NaNoWriMo 2011, Day 1.

Fairies : The Story Of Mystica and Merlin

Chapter 1 – The Story Begins

The fairies were all gathered around a nice campfire. Their dragon friend Scream had made that fire for them. In his earlier days, he would have ripped a tree out of the ground, and shattered it into splinters and shards that would have made a grand fire. But he was wiser now. And not nearly as destructive. He’d learned so very much from his fairy friends. He’d searched through the woods, and gathered branches, and tree limbs that had fallen on the ground. And carefully placed them in a pile upon the ground, in the center of the clearing in the forest, where the fairies lived. Then he’d used his gift of fire to set the wood pile burning.

It made a pretty good camp fire, he thought. One his fairy friends would like very much. One they would enjoy sitting around, as they had their annual family party. One that would last all night long.

Scream stretched his wings out, which felt so very good. And he arched his back, like a domestic cat would. Sometimes he stopped, and remembered for a time, what he’d been like when he was so violent. It was something he’d had to learn. That a dragon’s size reflects how afraid, and how angry that a dragon is. He’d been the largest of all the dragons at one point. So very angry at everything. At the fairies. At the other dragons. At everything in life. And he’d been so very much afraid. Afraid that he could be hurt, if he wasn’t so violent. Afraid to care for anyone, or anything. Incase what he cared for was taken away from him. Or even worse, if who he cared for should abandon him.

Then, one day, he’d found his friend Musica. When she was just a little girl. Her eyes still filled with wonder at the thought of living life. And everything had changed for him.

His friend Merlin walked up next to him. Merlin was the dragon. The most powerful dragon that had ever been. He was a very rare dragon indeed. A fire-breathing dragon, like so many others. But Merlin was more than that. Merlin had the gift of black magic. He was a full grown, fully developed black mage. Merlin had been the biggest, baddest dragon of them all. For hundreds of years. Until one day, for now reason, he just disappeared. No one had ever figured out what had happened to him. Until one day, Scream had found him. With the fairy named Mystica. Mystica was a white mage. Even more powerful that Merlin.

It was an interesting story. The story of Mystica and Merlin. How they’d met. How they’d grown to be friends. How they’d started their fairy family for all the fairies that just didn’t fit in. Once a year, the fairies of the family always asked Mystica to tell them that story once again. And this was that night of the year. When they would all gather around the campfire, which would somehow burn all night, without ever running out of wood.

Scream knew he’d gathered up plenty of wood to make a campfire that would burn for several hours. But not one that would burn all night long. He’d asked Merlin once, about how a fire could burn like that. All Merlin would do was laugh. “Some day, young one, you will figure it out.” Scream didn’t let anyone but Merlin call him that. Scream was old. Several thousand years old. But, compared to Merlin, scream was just a child. There were legendary stories among the dragons of Merlin going back more than 10,000 years. Dragons live a long time, Scream knew that. But dragons don’t live as long as Merlin. Maybe 5 or 6 thousand years. But not 10 or more. Scream supposed it was Merlin’s black magic that gave him such a long life. But he’d never had the nerve to ask. Knowing the kind of power that Merlin still possessed, Scream didn’t want to do anything that might anger him. There was a reason Merlin had ruled the dragons for so very long. And Scream could feel the power Merlin still possessed. A power that was absolutely terrifying. Even for Scream.

But he did wonder if the fairies knew how much power Merlin yielded. Any of them outside of Mystica, that is. He knew Mystica was very familiar with Merlin’s power. And he knew too that Mystica yielded more power than Merlin. He could feel that. Sense it. Taste it in the air whenever she was near. Mystica was indeed a fully developed white mage.

Scream wondered, though. Did any of the other fairies know?

As the sun set, descending behind the trees, turning the sky brilliant shades of orange, and red, with rare highlights of pink, the fairies came out. One at a time, they entered the clearing. Each fairy coming from a different direction. Scream rested, stretched out on his stomach, right on the ground, next to the fire. It was nice and warm. And it felt good to him. And gave him the best view of all his fairy family. And he watched them all arrive.

Dream came floating in, her wings keeping her just above the ground. Whisper the owl was in his usual place. On Dreams left shoulder. It was Whisper the owl that Dream depended on. He helped keep control of her wild magic. Almost every fairy in the family had some type of wild magic. Wild magic is a very dangerous thing. And the magic Dream had was the most dangerous kind of all. For if Dream ever lost control of her magic, then any dream she had became a dream of those around her. Even her nightmares. It was a very dangerous wild magic indeed.

After Dream had picked her place, and sat down on the ground, opposite from Scream, right next to the fire, Lilly and Chrissy appeared. They came in, walking on the ground. Each of them carrying a handful of wild flowers. Picked from somewhere in the forest. The two of them were artists. And they painted with flowers. The made so many barren areas of the forest, and the plains around the forest, come alive with flowers. And trees too. Trees like Magnolia trees, and Camellia trees. Trees that exploded with colors of all kinds in late winter, and early spring. They brought such color to the world around them.

