What To Write…

As I have been healing
In these past few months,
With the aching of my heart
Virtually gone.
And the tears of pain
That my soul cried
Having dried.
I find I ask myself
Every night,
“What the heck do I write

It’s an interesting dilemma.
Trying to figure out
What to write.
Because the truth is
I can write a lot of words,
Any time I wish.

If I just wrote
Whatever came to mind,
I’d get a lot of people
All because my personal views
Are not like theirs.

And I so do not want
To start any fights.

So, I sit here at night,
And I try to figure out
What the heck I should write.

Perhaps I should write
One more short piece
About the fairies,
With Dream,
Miss Hooters,
And Musica.

But I don’t really want
To write something about them
Every night.
And what I do write
About the fairies
Is growing.

As everyone will learn
On November 1st.
When I start writing
The story I am planning.
I can tell you
What it’s called.
But for now,
That’s all I’ll share.

“The Story of Mystica And Merlin”

And I’m looking forward
Very much
To writing that one down.
It will be my first attempt
At an entire novel.
A real story.
Of full length.

So I’m not so sure tonight
That I want to write
Something new about the fairies.

I could write
A new piece of fiction.
But the question then
Is what to write?
Given that I know
What I don’t want to write about
At all.

I don’t want to write
Violent things tonight.
There’s enough of that
On Amazon.com.
And at the local bookstore,
And even at Walmart.

It seems to me
That most of the books
That you can find
Are all about
So many violent events.

Why should I add
Any more to that?

I could write about
Something involving sex.
But why?
When there’s as much,
If not more
Sexual fiction in the world
That there is violence.

Why would I want to do
Something that’s been done
A billion times before?

And that leaves me
Exactly where I was
At the start of all of this.
Sitting here.
On my sofa.
What to write…


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