Fairies : The Hardest Thing To Learn

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rose woke up one night.
Hours before the dawn.
Her dreams
Had awakened her.
And such awful dreams
She’d had.

She could feel her heart
Pounding in her chest.
She could feel her wings
Shaking like the leaves of trees
Blowing in the wind.

Normally, she would get up
And walk among the flowers,
Somewhere on the Earth.
And when she had calmed down,
Just enough,
She’d go talk
With Mystica.
And tell her everything
About those awful dreams.

But that night for some reason
She did not.
Instead, she flew downstairs
To her human friend’s lunch box.
And found Scream waiting there.
With Eyela.
Scream had let her out.

When Scream saw
That Rose had arrived,
He screamed.
And when he did
Rose saw the fires or war
Burning in his heart.

Eyela took both of Rose’s hands,
And held them for a little while.
To Rose, it seemed that Eyela
was so very calm.
And in a little bit
Rose had calmed right down.
And the shaking of her wings
Was gone.
And her heart no longer pounded
In her chest.

“I can tell by the look
In you eyes, dear Rose,
That you have seen the destruction
That our human friend
Has rained down
Upon himself.”

Rose nodded her head yes.

Eyela still held on to Rose’s hands.
“Scream and I have been waiting
For his self-destructive ways
To become visible
To everyone.”

And Scream screamed once again.
But his scream was very sad.
And Rose could see the pain
Of memories Scream had
From long ago.
Of a desert that had been
Right there inside of him,
That was so much like the desert
She had seen,
In her human friend.

“It’s alright, my friend,”
Eyela said to Scream.
“As we once helped you
End your self-destructive ways,
We will help
Our human friend.”

Scream stood silently.
As if he understood
What was to come.
And Rose could see the sorrow
In Scream’s eyes.

“Yes, old friend,”
Eyela spoke again.
“Some of us will be so very hurt
In the coming weeks.
But we will be OK.”

Scream cried.
Rose had never seen
A dragon cry before.
Had never seen
The tears of fire
Fall from a dragon’s eyes.
Until that night
When Scream cried.

“May I tell Rose
Why you cry?”
Eyela asked,
As she brushed
Those tears of fire
From Scream’s eyes.

And when those tears were gone,
Rose could not help but see
There were no marks or burns
Of any kind at all
On Eyela’s tiny hands.

Eyela was a fairy princess,
So of course,
Fairy magic was indeed
Very strong in her.

Then Eyela turned to Rose
And told a story
From the days of old.
Long before the fairy Rose
Had been a magic light
In her mother’s eyes.

“Scream used to be
An evil dragon,
Once upon a time.
Hell bent on destroying

He even fought with others
Of his kind.
And left an ugly trail
Of destruction in his wake.

That was long ago indeed.
And it was as he burned a village
To the ground
That he came upon
A tiny little fairy child,
There among the flames.

And he found,
Much to his surprise,
That he couldn’t
Let her die.

So he landed in the flames
And picked her up,
And cradled her
In his dragon arms,
As he took to the sky
Once more.

In a few days
Scream flew to the North.
And landed right outside
My castle’s walls.
And in his arms he carried
That little fairy child.

He gently placed her
On the ground,
And just stood there,
Watching over her.

I ordered the gate
To be opened up,
And I flew out through it.
I landed next to Scream.
I looked at him
For a little while.

Then I picked up
That little fairy child,
And said, “Thank you”
To Scream,
For taking
Such good care of her.

It was on that day
That Scream began to change.
For each day after that
He came and stood
Right outside the gate,
Until we let him see
The little fairy child,
So that he would know
She was OK.

As the child grew older
She began to visit him
Each day at the gate.
A little fairy girl,
Playing and talking with
A very deadly dragon.
Who would have every
Imagined that?

One day she saw him
Fight another dragon.
A dragon that he killed.
And when she spoke with him
Outside the castle gate that day,
She asked him,
“Please, don’t fight that way again.
Please, find another way.”

Scream tried so very hard
To do as she had asked.
But it was so hard for him.
So the rest of us decided
To help him change his ways
As best as we could.

We made a place
Outside the gate,
Just for him to stay.
And we worked to help him
Find a way to live
Without destroying

As you can imagine,
A lot of fairies
Suffered burns
From his dragon fangs.
And many fairies
Were so badly cut
By Scream’s dragon claws.

But as long as we could see
That he was trying desperately
To change his self-destructive ways,
We found we just could not
Give up on him,
And send him away.

It took a while
But gradually,
Scream became
The dragon guardian
He is today.

And to this day
Scream stays with us,
And with his little fairy child,
Who is now so very grown up.

You see, Rose.
When scream saw
That little fairy child
So very long ago,
Something in her
Reached right past
All the fear
And all the anger
That was there inside
His very heart and soul.
Something reached
Inside of Scream,
Right to what was left
Of his lonely
Broken heart.

And we knew that he had changed.
And that he had to find a way
To calm his anger
And his fear.
So he could take care
Of that little fairy child,
So long as she might live.”

Rose stood silent
For a bit.
And everything just fit.
For the little fairy child
That Scream had saved
So very long ago
Could be no one
But Musica.

Eyela continued on.
“To learn to care for Musica,
Scream had to learn to care at all.
To become the friend
He has become
With his fairy friend Musica,
He had to learn
The hardest lesson
Anyone can learn.”

Eyela paused,
And looked at Scream.
And in a dragon voice
That Rose had never heard,
That reminded her
Of the same sound
As a raging forest fire,
Scream looked at Rose,
And spoke these words.

“To care for myself.”

Rose was completely stunned.
For every fairy just plain knew
That you could not care
For any one
Any more
Than you cared for you.

When she caught her breath,
Rose spoke to Scream,
“And that’s what’s really wrong
With our human friend.
That he does not care
For himself at all,
Does he?”

Eyela held Rose’s hands
Again upon that night.
Hours before the dawn.
“And you, dear Rose,
Are the key
To changing him.
Just like Musica
Changed Scream.”

Eyela squeezed Rose’s hands,
Oh, so very gently.
“The road ahead of him
Will be hard for him.
But he will reach its end.
As long as you do
As you heart
Tells you.
And never give up
On your friend.”

Eyela then told Rose
That they would speak
With all the other fairies
The next night.
So that everyone would know
What was to happen
In the coming days and weeks.

And then she ordered Rose
To return to her place
On the desk her human friend
Kept her on.
Where she was to try
To get some rest.

And Scream knew
More than anyone,
There were hard times
Yet to come.
But he would help
His fairy friends.
After all,
Had never given up
On him.


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