On their own, Chrissy and Lilly didn’t have any wild magic. But, if you put them together, a wild magic of their own was birthed. They had the gift of opening ways to pass right through solid things. Trees, ground, walls. Anything at all that was solid. The two of them could just open up a visible way to walk through solid things.

Next into the clearing was Rose. She was the most delicate looking of all the fairies. Scream felt that Rose looked like a perfect, porcelain doll. Every curve was a work of art. Every line was flawless. Nothing was overdone. Rose was one of those rare beauties that, once you’d seen her, you’d never forget her. Rose had a wild magic also. Whenever she want, Rose could make the flower of a rose appear. Out of nothing. In the palm of her hand. She had a second wild magic gift. She could touch the hearts of those around her. It was a rare thing indeed, to find a fairy that could heal the broken hearted. Or sooth the aching of a heart that was in pain. Scream felt that in some ways, Rose’s wild magic was the most powerful, and most dangerous of all the fairies. For if Rose lost control of her magic, she could break hearts everywhere.

Rose sat down on the ground, right next to Dream, and then she held Dream’s hand. In many ways, Dream had become like a big sister, and guardian, for Rose.

Flora and Fauna came in like they always did. Laughing, and skipping. Almost dancing. They were the youngest of the fairies. And although they did not have any wild magic of their own, they were still special fairies. A third fairy followed Flora and Fauna in. And it wasn’t until you looked a bit more closely that you realized this third fairy was not a fairy at all. She was an angel. With fully feathered wings. And that timeless, ageless look that angels always seem to have. Flora and Fauna called her, “Mother”. Her name was Merriweather. And she’d accepted the two lost fairies, Flora and Fauna, as her own children. Their parents had abandoned them when they were very young. Only a few weeks old. And they would have died, except that Merriweather found them. And raised them as her own.

Sunshine came in next. Dropping straight down from the sky. Where she’d been flying way up high, soaking up the sunshine. Sunshine was the first fairy to join Mystica’s fairy family. She’d been named Rain by the people of the fairy Kingdom ruled by the Princess Eyela. The people of the kingdom had treated Sunshine very badly. They hadn’t understood at all the wild magic Sunshine possessed. Scream had understood what was happening the moment he’d first seen Sunshine. And he’d hunted through the forest until he’d found Mystica. And he’d told her about Sunshine. Mystica had called Merlin, and they both had gone to the kingdom, and found Sunshine. They’d named her that the instant they’d first seen her. And they’d adopted Sunshine as their own daughter. And taught her all about her wild magic power.

The bond between Mystica and Sunshine was so strong, that Sunshine actually called Mystic her mother.

Musica came in. Playing a simple tune on her flute. She walked right up to Scream, and sat down next to him. To Scream, Musica was his daughter. Even though she was a fairy, and not a dragon. Musica had saved him from himself. From the violence and the fear that consumed him. He loved her deeply. He had protected her, and watched over her, and cared for her, every since Musica was a little girl. At first, he’d felt he had to. She was the only survivor of a village he’d destroyed. It was when Scream found he couldn’t hurt her, and instead had to help her somehow, that he wound up working with the fairies of the kingdom. To raise Musica. And to change himself.

Musica scratched behind his ears. Gods, but he loved it when she did that. It just felt so good. He’d purr, but he knew he couldn’t and shouldn’t. If he did he might well set fire to the whole area. One of the many problems of being a fire breathing dragon.

The last member of the family walked into the clearing. Miss Hooters. And it was obvious where that name had come from. For as she’d grown up, and her figure had started to form, it became obvious that she would have very prominent breasts. And she had a rough time dealing with the other fairies. The male fairies especially. “Would you look at the hooters on her.”

Miss Hooters wasn’t a pure fairy. She had absolutely no fairy magic. And her wings, although they looked like fairy wings, were feathered. Just like an angels wings. Miss Hooters was a half fairy, half angel mix. An angel’s heart beat within her. And carried the heart magic of a real angel. Her heart could guide her through life. All she had to do was listen to her heart, and the words it spoke to her, and she’d perform near miracles without any magic at all.

She was the last fairy that had joined the fairy family. She’d run away. Abandoning everything. To escape the way that the other fairies teated her. Fairies have a way of being very nasty to half-breeds, of which Miss Hooters clearly was one. Every fairy knew that.

Mystica had found her in the forest. Crying. And all alone. And welcomed her into the family.

Once all the fairies had entered the clearing, and were seated on the ground, Merlin came into the clearing. And he walked over, and sat down, Between Rose and Miss Hooters. Once he’s settled on the ground, Musica came in. And she sat down, with her staff resting across her lap.

And then, Mystica spoke. It was time for the story to begin.


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