Fairies : The Light Within His Heart And Soul

Saturday, 07 May 2011

Eyela got tired sometimes,
Of spending all her time
Inside of a silly lunchbox.
But she knew
She needed to.

She was the smallest of all the fairies.
And in so many ways,
The very strongest.
It was very difficult indeed
To harm her physically.
Unlike Dream,
Or Rose,
Of Miss Hooters.

If you dropped one of the other fairies,
They would break
When they struck the ground.
Mystica had a broken wing from just such a thing.
And the tree
That Scream stood on
Had been broken once

But if you were to drop
Eyela to the ground.
She’d just bounce off of it.

This was a good thing.
Because when her human friend
Took her to work each day,
In that lunch box of his,
She got knocked around
By his big old drink.
And sometimes
She got mushed
Underneath of his sandwich.

But to her,
It was all worth it.
Every time he got to work,
And opened up that box,
And pulled her out,
And sat her on that desk,
Where he could always
Look at her.

And every day,
He picked her up,
And studied her.
It was as if
He was memorizing
Every little detail
Of her physical appearance.

And that’s what she was there to do.
To be something he could touch.
Something he could hold.
In the world that he worked in.

Every time he left his desk,
And went somewhere else
In the office,
She took the time
To look around.

It was a cold
And heartless place
That her human friend
Worked in.
And almost no one
Said a single thing
To him.

She had been shocked
When she had learned
That sometimes
No one in that place
Even knew that he was there.

He would sit at that desk.
For hours.
Reading in his books.
Studying for some big test.
And writing things
On the pages
Of his big notebook.

He would put his earplugs
In his ears.
And listen to his music.
For a time.
And close his eyes.

She could tell
He was trying
To hang on to his smile.

When he closed his eyes,
Eyela would speak to him.
In a voice so very quiet
No one could hear her.
But she was a fairy.
And she could use her magic
To capture her own voice,
And transport it through the air
To him.

So that he could hear
Every word she said.
And she said very little.
“Remember the book of lies.
Never forget the book of lies.”
And she would remind him,
Breathe in everything that bothers you.
Every fear you have.
And breath out
The answers that you know
To all those fears.
To all the things
That bother you.”
And lastly, she would remind him,
“It’s just anger.
It’s just fear.
It’s just thinking.
And imagining things.
No of it is real.
Breathe in.
And breathe out.
And find your smile again.”

And she loved to sing to him.
The songs that only a princess
Of the fairy realm could know.
Songs that told stories
Of how special each fairy
In the fairy realm truly was.
How the world would be something less
If one of them was lost.
If one of them was gone.
Of how the fairies
Always cared
For their friends.
And for the other fairies.
Even the ones
They didn’t know.

And she would sometimes sing
A very special song
That Musica had written,
Just for her
To sing to him.

A song that asked him please
To never give up hope.
To never let the light
In his heart and soul
Go dark again.

A song that said his friends
Would always be there
For him.
That he could depend on them.
Even in the times
When they didn’t understand
What he felt.
What he thought.
What he did.
That his friends knew
That he was different from them.
And that was OK.
It was his differences
That made him so special
To all of them.

She would just hum.
No tune at all.
No words at all.
Just the notes
That her heart
Told her to hum.

And she knew
She had to stay there
In that lunch box
Every night.
Because she knew
How very much she meant to him
Every day he went to work.

She knew
That every time
He picked her up,
He could see the colors
Of the world
Once again.

And she knew
That in the world
That he worked in.
She was one thing
That truly mattered
To him.

And she knew
That as long as she was there.
Her human friend
Would never give up.
And the light
Within his heart and soul
Would never go dark


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