Fairies : Rose Among The Roses

Rose was so afraid.
Her human friend was missing.
He’d left
In the middle of the night.
While she had been sleeping.

Miss Hooters,
And Whisper
Were missing too.
They had followed him.
But no one knew
Where they had gone.
Or if any
Of the three of them
Were OK at all.

Rose knew very much
The places that her human friend
Loved to go.
Loved to walk.
But she wasn’t sure at all
Which place he would have gone.
So she had to guess.
Where to start.

Rose hoped that his heart
Would have lead him
To the rose garden
That he loved so very much.
So that’s where she went.

She had to be so careful.
For it was daylight now.
And humans were up
And all about.
And she could not let them
See her.
That would not do at all.

So she had to hide
Among the roses
In that garden.
Moving from one rose bush
To another.
As she searched
For her human friend.

Among the roses
She found many friends
Butterflies and bees.
And many other
Of so very many kinds.
And she asked them
If they’d seen
Her human friend.
Or Miss Hooters.
Or Whisper too.

Always the answer
That she heard
Was the same word.
Which left her
Most disturbed.

Several Monarchs
Tried to comfort her.
They hid her
In a rose bush
Filled with blooms
Of yellow,
That were red
Along their edges.

They spoke to other Monarchs.
And other butter flies.
And the word was spread
Throughout the entire park
That the fairy Rose
Was searching for her friends.

Even the squirrels
And birds
Helped with the search.
Scouring the park
From side to side,
Front to back,
And top to bottom.

But they could not find
Rose’s three friends
Anywhere they looked.
Rose had to grudgingly admit
That they were not there.
If they had ever been there
In the first place.

She closed her eyes,
And thought of Mystica.
“I can’t find him
Anywhere that I have looked.
I don’t know at all
Where he could have gone.”

And she heard Mystica
Answer her.
“There are other parks
Where he may have gone.
Could you check them please?”

Rose thought back
To Mystica,
“Yes. I’ll check them.
Every one.”

And the butterflies
And birds
And all the things
Capable of flight
Spread out
From the rose garden.
To all the parks
That could be found
Anywhere around.
And searched for her friends

But it was to no avail.
As the hours passed,
Rose felt the hand
Of despair
Grasping at her heart.

“No one can find him

So she flew back
To the roses
That she knew he loved
So very much.
And picked a rose bush
With peach blooms on it.
For she knew
He loved those blooms
The most.

And she settled there
In that rose bush
Surrounded by those blooms.
Oh, please,
Let my human friend
Be safe,
And OK
With this coming night.”

That night
Rose cried herself to sleep.
Tears of fear
Falling from her eyes.
As she rested on a bed
Of rose leaves
Held together
By a spider’s web.
That the spiders made
Just for her
That night.

Oh, please.
Let him be safe


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