Finding My Wings : Life Has A Gift For You

It was a Sunday morning.
And the church service
Had reached its end.
I walked up to my friend.
And took one look
Into her eyes,
Where I saw a look
I knew all too well.

Depression can be hell.
This much I do know.

But the warrior
I am becoming.
The warrior that cares.
The one that listens
To the words his heart speaks.
The warrior knew
Exactly what to do.

I smiled at her,
And then I took her
By the hand.
And walked outside.
Onto the lawn
In front of the church.
And as I did
I informed her,
“There’s something that I wish
To show to your.”

Standing there,
On the grass,
I spoke with her.
“Life has a gift
That’s just for you.
May I help you
As you discover it?”

She looked at me
Like I was crazy.
Which I’m very used to.
But her curiosity
Got the best of her,
And she answered,

“Then try to do
What I do.
So that you can see the gift
That life has given you.”

I held my hands out
Before me.
Fingers spread.
And then I closed my eyes.
And tried to feel the air
As it flowed past them.
I moved my hands about,
Until I could feel the breeze
As it moved the air
Across the palms of my hands.
And between each finger
That I have.
“I start by finding the breeze.
That’s part of the gift,
You know.
That we can feel the air
As it moves.
So I do this for a time,.
Just to clear my head.
And forget everything
That bothers me.
Can you feel the breeze too?”

I looked at her.
At the smile upon her face
That had replace her frown.
I just stand here for a while.
And enjoy the way it feels
To let the breeze
Flow past me.

And we both stood there,
For a time.
And simply felt the breeze.

Then I spoke once more.
“Then I close my eyes.
And I try to feel the warmth
Of the sun.
As it shines down from the sky.
Right on me.
Did you know that if you try
You can almost find the sun
Up in the sky
Without even using your eyes?”

And with that,
I closed my eyes,
And tried to find the sun
Just by the way
It warmed the skin
Upon my face.

“This is another part
Of the gift
Life has given you
How does it feel?
The sunshine
On your face?”

I could tell from the sound
Of her pretty voice
That the sunlight on her face
Had grown her smile.
And left it stronger
That it was at first.
“It feels good.”

Then I continued on.
“Then I simply stand real still.
And listen.
Until I can hear the singing
Of the birds.
And the sound of the leaves
On all the trees
As the wind blows
Through all of them.”

And that’s just what I did.
And she did too.
“This is just another part
Of the priceless gift
Life has given you.”

And we stood there
For a time.
It does not matter
How long.
While we both enjoyed
That gift of one more day
That life had granted us.

“I could not help but see
The hurt within your eyes
When I saw you today,
My friend.
I know the demon
That depression is.
For I face that demon
Every day.
That demon never
Goes away.”

I looked into her eyes.
And saw the magic light
That shines in them.
A light I love to see.

“And I just had to show you
That the demon
Can’t ever win.
As long as we remember
What a priceless gift it is
To just be alive.
To feel the breeze,
And the sunshine.
And hear the birds
As they sing.
It’s such a simple thing.
But it means
So very much to me.
And I wanted you to know
All about this gift
That life has given you.”

And even now,
After all the days,
The weeks,
And months,
Since I took her
By the hand,
And showed life’s gift to her.

I can still see the magic light
That shined in her pretty eyes.
And I can still remember
Her priceless smile.


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