Fairies : The Fairies Celebrated

The next morning was a Monday,
When he didn’t have to work.
So he had plenty of time
To pack up his tent,
And all his stuff.
And take the long walk
Back to his car
That was almost
12 miles from the campsite
Where he’d stayed.

Sunshine has asked
If she could watch over him
On his long walk back.
The other fairies
Had agreed.
Lead by Mystica,
They had gone back
To his home,
And their places
On the desk
Inside his room.

He broke his walk back
Into several parts.
When he would stop,
And sit down on the ground.
And drink some of the water
That he carried in a container
With him.
One time he even
Had a small bag of
Trail mix of some kind.
For extra energy.

Sunshine couldn’t help but smile
As she watched him
Walk along.
Because for that whole 12 miles
He smiled.

He slowed down
Every now and then,
So that he could watch
The birds that he could see
As he walked along.
Ducks and geese.
Lots of sea gulls,
And a few herons too.

He stopped completely
Several times
To watch an osprey
As it was flying by.

It was the most relaxed
Sunshine had ever seen him.
It sure seemed to her
Like he was having fun.

Of course,
The more that Sunshine smiled,
And she smiled a lot that day.
The prettier, and sunnier
The day became.

Eventually, though
His walk came to its end.
When he got to his car.
Sunshine watched
As he put his tent,
And other things
Into the back
Of his 3 door hatchback.

Then got into it,
And drove away.

Sunshine cruised along
Behind his little car.
Making sure she stayed
Hidden from his view.
And he drove
All the way back
To his home.

When he got home
He took a nice long shower,
And washed off the sand,
And sweat,
From his 3 night trip.

Then he put the clothing
That he’d worn
Into the wash
To get it clean.

With Sunshine watching over him
The entire time.

That night,
When he went to bed,
He slept very well indeed.
And Sunshine told her fairy family
About the walk he’d taken
On that day.

“I’ve never seen him
Any happier
Than he was today.
Whatever happened
That caused him to leave
In the middle of the night,
I have to say
That today
He seems to be OK.”

That night,
As he slept there
In his bed.
The fairies celebrated.
They were so very happy
That he was OK.

Musica played
All the songs she’d written
Just for him
While all the fairies
Spent two nights
Up in that tree.

Mystica had stood her staff
In the middle of the circle
That the fairies made.
And let white magic shine
In its crystal ball.
So that it looked just like
A tiny little moon.

Chrissy and Lilly danced
The entire night away.
Flora and Fauna both
Had joined them.

Rose had sat down
On the ground
With Miss Hooters
Her friend.
And it wasn’t very long at all
Before Miss Hooters
Feel asleep
With a beautiful smile
Upon her face.

Rose didn’t mind at all
That Miss Hooters
Had stretched out on the ground,
And rested her head
In Rose’s lap.

Scream and Merlin
Did what dragons do,
When dragons are happy,
And feeling really good.

They flew all around the room.
Playing chicken in the air
With each other.
If you’d have seen them
You just might have thought
That the two of them
Were dancing
As they flew along.

And her dear friend Whisper
Chose to watch
Over their human friend
As he slept that night.

And every now and then
She watched the other fairies
As they played
And danced,
And sang
The night away.

Dream herself
Had to smile.
And she cried such happy tears
When her dear friend Whisper
Quietly fell asleep
On her bare shoulder.

“Sleep well,
Dear friend,
Sleep well.
And know that I’ll watch over you,
Just like I watch over him.”

When the other fairies
Had grown tired
From the celebration
That they had.
They all drifted off to sleep.
Musica’s music
Came to its end.
And Musica herself
Had found a place
To take a nap.

When she saw that everyone
Except for Dream
Had worn themselves out,
And they were all asleep,
Mystica had placed her hand
Upon her staff
Where it stood all on it’s own
And the light within it’s crystal ball
Had faded out.

Then even Mystica
Had gone to sleep
For a little while.

While they all were sleeping,
Dream spread her fairy wings,
And then quietly flew
Across the room,
Landing on the pillow,
Right next to his head.

And then she kissed him
On his cheek,
“I know Miss Hooters,
And Rose both
Love you very much.
I just want you to know
That you aren’t alone.
For I love you too.”

Then she put her hand
Upon his cheek,
And she whispered
Into his ear,

My dear human friend.

After which
Dream watched over
All of them
Until the coming
Of the dawn.


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