Memories : “When Did I Become Such A Girl?”

There we were.
At the Walmart store.
My lady was looking for
A new top or two
That she could wear.

That’s when she held up
A t-shirt for me to see.
“Oh, look at this.”
It was a deep dark grey.
With three white wolves
Right there on its front.

We both knew
It was a t-shirt
That was made
By the same company
That makes the fairy t-shirts
That I wear.

So she looked through
The rest of the t-shirts
That were there.
And sure enough
We found several copies of
One of my t-shirts.

We both had to laugh
That one of my favorite shirts
Was there
In the women’s department
Of the local Walmart store.

“Well, you did say
That the shirts were listed
As being for women.”

I own 13 of them.
13 fairy t-shirts.
Listed as designed
For women.

When we got home from shopping,
I remembered what I’d said
A year ago.

I’d been at work
And taken a walk
To the lab downstairs.
Where I had a talk
With a couple of the people
I worked with then.

“I’ve noticed something
About me.
And it’s very surprising.
I wear fairy t-shirts.”
I could say that
Since it was a Friday
And I was wearing one.

“I have fairy figurings
Sitting on the desk
That I work at.”

By this point
The two people I was talking with
Were sitting down.
And listening to me.

“My favorite movie
Is Walt Disney’s
Which I’ve watched
About a million times.”

“The books I read right now
Are by Anne Bishop.
And my favorite music
Is all by bands
That have lead female vocalists.”

“I’m the person
That washes dishes.
And the laundry.
And that cleans the house.”

And when I’d said all that,
I looked at both of them.
And then I continued on.

“So I thought about that
For a little while.
And then I had to ask myself.
When did I become
Such a girl?”

You should have seen
The two of them laugh.
They both laughed so hard
That it hurt for them to breathe.

When they caught their breaths
They both declared
They were glad
They were sitting down.
And that they were actually happy
That I’d said what I had.

“At least you didn’t say
What we thought you might.
At least you didn’t ask
When you had turned gay.”

Oh, the memories I have
Of times in my past.
I have so many stories
Of such funny things.

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