Fairies : She Walks With Him

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

He gets up every morning.
And eats a bowl of cereal.
And has something to drink.
He also takes his medicine
At the start of his day.

Then, he waits a little while,
10 or 20 minutes.
After which
He puts on his walking gear.
Including his wrist weights.
And his music player,
With its ear buds in his ears.

Then, he goes out
On his daily walk.
Where he walks for miles,
And miles,
And miles.

He never notices
As he opens the front door
To his house,
And steps outside
And shuts it,
Making sure it’s locked,
That Musica
Slips outside with him.
She stays hidden,
Out of sight,
Behind his head.

Once he is outside,
Musica’s wings stretch out
To their full size.
And she uses them
To float up high.
As if she were a bird
Up there in the sky.

She flies ahead of him sometimes,
For she knows the path
That he walks on.
And she talks to the ducks,
And rabbits,
And birds.
And asks them please
If they could be
Where he could see them
When he comes along.

Sometimes she’d fly
Right there,
Next to him.
Just out of his sight.
So she could watch him
As he walked along.

Sometimes, she’d fly behind him.
Keeping him
Just within her sight.

And she knew
That he’d never seen her
Watching over him.

On this one morning
She carried her flute with her.
And she played a fairy tune
As he walked along.
A song that every one
Just seems to know.
A song of spring,
With flowers blooming,
And the leaves returning
To the trees.

A song of spring
When the birds return.
And you can hear them sing
Early in the morning,
Or as the sun goes down.

And when she played her flute
As he walked along,
He began to smile.
And he looked around
More than he usually did
On that morning walk.

He looked up at the sky.
And the clouds in it.
He looked at the trees
That he walked past.
He looked at the bushes,
And the shrubs,
In so many peoples yards.
He looked at all the flowers
In the flower beds.

As Musica had played her flute,
The birds along the way
Had come out
So that they could hear
The music that she played.
The ducks
And the geese
Quit the quacking,
And their honking.
And got very calm.
Even the rabbits had come out
And sat down
In the middle
Of so many lawns.

And as Musica played on
While he walked his walk,
She saw that  he was seeing
All the animals
That had come out
To hear her
As she played.

And when the walk was over,
And he’d returned to his home,
Musica and all the other fairies
Couldn’t help but see
That he smiled a lot
Upon that day.
That on that day
He was just as happy
As he had ever been.

So every now and then,
When he seems to be sad,
Musica takes her flute with her,
As she follows him
While he takes his walk.

And every time she does,
When his walk is done
And he returns to his home,
He is always happier
Than when he left
That morning.

And every morning
That he goes out
For a walk,
All the other fairies
Make sure that Musica
Is right there
Watching over him.

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