She’d Turned Off The Touchpad

My friend Kathy
Showed me her laptop computer
One day..
My computer’s mouse cursor
Has stopped moving!
It just won’t move!
Do you know what’s wrong?”

I smiled at her.
And then I said,
“I’ll take a look.”
And sure enough.
When you tried to move the cursor
Using your fingers
On the touchpad.
Nothing happened.
Nothing worked.

My first thought
As to what was wrong
Was that the touchpad
Could be broken.
So the first thing
That I did
Was plug a mouse into
The USB port
On the side of her laptop.

And sure enough,
That mouse worked fine.
That meant the problem
With Kathy’s computer
Had to be the touchpad.
Which was not working
For some odd reason.

And that’s when it occurred to me
That she’d somehow
Turned the touchpad off.
And that’s why
It was playing dead.

So I looked at the touchpad.
And there
At the top left corner
Of that little rectangle
Was a bright orange light.
So, I put an index finger
Just below that light,
And tapped that sucker

And the orange light
Went right out.
And after that
The touchpad worked.
And everything was OK
Once again.

Kathy looked at me.
Then at her laptop.
Then at me once again.
“You have got
To be kidding me,”
She sighed.
And she shook her head,
From side to side.

“What did you do
To fix it?”

So, I showed her,
That you can turn the touch pad off
If you double tap
The top left corner
Of the touchpad
On a new HP laptop,
That light comes on
To indicate
That you’ve turned
The touchpad off.

And if you double tap
That same corner again,
That light turns off.
And when that light turns off,
You know the touchpad’s on.

When I was done
Showing this to Kathy,
She looked so embarrassed.
“Is that what was wrong?”
I nodded my head yes.

“Hey, Kathy.
It’s OK.
I’ve lost count
Of the number of times
That I’ve done that
To myself.
And killed off piles of time
Trying to figure out
Why the touchpad
Flat stopped working.”

Still looking embarrassed,
She looked at me
And then she asked,
“You’re just saying that
To make me feel better
Aren’t you?”

“No, Kathy.
I’m not.
I’ve really done that.
At least a dozen times.”
I could tell
She didn’t believe me
In the least.
“It happens almost every time
I unplug my USB mouse.
When I use my laptop
At my desk
At home,
I put in a USB mouse.
And then turn the trackpad off.
So that I don’t move
The cursor around
When I bump the touchpad
While I’m typing.
And almost ever time
When I take the laptop
Out of the house,
And leave the mouse
At home.
I have to figure out
Why that touchpad
Wasn’t working at all.”

I thought she
Was going to laugh.
Which was a good thing.

I hoped that she would remember
That I’d always tried to tell her
That when dealing with computers
There was no such thing
As a stupid question
Of any kind.

After we’d both had
A pretty good laugh.
And she was smiling.
She took her laptop
And she returned
To her desk.

But at least I knew
She’d be feeling better
Now that the touchpad
On her laptop worked.

And so it was
That I was happy
For the rest of that whole day.


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