Dreams : Darlene

I closed my eyes last night.
And dreamed.
I know that what I saw
Was just a dream
And wasn’t real at all.

In this dream
I saw so many things.
And they took place
To the words
Of a song
That I know
So very well.

The song is by Leaves’ Eyes.
It’s name is Elegy.
And I heard that song
So many times last night.
As the dream played out
Within my mind.

I was talking on the phone
With someone that I know.
Her name was Darlene.
She has these hazel colored eyes
That I could so easily
Get completely lost within.
And forget all about time.

She has fiery red hair
That reaches half way
Down her back.
Wow, but her hair
Looks good to me.

And I love to see her smile.

But on this day
I could tell
That she was very hurt.
And very much alone.

Darlene doesn’t work.
And hasn’t worked
In many years.
Because she can’t.
Her body won’t let her.

16 years ago
There was an accident.
She was on her way to lunch
With three of her friends
From work.
Tom drove.
Frank sat in the front.
And Jim sat in the back
Next to her.

It was on that drive to work
That her world
Was forever changed.
When the front left tire
On the car that they were in
Blew out.
And Tom couldn’t stop it
From making a bad swerve.

Right into the path
Of that 18 wheeled truck.
Tom and Jim had died
In a single heartbeat
On that day.
Their side of that car
Was just suddenly

Frank suffered fractured ribs.
A broken hip.
A collapsed lung.
Two compound fractures
To his left arm.
A concussion.
And a broken neck.

Frank had never walked
And had lost
All movement
In his arms.

He’d died a few years later.
His joy for life
Long gone.

Darlene lost both her legs
Right at her knees.
And she’d had back injuries.
So that she lived
In constant pain.

She hadn’t worked a single day
Since then.

As I saw these things
Within my dream
I heard Liv Kristine’s voice.

“Teardrop on a fragile eyelash
She’s looking like a dream
Hoping for some understanding
An answer or at least”

Her husband
Had left her.
Said the accident
Had taken her from him.
That she was no longer
The woman that he loved.
And he could’t wake up
Every day
To look at her.
And see her
The way she now was.

I called her
Every week.
Just to talk with her.
Because it’s something
I could do.
Something I know
She loved.
For I knew
That she spent
Almost all her days
In her tiny home,
Almost totally alone.

And Liv Kristine’s voice
Continued on.

“Cunning word a single sentence
To restore her heart
Aching since the day I left her
Crossing lonely seas”

I loved to call her.
And talk with her.
Just to do my best
To hear her laugh.
To feel like
I had brought a smile
Into her lonely life.
If only for a little while.

I had been so angry
When I learned
All the things
That she’d been through.
And how he’d left her.
Just because
She’d gotten hurt.

Every time I called her
I’d let her talk
About anything at all.
Anything she wanted to.
And I made sure
That she knew
She could talk just as long
As she wanted to.

I knew all too well
That her heart ached
Within her chest.
I knew all too well
About the tears
That her soul cried.
And I prayed to God above
That he would teach me
To care for Darlene.
Just like I knew
Jesus would.

“Silent tears of a woman
Make a warrior cry
Heaven, I beg you
Please release hopes from fears”

The people that I knew
That knew Darlene very well.
And there were so very few.
All behaved so sadly
When they thought of her.
And they always spoke
Of what an awful thing it was
That had happened to her.

They all acted like
Things might have been better
If Darlene had died
In that car accident.

How can people
Be so very cruel.
And so blind
To how they are.
I don’t think
I’ll ever understand
People and their stone cold hearts.

She was still Darlene!
She was still alive!
With a heart.
And with a soul.
She was there!
Right before their eyes!

Ever weekend that I could
I got in my car.
And I drove to Darlene’s house.
To visit her.
We’d watch TV sometimes.
Sometimes a movie
Of some kind.

While I was there
I’d take care
Of her.
Make sure she took
Her medications,
To manage her pain.

We’d play simple card games.
Board games too.
And we’d draw.
Just to see
Who could draw
The prettiest picture
On that day.

I’d help her
Sit on her sofa.
And I’d sit there with her.
And hold her hand.

She would fall asleep
With her head
On my shoulder.

I’d just hold her
For a while.

I wanted her to know
That I still cared for her.
That she was my friend.
As she had always been.
And always would be.

“This is my elegy
Do you know what I feel?
This is my elegy
Do you believe it’s real?
Will I hold you in my arms again?”

And I would always
Hold her close
Whenever she cried.
Whenever tears would fall
From her hazel eyes.

For my heart,
It spoke to me,
Of how beautiful
She truly was.

And my soul
It knew
That all a person had to do
Was get past their fear
That they felt so very much
When they saw her,
And remembered
How hurt she really was.

That if they could get past
The fear that filled their lives.
They too would find
How beautiful
She truly was.

I knew
That I would always
Be her friend.
I would always
Make the time I could
To spend with her.
For I could see
The beauty
Of her heart
And soul.

And I knew the truth
Of the words
Liv Kristine sang.

“Silent tears of a woman
Make her warrior cry
Heaven, I beg you
Please release hopes from fears”

I would give anything
To be able to
Sooth the aching
Of her heart.
And dry the tears
That her soul cries.

This was the dream I had
Of a friend
Named Darlene.

I should remind you
That in real life
I don’t know anyone at all
That’s named Darlene.
Or anyone at all
That’s been hurt by life
The way the Darlene
From my dream
Has been.

I had other dreams last night.
With the words
Of other songs
And the stories
Of other friends
That I’ve never had.
It’s time I captured them
And brought them to life
Upon the words
Of the pages
That I write.

And if you know someone
In this life that we all live
That’s been hurt
Like the Darlene
In my dream.

Don’t let your fears
Control you.
Or the way that you behave.

For she needs very much to know
That she is not alone.
And that you care for her.

That in your eyes,
And to your heart
And soul.

She is still
Very beautiful.

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