. A dragon with a name. A name of myth, and nightmares. A dragon that yielded more than fire, and stone. That had more than teeth and claws. More than his armored scales. A dragon that was a full black mage. A dragon that had mastered black magic. That could yield black magic as a weapon. And rain terror down on the fairies, and on the dragons too. A dragon that was never challenged by any one. Not even another dragon. A dragon known only as Merlin.

The stories of Merlin were legendary. His destruction of the kingdom. It’s total annihilation. How he hunted the fairies into near extinction. His ruthless battles with any dragon that dared to stand against him. The stories of dragon remains found on the ground. The bits and pieces left of the dragons that fought Merlin. The remains leaving no doubt that the dragons that stood against Merlin died horrible deaths.

Eyela dreamed of Merlin. Sitting on the ground. Outside the gates of the castle. And of herself, standing there, before Merlin. The two of them talking. Eyela would never forget the words that Merlin spoke to her in that dream.

“On a quiet night. When there is no moon in the sky. In the hours before the dawn. A fairy child will be born. She will be born of a mother that is no one. A mother that has no special gifts at all. A mother that works in the stables. Teaching other fairies to ride horses. And caring for the horses.

This child will have a name. She will be called Mystica. And she will be a very special child. For the universe will grant her a special gift upon her birth. The gift of white magic.”

Merlin had lowered his head down, so that he could look right into Eyela’s eyes. Can you imagine how disturbing it was for Eyela to see Merlin’s head so very close to hers. Knowing that to him, all she really was was a light snack. Just one bite in size. And gods, but those teeth he had! Each one the size of a two handed sword, and at least as sharp. Eyela also smelled the burning sulfur of his breath. How strong that odor was. It brought tears to her eyes. And it hurt to breath. But the dragon had continued to speak.

“Take care of this child. She will become the healer that you need. Able to heal the wounded of your people. She will help your people recover from the near destruction I have caused.” Merlin stopped speaking for a moment. And closed his eyes. Each of which was nearly half the size of Eyela. Then he opened them again, and stood up to his full size. Towering above the castle walls, his wings fully extended, as he spoke to Eyela once more.

“There will come a day when she will fail. When someone very close to her will die. When this happens, she will leave your kingdom, and wander through the land, as she tries to find her true self. You will let her leave. You will not stand in her way. You will allow no one to follow her. And you will not try to force her to return to your kingdom. If you do, I will return. And destroy everything.”

Then, Merlin had flicked his wings, and taken to the sky. He’d flown right over the kingdom that night. And Eyela watched. Knowing as she did that Merlin the dragon could easily destroy her kingdom. And everything around it.

She woke up with a start. Covered in a cold sweat. She shivered. As if she’d just felt the icy wind flowing past her ribs. She got up. And walked over to the balcony doorway. She quickly opened it. And stepped outside onto the balcony.

The air in the dark of the night was still. There was almost no breeze at all. No clouds in the sky. No moon either. Only the stars. It was enough for her. Eyela loved the stars in the sky above. The sky filled with stars, twinkling like little diamonds in the dark. It always brought peace to her heart. And calm to her soul. She knew that if she stood on her balcony, and watched the stars for a time, she would always calm down. And be happy. And smile.

But on this night, something was not right. Something there, among the stars, caught her attention. As she focus on the stars, she saw a shape in them that she’d never seen among the stars before. It was a shape. And it was becoming more and more clear. As it did, Eyela felt her heart begin to pound within her chest. She felt her blood racing through the veins of her body. For there, in the stars, was the image of a dragon. And not just any dragon. It was the dragon, Merlin. The image was so clear. She could see all the details in the image. The bone ribs within his wings. The individual scales of his body, neck, arms, and legs. The teeth within his mouth, so very like swords. The razor sharp edges of his talons.

Then the image started to change. Transforming from the dragon, Merlin, into a fairy. A full grown fairy. A fairy she had never seen. One that held a staff, with a crystal ball at its top. There was brilliant light that shined from that crystal ball. Eyela could feel the power in that image of that fairy. She studied that image, trying to memorize it. A slender, tall fairy. In a corset. Her shoulders bare. A skirt made of sections, with splits that ran up almost to her waist. So that her legs would be very visible when she walked, or sat down.

