Fairies : The Scars Within His Heart

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dream and Musica,
Mystica, Chrissy, and Lilly,
And even Oceana and Sunshine
Were dismayed.
For never had the seen anything
Like what had happened on this night.

Miss Hooters and Rose
Were so very hurt.
So very injured.
And Mystica did not know at all
If they would survive.

Rose could, at least,
Still speak.
She was conscious.
That was something.

If you looked at her
She appeared to be OK.
You couldn’t see at all
Any thing that was wrong
With her.

Until you looked into her eyes.
And then you saw
Her worst nightmares
Come to life.
Something had happened
During the night.
Something that had all but torn apart
Here will to live.
And left her
With a broken heart.

Miss Hooters
Hadn’t even moved.
Hadn’t even twitched.
And Mystica wasn’t sure at all
That she was still alive.

Their human friend
Laid there.
On his bed.
In the middle of the night.
The covers of his bed
Were all a great big mess.
As if he had been fighting them.

Mystica didn’t want to do
What she had to do.
What only she could do.
And she was so afraid
Of what she’d find.

Oceana stood by Mystica.
And gently held her hands.
“I am so afraid
That they saw something
That none of us
Has ever seen.”

She was so very quiet.
“That when the visited him
Just last night,
They finally saw
The scars
That all of this
Has left there,
In his heart.”

Mystica could not talk.
But Merlin could.
“That is why my lady
Will be visiting him
As he sleeps tonight.”

Musica’s eyes looked terrified.
“No, please! No! Don’t go!
Let me go instead!
Show me how,
And I will go.
Oh, please don’t you go!”

And that was when Scream

And as he did,
All the fairies knew
That he was right.
That Musica held the key
To getting through to him
That night.
That Musica must go.
So that they might know
What had happened
To their friends.
To Miss Hooters.
And to Rose.

Mystica nodded her head,
And Whisper flew from Dream
To Musica.
And whispered in her ear.
“Have you ever seen the scars
Upon a wounded heart?”

Musica shook her head,
For she never had.
“He’s healed enough by now
That those scars upon his heart
Have begun to show.
And they are terrible indeed.
I’ve heard many tales
Of scars such as his.”

Musica held her flute,
In her pretty hands.
And shed a single tear
That fell
From her eyes
Down to the ground.

“Music touches his soul.
This much I do know.
And I reaches
Clean down to his heart.
I will play my flute for him
As I walk along tonight.
To see what I can find
About the scars upon his heart.”

Whisper whispered once again,
“Your heart has spoken true to you.
For I do believe
That if you play your music
He will always find a way
To take care of you.
And protect you.
From whatever you might see.”

And Whisper flew to land once more
Upon Dreams’ left shoulder.

Musica looked at her friend Scream.
“My music helped you once.
So very long ago.
Now it’s time to see,
My friend,
If it can help him.”

And Scream screamed once again.
And all the fairies knew
That Scream was so very much afraid
For Musica,
In what she was about to do.

Musica set her wings in motion.
And lifted from the desk.
She flew across the room,
To lightly land upon his pillow.
Right beside his head.

And she played a quiet tune
Upon he fairy flute.
And as she played along,
Her music calmed him down
From whatever it was
That was hurting him that night,
As he slept there
On his bed.

When her song
Came to its end,
Musica kissed his cheek.
Then she turned her back to him,
And leaned up against his head.
And started playing once again.

Musica stood there motionless
For a little bit.
And then she realized
That she was now in his dreams.

And she kept right on playing
Music on her flute.
But her music now was sad.
As if she had just lost
The first love of her life.

For as she looked around
In his world of dreams,
Everything that had been there
Was gone.
Burned down to the ground.
The library.
The rose garden.
The land of work.
And all the rest.

The entire world
Within his dreams,
Was just flat gone.

And he was nowhere
To be seen.

So Musica played
And played.
A song of regret.
A song that tried to capture
The loss that she could see
Of every one
Of her human friends dreams.

