How Do I Forgive Someone?

How do I forgive someone
For the way they treated me?
Just because I was different
From them.
Because I did not behave
The way that they all did.

How do I forgive someone
For the harm they have caused me,
And my family?
When they declared
They I was broken.
And needed to be repaired.
And made into someone
Just like them.

How do I forgive someone
That attacked me
Just because I cared
For the people I worked with?
And I let it show.
I let it effect
The work that I did.

Is that so very wrong?

How do I forgive someone
That used me like a tool
For years, and years.
And when they had
No more use for me,
They threw me away.

As if I were a car
They they didn’t want
Any more.

How do I forgive someone
That continues
Harming people?
That continues treating them
As if they were expendable,
Replaceable parts.

How do I forgive someone
That has now done the same thing
That they did to me
To one of my friends?

All because she was not
Like them.
All because,
Like me,
She cared for the people
That she worked with.
And for the work
She did.

How do I forgive someone
That only cares for others
As long at they don’t have
To make a choice?
To take a risk.
Of any kind at all.

When they only thing
They really care about
Is themselves,
And the things they have?

I suppose
It’s understandable.
The way that they behave.
For I know
What it’s like
To be hurt.
I understand all too well
That kind of pain.

But still, I have to ask
How do I forgive someone
When they’ve forgotten
The truth.

That if you avoid pain,
You cripple your ability
To feel everything.
Hope and joy,
Laughter and excitement,
Empathy and sympathy.

That if you cripple your ability
To feel one emotion,
Then you cripple your ability
To feel anything at all.

I asked
At the beginning
How do I forgive someone
For what they’ve done?

I know all too well
The words that God
Has given us
About forgiving people.

You have heard it said,
“Love your neighbor
And hate your enemy.”
But I tell you:
Love your enemies
And pray for those
Who persecute you,
That you may be sons
Of your Father in heaven.

These words tell me what to do.
On that
They’re crystal clear.
But they do not answer
The basic question.
How do I forgive someone
For what they’ve done to me.

I spoke of how the people
That hurt me so badly
Have crippled themselves.
By cutting out
Their ability
To feel pain.
And other things.

And I’ve learned
That this is where
The answer
To my question likes.

If I continue reading
The words from the Bible.
I find that this is what they say.

He causes his sun to rise
On the evil and the good,
And sends rain on the righteous
And the unrighteous.
If you love those
Who love you,
What reward will you get?
Are not even the tax collectors
Doing that?
And if you greet
Only your brothers,
What are you doing more
Than others?
Do not even pagans
Do that?

And I find,
As I read these words
That any anger I may have
Is fleeting.
And soon fades.

For I know how wounded
Those that hurt me,
That hurt my friend,
Really, truly are.
For by running from the pain
Of life.
And preventing it
Within their lives.
They have blocked the rain.
And live in drought.
In the desert.
Every day.

It is as I read theses words
That God has shared with mortal men
That everything begins to change.
And I know
I have already
Forgiven them
For the things they’ve done.

For I also know
How much pain,
And how much fear
They live in
Every day.

Can you imagine this world
Without any rain?

Knowing that the people
That hurt me so
Don’t even know
That they are wounded.
That they have hurt themselves
As badly as they have.
Leaving scars upon their hearts
And souls.

How can I blame them
For the things they did?

Which leaves me with
One final thing to do.

Forgive me, God,
For the anger that I’ve shown
In this past week.
For I know
With in my heart,
And from the words
That you have given us.

That my anger
Was misplaced.
And I was wrong.

How do I forgive someone
For what they’d done to me?


How can I not?

[Author’s Note:

The scripture contained in this piece is from the Holy Bible, The New Testament, The Book of Matthew. Chapter 5. Verses 43 through 47, the New International Version.]

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