One Of Those Days

Have you ever had a day
When you would have sworn
That life was a predator,
And you were its prey?
As if life were a lion,
And you were dinner.

Today was just one of those days
Where nothing that I did
Except for work,
Went well.

It started this morning,
When I got out of bed.
And wondered who it was
I’d fought with
While I was asleep
Last night.

It started with a sharp pain
On my right side.
In the middle of my ribs.
And when I raised my right arm
Out of the way,
And reached for where it hurt
With my left hand.
I realized
I hurt to move my arms.


Then I looked in the mirror.
And I had to laugh.
For my hair looked
Once again,
Like Albert Einstine’s.
If he’d have cut it flat
Across the top,
So his noggin
Shined through it.

Reminded me of some sort
Of insane Bozo the Clown.

And when I laughed,
My ribs reminded me
That somehow
I’d hurt them.

It was time for me
To go down stairs
And pack a breakfast,
And a lunch
For my lady
To take to work with her.

That first step
On those stairs
Was when my right ankle,
And my right hip both,
Decided to light up my life.

So, I shifted all my weight
To my left side.
And my left knee
Reminded me
Of the nasty things
I’d done to it
By running on hard pavement
For 10 years.

There was nothing left to do
But ignore the aches
And all the pains,
And carry on.

When all the dust had settled
From the chaos of the morning,
And I’d gotten her
On her way to work,
I sat down to watch
One of my favorite TV shows.
Bikini All-Stars.

Which wasn’t on.

They changed the schedule
For the heck of it.
Without telling anyone.

There’s a big difference between
Watching Bikini All-Stars,
And the local TV station’s news.

In the hopes
That something would go right,
I went to get my shower,
And then shave.
To get ready for work.

It wasn’t until
I stepped into the water
Of the shower
That I realized
I’d turn the dishwasher on.

I didn’t know the water
In my home
Could even get that hot.

And someway.
I made the trip to work.
And got there right on time.

And work went very well.
I had a good time.
Learning how to setup
Computers of every kind.
And how to close out orders
In the tracking system
That they use.

It felt good to me
To help other people
With their computers.
It felt good to me
To be treated
As if I could be trusted
Once again.

My work day
Came to its end.
And I came home.

And as I walked
Into the house,
She called me
To come upstairs.

Seems I now have to visit
All my doctors offices,
And get itemized receipts
For all my visits
Since the first of March.

She wants to file
A reimbersement claim.
To get back all the co-payments
That I’ve made.
And the receipts I have
From my doctors visits
Aren’t itemized at all.

Felt like I’d been pounced on
By some kind of wild dog.
And just wanted to scream,
“Leave me alone!”

Now that I’ve had some food to eat,
And something to drink
(No alcohol),
I’m feeling better
Than I did.

And now I’m sorry
That I was not nice
To my lady
When I got home

And as I sit here
On the sofa
In my home,
Watching the evening news.
I can’t help but wonder
How I bruised
My right ache-lies tendon.
So that it hurts to walk.

Have you ever had
One of those days
When life was the lion,
And you were the food?

I have.

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