Fairies : The Day He Brought Dream Home

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

He came into his room
Carrying her box.
He walked up to his desk,
Where she had once been.
And then he opened up that box,
And oh, so carefully,
And gently,
Removed her from within.

He made sure she was not injured
In any way at all.
And then he held her
In his hands.
And spent a while
Sitting in his chair,
Just looking at her.

Then he said these words,
“I’m sorry that I took you there.
I knew it was a bad idea.
I won’t ever make that mistake again.”

There was both
The fire of anger
In his voice.
And the sorrow that one has
When they have learned something
They didn’t want to know.

“They don’t deserve to see
Any of my fairies
In that place.”

And all the fairies
Heard the hatred
In his voice.

“I’m only there
for the work.”

And he placed Dream
On the desk
Where she had once been.
Then he went downstairs
To eat his dinner,
And listen to his music.

When he left the room
Mystica spoke to Dream.
“Why did he bring you home?”

Dream shook her head,
And then she cried.
Tears fell from her eyes.
And she couldn’t speak.
She couldn’t say a word.

Whisper flew to land
On Mystica’s shoulder,
Right next to her ear.
You couldn’t hear him
As he flew
At all.
And then he whispered
To Mystica,

“They told him
Fairies don’t belong at work.
That they are inappropriate,
In the customer’s environment.”

“They told him
He could bring her home.
Or he would be fired.
That he had to learn
How to be normal
Like every one of them.”

“They told him
He was there
To do his work.
And that was all.”

“That in that place
He was nothing more
That a human resource.
And he could only stay
Just as long
As he did what he was told.
And never caused
A single problem
For anyone at all.”

“The list of things they told him
Goes on, and on, and on.”

Whisper looked at Mystica,
And then whispered
One last time.
“They struck directly
At his very heart
And soul.
And told him he could be like them
Or he couldn’t be at all.”

“They said that it was long past time
For him to face reality,
And just grow up
Into a responsible adult,
Like them.”

Mystica sat there.
And found she couldn’t speak.
Whisper silently flew once more
Back to his dear friend Dream.

This time he landed
In her lap,
Then pressed himself
Into her stomach,
Which was nice
And warm.

Dream wrapped her arms
Around her friend.
And held him tenderly,
Her tears falling
On his feathered head.

Musica put down her flute.
There was nothing she could play.
No music anywhere
That she knew of
That could make the pain
That Dream was in
Just go away.

And Scream,
A scream of rage
And pain.

Rose found the words
That every one
Was afraid to say.

“How can humans
Be so very cruel
To each other
In that way?”

She dropped the rose
That she held there
In her hand.
And it fell into the grass
There beneath the crescent moon
That she was sitting on.

“How can humans
Hurt each other
Just because
They’re not the same?”

And everyone grew quiet,
For they heard their human friend
Coming up the stairs,
And heading for his room.

Can you imagine their surprise
When he walked across the room,
And stopped before his desk,
And then he picked up Dream.

He sat down in his chair again,
And held her in his hand.
Then he gently placed her
In his lap.
And he kept her there
While he checked his e-mail
And other accounts
To see what messages
He had received
That day.

And every now and then,
He stopped what he was doing
And picked Dream up once more,
And simply looked at her.

“It’s not their fault,
You know.
It’s really not.
They’re just afraid
Of anything
That they don’t understand.”

Then he smiled at Dream,
“And they don’t understand me
In the least.
And they never really have,
And never really will.
I’m an enigma to them.”

He put her down once more,
There upon his lap,
“Everyone they’ve ever know
Understood the same things
That they do.
Felt the same way
About the same things
That they do.”

“I  told them once
That they were all the same.
And I tried so very hard
To explain what I meant.”

“They just looked at me
Like I was nuts.
And told me how different
Each of them was
From the others.”

“They truly don’t understand.
And most of them
Don’t want to.
And I just don’t fit
Into their world
At all.
I never have.
I never will.”

