For Him There Are No Shades Of Grey

He’s always know
About yes and no.
About true and false.
About on and off.

He’s always know
About opposites.
Like yin and yang.
Black and white.
Fast and slow.

Things like tall and short,
Heavy and light,
Skinny and fat.
Pretty and ugly.

These are all familiar to him.
He knows about them.
And understands them.
They’re clean.
And they make sense
To him.

He knows about shades of grey.
He knows how to make them.
He knows to mix
Varying amounts
Of black and white.
And by varying the mix
You get a different
Shade of grey.

But there’s something
That he doesn’t know.
He doesn’t know about
The shades of grey between
Helping and not helping.
Between caring and not caring.
Between a friend
And someone you just know.
And an enemy.

To him,
It’s all like
True and false.
Like yes and no.
Like on and off.

To him
You are a friend.
Or you are not.
There is no in between.

To him
You help someone
Or you don’t.
There is no such thing
As a little bit
Of help.

To him
There is no such thing
As different groups of people.
People that you work with.
People that you see at church.
People in your neighborhood.
All the different groups
Of people that you know.

To him,
They are all the same.
They are all people.
You either care for them.
Or you don’t.
There is nothing
In between.

To him
There is no such thing
As prejudice.
No such thing
As homophobia.
For he can’t group people
In that way.

Just like with people
That you know.
Where you have all kinds of groups.
And how much you care
For someone just depends
On what group their in.

To him,
Gays and lesbians,
Jews, and Muslims,
Christian and Buddhist.
Everyone’s the same.
Everyone’s a human being.

Where you see people
As African American,
Or European,
Hispanic and Latino,
He sees no such boundaries.
To him,
Those things are just words.
For in the end he knows
That a human being
Is a human being.
And that’s all there is
To that.

He’s been told
All his life
That he can’t live life
The way he does.
That everyone just knows
That the way he is
Is wrong.

But after knowing him a while.
And learning how he sees
The same things that I see.
But he sees them
So very differently.

I sometimes find myself wishing
I knew more people like him.
I sometimes find myself wondering
What this world
That we live in
Would be like
If more people
Didn’t have
The shades of grey
That we all have.

I sometimes cannot help
But believe
That our shades of grey
Sometimes get in our way.
And make things
Hard for use to figure out,
Or do.

For I have seen him do things
May times
That no one else
Could do.
And I’ve seen too
That he couldn’t understand at all
Why we thought
It was so very hard
To do the things he did.

I’ve seen him work
So very hard.
Pushing himself
All the time
To get better
At his job.
It’s like for him
There’s no such thing
As good enough.
There is only better
That before.

And knowing how he feels
About such things,
I have to wonder
If his way of never settling
For good enough
Is what makes him
So very good
At the work he does.

I’ve come to know him better
In the time I’ve worked with him.
And I’ve come to understand
That in very many ways
The way he looks at things,
The way that he behaves,
Since it lacks all those layers
In the color grey,
His ways are much simpler
And much less complex
That mine
And yours.

All because he lacks
All those shades of grey.
And for him
So many things
Either are,
Or they are not.

All because for him,
There are no shades of grey.


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