Fairies : Have Faith In Yourself

It was 3 o’clock in the morning
When he woke up.
Only Oceana was awake.
She quickly woke up Mystica.
And the two of them
Woke up everyone.

Miss Hooters looked desperate.
She set out to follow him.
As he walked the short distance
To the park latrine.

From there, he walked out
Onto the sand.
Down by the water’s edge.
Miss Hooters staying hidden
Where he could not see her.

The fairies
As a group,
Followed him.
People seem to think
That fairies glow in the dark
When they fly.
And leave these trails of light
Up in the sky.

They don’t.
Not unless they want to.
So the fairies Flew
About 100 feet above the ground.
Where he would not see them.
And they watched him
As he walked along.
Stopping ever now and then
To watch the ocean.

Under the light
Of the full moon,
The ocean looked
Deep velvet black.
With little ripples
Of pure silver
Shining on it’s waves
Every now and then.

The sky above the ocean
Was a dark grey.
That seemed to reach forever.
And the stars up in the sky
Were scattered through it.
Stars of different brightness,
Different colors,
Different strengths.

The stars up in the sky
As if they were little diamonds,
Reflecting the moonlight.

The whole thing looked
Like something from a painting.
It was an absolutely beautiful

If you watched the waves
Upon the ocean
In the dark that night,
You could see brilliant white
When the waves would break.
As they came into the shore.

Miss Hooters watched him
From the dune line.
She wished so very much
That she could fly right up
To him.
Land on his big shoulders.
And then sit down.
And whisper in his ear.
And tell him how very much
She cared for him.
And was so afraid for him
When he left his home
In the middle of the night.
Hours before the dawn.

But she did not.
Instead, she stayed
Out of his sight.
Watching him
From the grasses,
And the weeds
That were on top
Of the dune line.

Oceana said to Mystica,
“There’s something I can do.
A gift
That I can give to him.”
Then away she flew.
Out over the ocean,
Which was her realm.

When she had flow
Far enough.
She flew down to the water,
And then under the waves.
Where she found
Schools of fish.
And she spoke with them.
And asked them please
To do something for her.

And the fish
All agreed.

It wasn’t very long at all
Before he stopped walking
Along the sand,
Down by the water’s edge.
And looked out at the waves.
For he’d seen something
That caught his eye.
And when he stopped,
He couldn’t help but stare.

On the black velvet water
Of the ocean,
Before his very eyes,
He could see the fish.
Playing among the waves.

He could see them leaping
Out of the tops of waves.
Landing in the trenches
That looked like tiny valleys
Between little mountain ranges.

He could see the flashes
Of silver of the fish.
As they leapt into the air.
And the flashes
Of pure white
Painted on the ocean
By each fish
As it returned home
To the sea.

And he couldn’t help but stand there
In the hours before the dawn.
And watch in pure wonder.
At the thing he saw.
Knowing that the images
He saw upon that night
Would live within his memories

Miss Hooters watched,
From the dune line.
And said a silent thank you
To Oceana.
For she knew
The fish upon the ocean
Were a gift from her
To him.

Mystica and all her friends
Hanging in the air,
Looking down on him,
Were filled with hope
That he would be OK.

It was Rose who spoke.
It was Rose who first noticed
The tears he cried.
As he stood there
On the sand that night.

“He won’t ever give up trying.
I know he won’t.
He won’t give up on life.
Because of moments
Just like this.”

Dream picked up
Where Rose left off.
“He knows beauty
When he sees it.
He knows that what he sees tonight
Is very special.”

And at that point,
The fairies all just stopped.
Because they saw him
Standing on the sand,
As he closed his eyes
And looked straight up
To the sky.
And then he spoke.

“Thank you life,
For giving me
Such a precious,
Priceless gift
As you have given me this night.”

And then he smiled.

“Sometimes it’s hard
For me to keep going,
When I don’t know
What will happen
Sometimes it’s hard
For me to believe
That with a little time
I’ll make it through
This transition
That’s happening in my life.”

He sighed.
And Miss Hooters cried,
Tears falling from her eyes,
As he continued on.
“I don’t know
What I’ll be doing
A year from now.
I don’t know
If the friends I have
Will still be friends with me.
Or of they will be gone.”

“I know that’s how life
Is supposed to be.
That I can’t know
What will happen next.
And that part of life
Is letting go
Of the fear I have
Of the unknown.
And just live
As best I can.
Feeling every moment
Of this life
I’ve been blessed with.”

Rose whispered,
As she floated there
Up in the sky that night.
“Have faith,
Dear friend.
Have faith in yourself.
And listen to your heart.
It knows
What you should do.”

And then the fairies watched
As he sat down on the sand.
And watched the ocean,
And the stars
Up in the sky.
And waited.
For the coming of the dawn.


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