A Little Scene From Life

There I was at work.
Standing there
Behind the counter.
At the register.
I was taking care
Of a young couple.
Maybe 21 or 22 years old.
And it was obvious
That they were in love.

As I was filling in the forms
To process their order,
They kissed each other.
More than once.

It’s always beautiful to me
To see people
That still have the ability to feel.
And don’t care at all
If the whole world knows
How they feel
About each other.

The couple looked at me,
And then he spoke,
“I’m sorry about that.”
And then she spoke,
“We’re newlyweds.”
As they stood there
Still embracing
Each other.

I couldn’t help but smile.
And let my autistic self
Throw the rule book out.
“That’s OK.
After 26 years
I still do that
With my wife.”

Seems I said something
That they needed to hear.
Because they both smiled
And their eyes lit up.
And he spoke again,
“That’s great!
That’s how we want to be!”
And she spoke after him,
“We don’t want  to be
Like so many other couples,
Where after a few years
They become jaded.
And cold.”
He finished off the words
That they said to me.
“Like they don’t love each other
Any more.
We want to be like you.”

A priceless moment
In this life I lead.
A gift from life
To me.

A gift I’d never have received,
If I hadn’t thrown
The rule book out.
And behaved abnormally.

As I sit here tonight,
I know I won’t forget
The gift that I was given
On that night.
That simple gift
From life.

And it’s true,
You know.
That even after
All the years
That we’ve been married.
And all that we’ve endured.
I love her just as much
As I ever have.
And most likely
Even more.

But I do have to wonder
About the people that I know
That are married
For some reason,
Even though it’s obvious
That what they felt
When they were newlyweds
Ended long ago.
And the way that they behave
Seems very much to say
That they don’t care
About each other
Any more.
It makes  me sad to know
That they’ve reached that point.

And I just have to ask,
“When did their hearts grow cold,
And freeze as hard as stone?”

Young couple,
Whoever you may be,
Wherever you are tonight.
Please know
That if you want to,
And you take the time
To care for each other.
Life will grant the wish
That you spoke to me
That night.


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