Fairies : Dream Dreamed of Hist Tent

Dream could not dry the tears
She cried.
Whisper was gone.
He was not there
To whisper in her hear.
She could not feel
The gentle grip
Of his talons
On her shoulder.
He was not there
For her to speak with.
To bounce ideas off of.

She was all alone.

She was so worried
About her human friend.
Where had he gone?
Why had he gone?
Was he OK?
She asked the heavens
Up above
To please not let him do
Anything self destructive.

She’d tried to contact
Miss Hooters.
Even though she knew
There was no chance at all
That she could reach her.
That she could talk with her.

Fairy contact of that kind
Was a gift Miss Hooters
Did not have,
As a half angel.
Miss Hooters had no fairy magic
Of any kind at all.

Sure, she had the heart
Of an angel.
And that was a powerful thing
But it meant
When she wandered off,
None of the fairies,
Not even Mystica,
Could figure out
Where she had gone.

Dream had seen
So very many dreams
That her human friend
Had had.
And she knew
That he’d had dreams
Of camping on the sand
In a park
That he knew of.
And she wondered
If perhaps
He’d gone there
To get away
For a couple of days.

So, she flew
To the park she’d seen
Him dream of.

There were several campgrounds there.
Where people could spend the night
In their tents.
In the quiet.
All alone.

Dream flew
To each of them.
Looking for
Her human friend.
But ever where she looked,
He was not there.

She felt so much
Like giving up.
And sitting on a dune
Out by the ocean,
There at that park.
And letting out
All of the tears
She had been holding back.

It was as she got
To the very last site
Of the very last campground
That she saw his tent.

She felt her heart race.
And she let out
A little shout
Of joy.
Because she knew
He could not be
Very far away.

She knew from his dreams
That he took long walks
Along the sand
Down by the water’s edge.
That he loved very much
To watch the ocean,
And to feel the breeze
Of the wind blowing
From the sea
Onto the land.

So that’s where she went next.
She followed a trail.
That cut through the trees,
And then through the dunes,
Right out to the ocean

Much to her surprise,
Oceana met her there.
“He’s here.
He’s walked a way
Down the beach.
Where he found a quiet place.
And then sat down.
He’s been sitting there
For an hour
Or more.

Miss Hooters and Whisper
Are watching him.
Hidden in the sea grass
On top of the dunes.”

Then Oceana took Dream
By the hand.
And flew down the beach
With her.

It was as she’d said.
For there he was.
Sitting on the sand.
With his legs crossed.
Looking out to sea.

Oceana guided Dream
To the place among the grass
On the top of a dune
Where Miss Hooters and Whisper
Were watching their friend.

Whisper, when he saw Dream
Silently pushed his wings
Against the air.
And flew right up to Dream.
Where he landed on her shoulder,
And whispered in her ear,
“I’m sorry that I ran off
In the middle of the night.
You were sleeping
I didn’t want
To wake you up.”

And then he brushed the top
Of his feathered head
Up against her cheek.
And whispered once again,
“I missed you very much.”

Dream scratched Whisper’s neck.
And then she said to him,
“I was so worried about you,
And both of them.,”

She walked up to Miss Hooters,
And gave her a big hug.
“It’s good to see
You are OK
My friend.”

She could see
From Miss Hooter’s Eyes
That she’d cried
A thousand tears
That day.

So she held her
For a time.
To let her know
Things would be OK.

Oceana spoke
To Mystica
In the fairy way.
And then let Dream
And Miss Hooters both
Know that Mystica
And the other fairies
Were on their way.

And Miss Hooters said to dream,
“We have to stay here,
With him tonight.
And tomorrow night too.
He’s staying
In his little tent.
And he’s so very much alone.”

Dream nodded yes,
That they would stay.
“We’ll stay with him,
And do everything we can
To keep him safe.”

Oceana met the other fairies
As they arrived.
One by one.
And showed them
Everything was OK.

Then Mystica
Used her magic,
And made a little place
Up in a tree
Looking down at his tent.
Where the fairies
And their dragon friends
Could spend the night.

That night,
As their human friend
Slept inside his tent,
The fairies watched over him
From their little home
There in that tree.

They were all exhausted
From having spent the day
Searching for their friends.
Even Rose
Was exhausted.
Even though she’d been asleep.

For Scream had gone to the garden
Where the Monarchs
Had taken him to where she slept
On a bed of rose leaves,
Held together
By spiders webs.

Scream had awakened her,
And brought her here.

And on that night,
Mystica had stayed awake
To watch over everyone.
And Oceana
Had spent the night
In the tree.
Taking care of Mystica.
Until Mystical
Fell fast asleep.
A few hours before the dawn.

Oceana knew
That all her friends
Needed all the rest
That they could get.
To take care
Of their human friend
The way they intended to.

She flew down,
And peeked inside his tent,
“Do you know
My friend,
How much they care for you?
And how much
You frightened them
When you got up and left
In the middle of the night?”

Then she flew back
To the place up in the tree
That Mystica had made.
And she watched over
All her friends
The rest of that night,.
Until the coming
Of the dawn.


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