Fairies : Please, Don’t Be Afraid – Part 1

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sunshine always had a smile,
Right there on her face.
It made her feel so good to smile.
It helped her keep her blues away.

Smiles, she knew
Were contagious.
For time and time again
She’d seen the smile
Upon her face
Spread across a room,
And bring a smile
To the faces
Of the other people
There with her.

And she couldn’t help but notice
That their human friend,
Every time he picked her up
And looked at her,
Found his smile again.

But she knew he was still hurt.
She could see it in his eyes,
And in the way he slept at night.
She could see him fighting
With himself,
In the way he questioned
Everything he did.

It was as if he was afraid
Of so very many things.
Of what other people
Would think of him,
And the way that he behaved.

Afraid that they would say
That he was broken once again.
Like they had
In those days
That were months ago,
When they’d sent him away.

Afraid that his new friends
Would tell him to go away.
That they couldn’t understand him.
That he was just too different.
And that he frightened them,
So he had to go away.

Sunshine knew exactly how he felt.
For once she’d felt that way too.
Once, so very long ago,
Her name had not been Sunshine.
Back then
Her name
Was Rain.
And just like
Their human friend
She had been very much

Son on that night,
When the sun had set,
And their human friend
Had gone to bed,
Sunshine spoke with Mystica.

“Our human friend
Is so very much afraid,
Isn’t he?”

Mystica patted Merlin
On the head.
Then she started scratching him
Right behind his ears.
Merlin closed his eyes,
And tilted his head down,
So that it was easier for Mystica
To scratch behind his ears.

“Yes, Sunshine.
He’s very much afraid.
He’s been hurt very badly.
I know that you know that.
And he doesn’t want
To hurt that way again.
That’s why he is afraid.”

Sunshine’s smile
Was as beautiful
As it had ever been,
As she spoke these words.
“I know how he feels.
You know that I do.
For you knew me
When my name was Rain.”

“Sunshine, my friend,”
Mystica spoke again.
“I can tell exactly
What you wish to do.
And I must agree with you.
For like you,
I too believe
That what he needs right now
Is a friend that truly knows
What he is going through.”

It was then that Merlin spoke.
“Every since the day
That you stopped being Rain,
And your name was changed
To Sunshine,
You have always listened
To your heart.”

Then he put his dragon chin
In Sunshine’s left hand.
“It has never betrayed you.
And it won’t betray you

Sunshine’s smile
Lit the whole room.
And she knew
Exactly what to do.

“Then I’ll walk with him
In his dreams
On tomorrow night.
And share with him the story
Of how my name was changed
From Rain
Into Sunshine.”

Then Sunshine flew across the room.
And landed on the pillow
Next to the human’s head.
And being careful
Not to waken
Rose or Miss Hooters
As they walked with him
In his dreams that night,

She whispered very softly
In his ear.
“Please, don’t be afraid,
My human friend.
Please, don’t be afraid.”
And then Sunshine’s smile once more
Lit up the whole room,
And she whispered once again.

“You are not alone.
And you never will be.
So I ask you please,
Don’t be afraid.”

Then she placed her hands
Upon his cheek.
“I’ll visit you
Tomorrow night.
And share with you my story
Of how Rain
Became Sunshine.”

She took her hands
Off of his cheek.
And the she spread her wings,
As her smile lit up the room
Once more.

“Please, don’t be afraid.”

And then, she flew away.


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