Wishes : I Wish You Never Know

I’m going to make a wish tonight.
Just because I can.
Just because I know
That if I close my eyes
And listen to the words
That my heart has to say
I can always find a wish
That I can make.

Even if no wishes
That I have ever made
Have ever come true.

Even of no wishes
That I’ll ever make
In the rest of the days
That I’ve been granted
In this life
Will ever become anything
More than words
Upon a page.

There are words
That I have learned
In this past week.
Words that mean
So very much to me.
Word that were first spoken
By Josephine Hart.

Damaged people are dangerous.
They know they can survive.

The simple truth I live with
Every day of life
Is that I am still healing
From the damage
I’ve survived.

It is from my memories
Of the things that I’ve endured.
The things that I’ve survived.
That I find so many wishes
Yet to share.

I wish that you will never know,
And never understand,
What I have endured
In the past 15 months.

I wish that the heart
That beats within your chest
Will never ache the way
That mine has ached.
Where all you dreamed of
Every night
Was for the pain to go away.
And all you wished for
As you stared
At the ceiling
Above your bed
Was simple oblivion.

I wish your soul
Will never cry
Until no tears are left.
And when those tears are gone
Your soul cries
With all that there is left.
Your soul sheds tears
Of blood.

I wish that you will never know,
And never understand
That kind of pain.

But there is more that I wish
As I write these words
That I share with you.

I wish
That if your heart
Aches the way that mine has ached.
And your soul runs out of tears to shed,
And so sheds tears of blood.

I wish for you to know
That you can
And will

That given time.
And patience.
Even pain like this
Will fade away.

That even in the darkest days
Of your entire life.
When you feel like you’ve
Lost everything.
And nothing matters
That always,
The sun rises.

And all you have to do
To dry the tears
That your soul cries,
And sooth the aching
Of your heart.

Is just believe
In who you are.
And give yourself the time
To remember all the things
That you’ve forgotten all about
In this life that we’ve been given.

Feel the breeze
Across your finger tips.
And the palms of your hands.

Feel the sun
As it shines down
Upon your face.

Listen to the sounds
Of the birds
As they sing.

And learn that there are flowers
That bloom
The whole year around.

Watch the waves
Of the ocean.
As they break,
And turn to white.

And most of all,
If your heart aches,
And your soul cries tears of pain.
Please remember
That if you stop
And listen very carefully.
You can hear the words
That your heart speaks.

And I know from my own life
That those words will always say,
“We can get through this.
And find our smile
Once more.
And in doing so,
We’ll be happier,
And stronger
Than we’ve ever been before.”


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