Fairies : Give Yourself A Chance

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mystica knew it was time
For her to visit their human friend.
He’d reached a point in his journey
Where he would need her help.
Not as a white witch.
But as a friend.

A friend that could share stories
With him.
Stories that would help him
As he tried to start his life

She had seen the hurt in him.
The frustration that he had.
As he tried to do
So many of the things
That he once did,
In the land of work.

It was at times
Like trying to do his work
Was physically hurting him.
And Mystica knew
Exactly what that meant.

For it was something
She’d lived through

So that night,
When he went to bed,
And was soundly sleeping.
Mystica told Rose
And Miss Hooters
That she needed to spend time
With their human friend that night.

And then she spread her wings,
And flew across the room.
And landed right there
On his chest.
Just below his heart.

Then she took her magic staff,
With it’s crystal ball on top,
And she laid that down,
So that the ball was there
Above his heart.

And then she laid down to.
Resting here head
Right next to
That crystal ball.

And she closed her eyes,
And whispered just one word.
And the crystal ball
Began to glow.
It was a soft, white glow
Not very strong at all.
Just enough really,
So that it lit up her face.
And that little bit of his chest
That the crystal ball,
And her head
Rested on.

And the magic that she’d cast
Took hold very fast.
And she fell soundly asleep.
Right there.
Listening to his heart beat.

Mystica was walking
In his world of dreams.
Next to the ocean.
On the sand.
Down by the water’s edge.

The waves were calm,
Not big at all.
And the surface of the ocean
There between the waves,
Was almost glassy smooth.

A nice, warm sun
Warmed the air just enough
So that it was very pleasant
To be there.
Walking on the sand.
Down by the water’s edge.

There were no clouds at all
In a sky of perfect crystal blue.
And she could see the sunlight
As it reflected off the waves.
Painting bands of silver on their faces.
It was beautiful to see.

And she could see him crouching there.
Not very far away.
He was crouched down low enough
That his fingers
Touched the sand.
And sometimes felt the water
Of the ocean
Carried in  by a wave.

His eyes were closed.
And she could tell
That he felt the sun’s warmth,
Shining down on him.
That he could feel the breeze
As it flowed past
Every inch of him.
That he could feel
His own heart beating
In his chest.

As he crouched there,
Just spending time remembering
What it meant
To simply be alive.

She stopped and watched him
For a little while.
Knowing he had come so very far.
Knowing that he had so very far to go.
And when he opened up is eyes.
And at last stood up.
Mystical walked up to him.
And she said, “Hello.”

He looked at her,
And smiled.
“You’re Mystica,
Aren’t you?”
And she smiled back at him.
“What brings you here,
To my land of dreams?”

It was as if he knew
Just by looking at her,
And right into her eyes,
That there was something
That she had to say to him.

“I have a story
That I wish to share with you,
My human friend.”

He reached out
And took her hand.
And backed a bit away
From the water’s edge.
So they would not get wet.

And then he found
A dry space
On the ground.
That they could sit on.
And just talk
For a while.

That’s just what they did.
He sat down,
And crossed his legs.
And so did Mystica.
And when they both
Were comfortable,
Mystica began to talk.

There was a time,
A hundred years ago,
When I put down my staff.
And I didn’t pick it up
For quite some time.

It felt to me as if
Some how I’d failed.
And shouldn’t be a White Witch
Any more.

What good was it to be
A White Witch
With a broken wing?
That couldn’t help with anything?
And oh, how I had tried.

For I knew that I’d hurt
So many people in my life.
My magic had failed me.

It was true
That I had helped
Heal broken wings before.
And mended broken bones.
My White Magic was so very strong
As every fairy knew.

And then one day
A fairy friend
Had come to visit me.
And she told me of the problems
She was living with.
That she was dieing
From an illness.
And even with White Magic,
There was no hope for her.

She told me all about
What was wrong with her.
The way her blood was slowly dieing.
And how her body
Could not make any more.

I couldn’t let this happen.
I had to find a way
To save my fairy friend.,
So I raced out
Into the world.
Looking for a cure.
Looking for some way
That I could use White Magic
To help her.

And every where I looked,
I came away defeated.
For I could not find a single way
That I could help my friend.

And on the day she died,
I cried bitter tears.
And put my staff upon the ground.
Right next to her grave.
And then I walked away.
Promising that I’d never use
White Magic again.

And then one day
A baby fairy was born.
And we named her Dream.
And it wasn’t long at all before
Every fairy knew
That she was a special fairy indeed.
For her magic was
The magic of dreams.
The gifts of giving them.
And walking in the realm
Where every dream begins
And ends.

It wasn’t long after
That in the middle of the night,
Dream had an awful nightmare.
Of dragons in flight.
And the dragons in her dream
Burned a village to the ground.
And then landed
And hunted down.
Every fairy they could find.

Two of the fairies
There in that village
Had been Dreams Mom and Dad.
And those dragons
Had found them.
And tore their hearts
Right out of them.
And left their bodies
On the ground.

The next day
When we all woke up,
We found Dream standing
Right outside her parent’s house.
Tears falling from her eyes.
And when we asked her
What was wrong.
She couldn’t even speak.
So we went inside.
And that’s where we found
Her parents.
Laying there upon the ground.
And both of them were dead.
Their hearts had been ripped out.

That’s when we learned all about
Dream’s gift of magic dreams.
And that when she saw the dreams
Of other fairies
When she slept at night.
Those dreams came to life.

And in the weeks that followed,
Many fairies died.
And many more were injured
In such awful ways.

Until Dream couldn’t
Close her eyes.

I walked out to the graveyard.
Where I’d left my staff.
And stared at it for quite a while.
Because I knew that with White Magic,
I could help Dream sleep again.
And teach her what she had to learn
To keep her dreams
From killing anyone.

It was the hardest thing
That I have ever done.
To pick up my staff once again.
And take another step
On the path
That I was meant to walk.
The path of a White Witch.”

And her human friend
Stopped her right then.
And smiled a gentle smile.
“I understand, you know.
I really do.
And I wish to thank you
For the story
You have shared with me.”

He looked down at the ground,
And then out at the sea.
“I’m having that same problem
As I try one more time
To pick up all the things
That I put down
When the journey
I am on
First began.”

He looked at her,
His eyes so sad,
And so frustrated.
“And I just can’t seem
To do the things
That I know how to do.”

Mystica placed her hand
On his right shoulder.
And then she squeezed it
Oh, so gently.
And she spoke again.

“Give yourself the chance.
Give yourself the time.
Don’t try to force yourself
To pick up the things
That you put down.
For you’ll pick them up again
When it’s just time.”

She squeezed his shoulder
Once again.
“As you begin
To believe in you again,
You’ll start to pick things up.
I know this to be the truth.
For it’s what I did
A hundred years ago.
When I knew
That I could help
My good friend Dream.”

“Don’t doubt yourself,
My friend.
And don’t hurt yourself
Give yourself the time
You need.
You’ll pick things up again.”

And then they sat there
On the beach.
And he held her hand.
And they watched the waves
As they washed across the sand.

With the coming of the dawn,
And another day.
Mystica woke up.
Then she got her staff.
And she flew away
To rest once more,
There upon his desk.

But she knew he would be OK.
She knew that he had understood.
What she’d had to say.

She knew deep within her heart,
That he would give himself the time
That he needed to.
And slowly pick things up once more.
And that he really would
Be OK.


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