There was a band on the fairy’s head, and in that band, right above her eyes, was a pitch black stone. Obsidian. Somehow, Eyela knew that. The fairy in this image had a broken wing. A wing that had been very injured at one time. Both her wings were tall. Reaching almost to the ground, and well above her head. But they were narrow. Extending only three feet from her back. They would not be the best wings for flying. And with that broken wing, Eyela knew it would be difficult for this fairy to fly. And she would only be able to fly for a short time.

There was a smile on this fairy’s face. A smile that was filled with caring. And tenderness. And love. Eyes that showed great wisdom. Great knowledge. As if this fairy had seen so very much of life. As if she understood what life was like, both good and bad. Like she had survived nightmares of the very worst kind. And was made stronger than anyone could have imagined by the things she had endured.

As Eyela gazed upon this fairy painted in the sky. A fairy she had never seen. She remembered the words that Merlin had spoken in the dream she’d had that night.

“On a quiet night. When there is no moon in the sky. In the hours before the dawn. A fairy child will be born. She will be born of a mother that is no one. A mother that has no special gifts at all. A mother that works in the stables. Teaching other fairies to ride horses. And caring for the horses.

This child will have a name. She will be called Mystica. And she will be a very special child. For the universe will grant her a special gift upon her birth. The gift of white magic.”

Eyela turned from the stars, and quickly walked back into her room, closing the balcony door behind her. She quickly changed from her nightclothes to her regal dress. And then she left her room. Moving quickly down the stairs at the end of the hall. Walking directly to the Captain of the guard. “Captain!”, she belted out.

“Yes, your majesty!”

She stopped, and looked into the captains eyes. “I want you to take no one with you. I want you to go to the houses on the south side of the kingdom, inside the city walls. Near the stables. There, you will look for a fairy that is giving birth, or has given birth on this night. When you find her, come to me, and tell me who she is, and where she is. Then, I will go there myself, to see her child.”

The captain knew enough to not question his princess. He trusted her implicitly. And if she wanted him to explore the houses of the stable hands in the middle of the night, then by the stars, that’s what he was going to do. But he did have one question. “My lady. If I should not find the fairy you seek? Then what?”

Eyela thought a moment before she answered. “If you are unable to find such a fairy, then return here, and tell me. It will be alright, Captain.” Then Eyela took a breath. And smiled at the captain. “And, Captain. No one is to know of this. If the fairy is found, I will choose the time to make the presence of the child known.”

So it was that the captain of the guard left the castle in the middle of the night. Hours before the dawn. To search from door to door among the houses of the stable hands. Searching for a fairy that had just given birth. He had no idea why his queen would ask such a thing of him. But he knew enough to know that he could trust her with his life. And so, he would never ask why she had sent him on such a task, and not one of the gate guards.

As Eyela waited, in her throne room, for the captain to return. She took out her paper. And her sketching pencils. And she carefully, and meticulously made two sketches. The first sketch was of the dragon, Merlin. Every detail she could remember from the image she had seen in both her dream, and in the stars of the sky. It was an image that was most fearsome indeed. The first image anyone had ever crafted of the fire breathing, black magic dragon that lived on, hundreds, if not thousands of years after he’d vanished.

The second sketch that Eyela drew that night was an image of the fairy she had seen. Every detail she could remember from the picture painted by the stars. The broken wing. The band upon her head. She even remembered the arcane markings on the fairy’s arms, and legs. She had no idea what those markings were. Or what they meant. And she’d never seen anything like them on any of the other fairies she had ever known. Fairies had artwork on their arms and legs. But it was usually something simple. Like a removable bracelet. Or a tattoo of a vine, or running plant.

But the images on this fairy’s legs and arms were like nothing she’d ever seen. And she was certain those images meant something. Although she could not imagine what.

Once she’d completed her two sketches, Eyela carefully placed them in her sketch book. And put them away. Where they would be safe. At least for now. And then she waited for the dawn, and the return of the captain of the guard from the mission she had sent him on.


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