“Sometimes it makes me sad
That people close their hearts,
And eyes,
To anything that’s different
From them.”

Then he picked Dream up,
And held her in his hand.
“They made me bring you home.
And I’m OK with that.
For I have pictures
Of all my fairies,
Don’t you know.
And I already know
That I can bring
My pictures in,
And keep them with me
At my desk.”

He laughed.
“And since they are
The way they are,
I won’t ever share with them
The pictures that I have
Of each one of you.”

He place Dream back
Upon his lap,
And then he burned a disc.
And on that disc
Were all the pictures
That he had
Of his fairy figurines.

It was getting late,
And he was clearly tired.
So he got ready for bed.
And shortly after
Sleep claimed him,
Miss Hooters
Used her feathered wings
To visit her friend Dream.

“Why don’t you
Take care of him
For me tonight,
My dear friend Dream?
Would you please
Take care of him
For me?”

Dream hugged Miss Hooters,
And she said,
“You know I want to,
Don’t you.
Thank you my dear friend
For letting me
Spend time taking care of him
I know how very much
That you love him.”

Miss Hooters smiled at her friend Dream,
And then she said to her,
“Go take care of him.
He has missed you
While you were away.
Go take care of him,
And help him find his smile tonight.
So he can be happy
When he has to go to work
Tomorrow morning.”

All the fairies watched
As Dream floated across the room,
And landed oh so gently
On his pillow,
Right next to his head.

They all watched
As she pressed her pretty hands
Up against his temple,
And then closed her eyes.

Dream spent the night
There within his dreams,
Walking on the sand,
Down by the water’s edge.
Listening to the ocean’s waves.
Walking hand-in-hand
With her human friend.

At first she cried,
And told him
That she knew how hurt he was.
And how very much
It had hurt her
To see the way
He had been treated
In that awful place.

He had held her close
For a time.
There at the water’s edge.
And she had shed
So many tears
On his shoulder

And as she cried,
Tears falling from her eyes,
He said this to her,
“It’s just the way they are.
I’ve know that
All along.
And while I’m disappointed
That they made me bring you home,
I’m not surprised at all.”

He softly brushed the tears
From both of Dream’s cheeks.
And then he kissed both of her eyes.
“My dear friend Dream,
You don’t have to cry for me.
I’m OK, you know.
I really, truly am.”

Then he looked into her eyes,
“And there is one thing
That they cannot take from me.
And I want you to know
What that thing is.”

He gently touched her lips
With his finger tips.
“You and all the other fairies
Are special to me.
And I’ll have you
In my heart
To help me through the day
Every time I go
Into that awful place.”

“And as long as you are there
With me,
Carried in my heart.
I know that I will be OK.
For the dreams I have of you
Have shown me
All the lies,
And all the hurt,
That would be caused,
If I were to listen
To what they tell to me.”

Then he took her
By the hand,
And they walked along a night,
Right there
On the sand.
Down by the water’s edge.

Until the colors of the night
Started to fade away,
And the colors of the world
Started to come to life

It was then
That they sat down,
There upon the sand.
And he put his arm
Around her shoulders,
As they watched the sun come up.

And when the day was started,
Dream kissed him
On the lips.
And then she put her head down
On his lap.
She closed her eyes,
And let the sounds
Of the ocean’s waves
Carry her away
Into the land of sleep.

But as she fell asleep
She couldn’t help but think
How very much she liked
To fall asleep like this.
With her head there
In his lap.

Miss Hooters and Rose
Landed on the pillow,
And gently picked Dream up.
And they carried her
Back to her place
There upon the desk.
For it would not be
Long at all
Before their human friend
Woke up.
And went to work again.

But Miss Hooters and Rose
Could not help but notice
The smile upon Dream’s face.
The smile that someone has,
Fairy, human or angel,
When that someone’s had a dream
Come true.

And that was how the fairies knew
That their human friend
Would be OK
In that land of work.
In that awful place.

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