To Change

I went to work today.
In my new job.
For the first time.
Meeting the people
I’ll be working with.
And starting to learn
What I’ll have to learn
To be effective
In my new job.

I find I’m very excited
About the work
I will be doing.
Because it’s something
That I want to do.
That I like to do.

I’ll be helping people
Get their computers
To work.
Like they’re supposed to.
Like they want them to.

Making sure they’re fully patched.
Making sure they’re malware free.
Making sure that all of their
Device drivers
Are up to date.
Running diagnostics on them
So that what’s wrong with them
Can be identified,
And their owners be informed.
So that they can decide
How to best fix them.

The list goes on and on.

And I like the idea
Very much
That I’ll be working
In a job
That helps people.

It’s certainly a huge change
From what I did
For so very long.

I’ve learned that everything
And that if it doesn’t.
If you fight change.
And make your life static.
You’re only hurting
And everyone
You care about.

I’ve learned
That to live life.
And appreciate it
As the priceless gift
That it really is.

You have to change.

I had not changed
In a very long time.
Keeping everything the same
In my life.
For years on end.

Because I’d learned
That this was how
I was supposed to be.
A known quantity.

Completely in control
Of everything I did.
Of what I thought.
Of what I felt.
Of the work I did.
Of everything
In the life I lead.

I was wrong.

Being static
For so long.
Being unchanging
For so long.
Everything I was
Became ill.
And decayed.

Trying to control
In my life,
I learned
Did not work.
For I can’t control
Anyone at all
But myself.

It was a painful lesson
That I learned.
About how much
I can’t control.
No matter how I try.
About how much change
Is needed
In this life.

In the past few months
I’ve been through
A countless number
Of changes.
And I’m finding
That I should have changed
Years ago.
That if I’d have changed
When I should have,
Then perhaps
I never would have had
To endure the problems
I had to endure
In this past year.

I would say these words
To you.
If you are facing change
In your life.
And you are fighting it.

Don’t make the mistake
That I made.
Don’t stay static.
Don’t stay the same.
Don’t be afraid

To change.

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