The Big Bang

[Author’s Note : The following work of pure fiction, based on a simple idea that I had today. It should be viewed as only a work of fiction. Viewing it as a statement of what I believe, and attacking this work of pure fiction as something that attacks you, or the things you believe only demonstrates that you do not understand what fiction is, and how fiction does not necessarily represent a persons position, point of view, perspective, beliefs, or faith. If you can’t accept that the following is fiction, then I suggest you don’t read it, as you will find it very much disturbing.]

I sat down on Sunday morning.
At dawn.
The first day of the week.
And I drew a diagram
On a sheet of paper.
Then a second diagram,
On a second sheet.
And so on.
Until I had a set of diagrams,
Laid out in sequence.
From the first,
To the last.

This would be yet another
Of the creations
I had made.

The diagrams showed exactly
The sequence of events
That had  to happen
For my creation
To be brought to life.
Capable of sustaining
All on its own.

It would take just 6 more days
Until my creation
Was born.
Into a brand new universe
Out there in time,
And space.

On Monday,
I sat down at the system
That I’d made so very long ago.
It took me
More years to build
That you can ever know.
It’s a machine.
A very complex
And complicated one.
That takes instructions in.
And processes them.
Just like an old fashioned computer.
It does what the instructions
Say to do.

And those instructions
Are always instructions to
Build a universe
That I wish to build.

I’d made several hundred universes
Over the ages.
When you live forever,
And never die,
You have more than enough time
To make all the universes
You wish to.

My first universes
Had been so simple.
They’d been birthed
Fully formed.

But after a time
Of making universes
In such a simple way,
I began to wonder
If there was a better way.
If I could build universes
That started from a seed,
And grew
Into what I wished them to
Over time.

So that’s what I set out to do.
Build universes
That evolved.
That grew.
That changed.
That were not static things.

While I was at my machine,
I loaded in
All the diagrams.
And this told the machine
To put together all the parts
That it would need
To make a universe
That could start
From nothing,
And then grow
Through each of the different stages
That I’d drawn a picture of.

The machine went to work.
And started generating
The program for creating
The universe I wanted
My machine to make.

On Tuesday of that week,
I checked on my machine,
To see how it was doing.
And how much of the program
Had been developed.

And the machine’s status report
Told me that it had created
A way for energy to be converted
To matter.
So that matter would form.
But not too uniformly,
So that it would be disturbed.
And not distributed evenly
Through that whole universe.

And as the matter formed,
It’s mass would slowly pull it
Into clumps.
Great big clumps of gas.
And the gas would get denser
With time.
And then stars would form
Within that gas.
And then galaxies
Of so very many kinds.

And I saw what my machine was doing,
And how well the program
I had told it to create
Was matching
What I wanted it to be.
And then I said,
“It is good.”

On Wednesday,
I checked on my machine
And this time I noted
That the program continued on.
So that now it had instructions
To generate habitable worlds.
Of all kinds.
It would also generate
Such beautiful things
As comets.
And asteroids.
And planets
That had rings of ice particles
And rock
Encircling them.

There would be all kinds of worlds.
Habitable worlds
Would be few.
It would not do
To make a universe
That was over populated.
I wanted a universe
That had a lot of empty space.
So that as life evolved
In that universe,
It would have space to grow.
And develop on its own.

And once more,
As the day reached its end.
I said to my machine
Once again.
“It is good.”

On Thursday,
The program sequence grew once more.
This time to include
Generating weather on planets.
And detailed environments.
Plate tectonics.
And in those atmospheres,
And beneath the surface
Of those oceans.
There was weather.
And rain.
And storms.
And hurricanes.
And storms of so many different kinds.

The continents would form,
And then would float around
On the surfaces
Of so many planets.
And they would collide,
And change.
And cause earthquakes.
And volcanoes.
And landslides.

The planets,
Like the stars,
And galaxies.
Would not be static at all.
They would change.

And I told my machine
At the end of that day,
“It is good.”

On Friday,
The machine was almost to the end
Of its development
Of the program to create
The universe I wanted to make.

There were so many ways
For life to take hold,
And to grow,
And become abundant,
On all those habitable worlds.

That life would not be static.
That life would have to change.
It would evolve
As its environment did.
As the world it was born on

And sometimes,
That life would be wiped out.
By changes to the world
That it was created on
That it could not adapt to.
Life that could not change.
That could not evolve.
That life would be weeded out.
That life would die away.

And I said once more,
At the end of Friday,
“It is good.”

On Saturday,
The machine finished writing
All the instructions
For the program.

I had no idea
What the life that would evolve
In the universe I wanted
To create.
Would turn out to be like.
No idea at all.

And I knew
That this new universe
I was about to create
Would take eons to evolve.
Many trillions of years.

But that was OK.
I had more than enough time
To watch my universe
As it grew,
And changed,
And evolved.
All on its own.

And that night,
When the program had been written.
I took the program
Out of the machine.
And carried it outside.
And then I tossed it
Into time and space.
Into an empty spot.
Where there was more than enough room
For another universe
To be born.
And grow.

And when the program
Was in the place
In all of time and space
Where I wanted it to put
My new universe.
I turned that program on.

And when I did.
I was so excited.
For I’d created
My first
Big Bang.

And my universe
Was born.
On that Saturday.
So very long ago.

All I had to do
Was just to wait.
To be patient,
And wait.
To see what life took hold
In the new universe
That I’d just made.

And as I did,
I said once again.
“It is good.”


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