And as she played,
She heard his voice.
“Your music is so beautiful.”

And she knew that it was him.
Standing there
Right next to her.
How had he gotten there?

Musica kept playing.

She watched her human friend,
In his land of dreams,
As he walked alone.
Among the desolation
That she saw.
A lone figure
In a world of nothing
But cold ashes.

And she heard him speak once more.
“They’ve taken everything.
Burned it all to the ground.
Everything that I once had
Is now forever gone.”

And she could hear the tears
That his soul cried right then.
But she kept on playing.
Song after song.
Again, and again.

The human looked at Musica,
And then he said to her,
“They said that they were trying to help me.
But they took away everything.
And left me here alone.”

He looked at her,
And then she saw
That there was a hole
There upon his chest.
Exactly where his heart had been.
And that his heart was gone.

And still,
She played on.

He looked at her,
And said,
“I’m so very much afraid.
For I don’t know how,
Not even in the least,
To start over again.
And that’s what I have to do.
Now that everyone
And everything
That I use to have
Is gone.”

He looked at her,
And she could see him
Fighting off his tears.
“And I have no idea at all
What it is
That I should do.
No idea at all.”

So Musica played another song.
A song just for him.
A song of rebuilding
A broken life
From nothing once again.

It was a song
That she knew well.
For she’d played it once for Scream.
So very long ago.

And when the song
Came to its end,
She stopped playing
For a bit.
So she could speak with him.

“You must remember,
My dear friend,
Who you are inside.
You must remember
All the people that you know,
That are still there.
And still care for you.
The people that you care for too.”

She put her hand
Upon his cheek.
And then she spoke again.
“For those people that you care for
Happen to love you.
And they need you too.”

She leaned forward,
And did something
She hadn’t done in ages.
Not since she’d kissed Scream
On top his head,
Had she kissed anyone.

But that night
In his shattered dreams,
She kiss her human friend.
And told him she would always be there
In his dreams.
To take care of him.

“My human friend,”
She said to him,
“You have friends that need you.
You know that they are hurting.
And are lonely too.
Even if they say they aren’t.
I know you see the truth.”

Then she kissed him
Once again.
“And if you care for them,
Like I know you can.
It won’t be very long at all
Before you have new dreams.
And all this awful ash
Will just be gone.”

And then her human friend
Held her very close.
And she could tell
From how he shook.
How very much he cried.

When he did
Let go of her
After quit a time,
She could see
Within his eyes,
That he knew
That she was right.

“By taking care of them
I have to learn
To take care of me too.”
He looked at her,
And tried to smile.
“And if I learn
To care for me,
That will help me stop
The aching of my heart.
And it will help me dry
The tears that my soul cries.”

And then he took her
By the hand.
And walked across
The ruins of his dreams.
To the center of his heart and soul.

And there he showed to her
The scars upon his heart.
“How could they do this awful thing
To me?”
Was all that he could ask.

Musica played another song.
A song of fairy healing.
A song that all the fairies knew,
But none of them could play.
Only Musica could do that.

And as she played that song,
Looking at the scars
Deep within his heart.
She knew
That he had touched the hearts
Of Miss Hooters,
And Rose.

And she heard him say,
As she played,
“I’ll take care of you.

And when her song
Came to its end.
He took her by the hand.
And walked with her again.

Into a brand new place
Within his dreams.

For he’d decided it was time
For him to start over

And then Musica was standing there.
On the pillow once again.
Right next to his head.
And she spread her wings
And flew across the room.
Landing on his desk.

Mystica was waiting there.
Just to let her know.
That while she was away
Miss Hooters and Rose
Had woken up.
And that they would be OK.

And Musica smiled
Her pretty smile.
And then hugged Mystica.
“I know.
Because he told me
In his land of dreams.
That he would always
Care for them.
Because in doing so,
He’d at long last
Find a way
To cure the aching of his heart.
And dry the tears
That his soul cries.”

Musica smiled.
And then she said,
It will take time.
But he will be


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