The Story Of The Red Dragon

It started on a Monday.
The 24th of June.
In 2002.
More than 9 years ago.

I don’t remember
What caused it.
What set it all in motion.

The Princess of the Bluest Skies
Had written to me.
In the time that I had known her
I had picked up my Bible
For the first time in 19 years.
And started reading it.
And in 2002,
I was almost through
Reading the Old Testament.
For the first time.

I had even returned
To church.
Attending every Sunday
That I could.

But somehow I just knew
That something was terribly wrong.
Even then.

On that Monday
Everything blew up.
And I remember
How very frustrated
I had become that morning.
Frustrated enough
That I had a fight
With God.

I remember pictures
In my head
Of all the things
That were going on.
Of people that I’d seen,
That didn’t seem to know
What they were doing.
How they were behaving.
How they were hurting
Each other.

As if it were a normal thing.

I know there were other reasons
On that Monday years ago
Why I became so frustrated.
And had that fight with God.

Have you ever looked up
At the heavens in the sky
And screamed at God above,
“Tell me the truth!
Tell me what is going on!
Tell me why things
Have to be
The way they are!
I’m tired of playing
This stupid game!
Tell me the truth!
I’m not playing any more!”

The Princess of the Bluest Skies
Was very much surprised.
You aren’t supposed to
Talk to God that way.

But I was fed up
With the way things were.
Fed up with feeling
As if I didn’t know at all
What the heck was going on.
As if I were just playing a part
In some stupid game.
And could not be trusted
With the truth
Of what was really going on.

Within one hour of the time
I had that fight with God,
I got in my car
In the office parking lot,
And headed to the place
Where I worked
Every single day.

On that drive to work,
Sitting at a stop light.
Waiting for it to turn green
So I could move along.
I swear I heard a voice,
Though no one was in my car
Except for me.

“Listen carefully,”
Is all it said.
And then I saw
Pictures in my head.
Of each member
Of my family.
Of my lady.
And my children.
Of my parents.
And my brother.
And his family.
Of the friends I had.
Friends I cared for
Very much indeed.

I saw pictures of them all.
And with each picture
That I saw,
I heard that voice
Once more.
“How do you feel
About each of them?
What do they mean
To you?
Would you fight for them?
Defend them?
At any cost to you?
Even if you had to die
To keep them safe?
To protect them?”

As I sat there
At that light.
In my little car.
I heard my own voice
Answer back.
“Of course I would.
I love them.
You know that.
You know how very much
They all mean to me.
My family.”

The voice then spoke once more.
“As you feel for them,
I feel for each and ever one
Of my children
On your world.”

I sat there.
I had no words to say.
The light turned green.
And I drove on.
Until the next light
Down the road.
Where I had to stop again.

“This is why I fight for them,”
I heard that voice once more.
And that is when
I saw the dream.
The entire story.
Of the Red Dragon.

It only took a moment
For that story to play out
In all its detail
In my head.

“I’ve told you everything
That you can understand right now.
I’ve told you everything
You asked me to.
And as you grow.
As you become
The person you are meant to be.
You’ll understand it all.
More and more.”

The rest of that day,
And that entire week,
I couldn’t shake the story
Of the Red Dragon
From my head.

And I knew exactly
Who everyone was
In that story
I’d been shown.

The Red Dragon
Was Satan himself.
Evil beyond anything
I could ever have imagined
On my own.

How cruel
Do you have to be
To live by eating
Bits and pieces
Of peoples hearts,
And souls?

The inhuman beings
That I saw
That brought victims to him
Were the demons,
And the evil spirits
Of the world.

What I saw
That scared me
Most of all
Was how every victim
In that cave
Simply stayed where they were.
And waited
For the next time
When the demons
Came and hauled them off
To their evil master,
To let him feed on them
Once more.

When all they had to do
Was open up their eyes.
And simply make a choice
To stand up,
And walk away.

How could they all
Be so afraid?
To sit there every day.
And just simply wait.
Knowing that they’d have to hurt
Like they had before.
And maybe even more.
Time and time again.

And ever time
I saw that dream
Playing in my head
I heard that voice
Ask me once again.
“Will you help me
Rescue them?
As many as we can?”

It was this dream
That changed me.
More than 9 years ago.

As the years have passed,
The dream remains.
A dream I can’t forget.
No matter how I try.

A dream I know
That God gave me.
On a day 9 years ago.
Of the battle
He has asked
Each one of us
To fight.

This is why
There is no way
For me to judge another.
For I know the truth.
I know how much it is
That pain,
And fear determine
What each person will do.
And how they will behave.

That dream is
To this day
Absolutely terrifying
To me.

It’s not a literal thing.
For in real life
You will never see
The Red Dragon at all.
Or any of his minions.

But all my life
I’ve always know
How people always wait.
Too afraid to move.
Too afraid to get up
And simply walk away.
Too afraid to change.
Because they got hurt so badly
So many times before.
That they hide
Inside the darkness
Of the cave that is their life.

And simply pray.
That they won’t ever have to hurt once more.
Like they did before.

And all they have to do
Is simply change.
And then they’d be OK.

It took me more than 9 years
To learn all this.
To come to understand
The words that God above
Told me on that day
More than 9 years ago.

And I know
That in the year
That is now done.
I’ve changed like I had to.
And at long last
I stood up.
And walked out
Of that dark cave.

And I know
As I write these words.
I’ll walk through that cave
Time and time again.
To talk with people
I find there.
That are too afraid to move.

And I’ll try to share with them
The story of the words
That God has shown to me.
And let them know
That I would be happy
To walk with them.
Through the darkness
Of that cave.
Into the light of day.

Now you know the story
Of the dream I had
More than 9 years ago.

The story of
The Red Dragon.


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