Money, Money, Money!

There’s that old saying.
“Money is the root of all evil.”
It’s time I quit laughing,
And corrected this one.

First off,
That’s not really what the words
To this saying are.
The saying itself is a quote.
From the Bible.
First Timothy, Chapter 6, Verse 10.
And for those that get picky,
I’ll even use the words
From the King James Version.

For the love of money
Is the root of all evil:
Which while some coveted after,
They have erred from the faith,
And pierced themselves through
With many sorrows.

If you read those words
You can’t help but see
That it is the love of money
That’s the problem.
Not the money itself.

Phrased another way,
The relentless pursuit of money
Leads to all kinds of evil.

In my own experience
Living in this life,
I’ve learned.
I’ve seen too many times
When the objective of
Getting more and more
Money than you have
Becomes a very
Destructive thing.

There are other words
That better explain
What I’m trying to say.
So I’ll let them speak
For me.

From the book of Exodus,
Chapter 20, verse 3.

You shall have no other gods before me.

If you look
At these two verses
The make a lot more sense.

It strikes me
That this is a warning.
That God should be God.
And money should not.

I find it disturbing
To see so many people
In this life I’ve had
Whose lives are centered
On just one thing.


As if money
As become their god.
The thing they worship.
The thing that they believe in.
The thing that matters
To them.

I find it disturbing
To see so many people
That have lost their way.
To the point
Where they don’t seem to care
At all
For the people in their lives.

They care about their jobs.
The source of money
In their lives.
And when they feel
That caring for a human being
Could put their income
At risk.
They do what they believe
That they have to do.
To protect their jobs.
And the money
That their job
Bring to them.

I’ve seen too many
Of those very people
That were trapped
In a living hell.
Working ever day
In jobs that they hate.

In jobs where the stresses
That they deal with every day
Causes them headaches.
And frustration.
And the longer that they stay
The greater damage
That they bring
Upon themselves.

They smoke.
They drink.
And so many other things.
To cope with the stress
They live with every day.

Their families
Fall apart.
They get divorced.
And their children
Wonder why they live
In pain and anger
Every day.

All because they’ve made the mistake
Of putting money
At the center of their lives.
So that money
Has become
Their god.

The part that I find saddest
Of all the things I’ve seen
Is how many of those people
Don’t even know
What they’re doing.
To the people around them.
To their children.
And the spouses.

Because the only thing
That matters to them
Is the money that they earn
In the job they have
That’s destroying them.


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