Fairies : Eyela

Monday, 02 May 2011

She’s so very small.
Only 3 inches or so tall.
She stands straight up.
In a full length skirt
That reaches from her waist
Clean down to the floor.

That skirt
Is a pale sky blue.
Almost grey.
With a dark grey band
Along its bottom,
By the floor.
And there is silver
Splashed throughout that grey.

There is a belt
Around her waist.
That buckles in the back.
And on its front
There is a giant flower.
Made of colored leather,
Attached to that belt.

Flowing from beneath
The front of that belt
Is a long white sash
That reaches almost
To the floor.

All sides of that sash
Are trimmed
With silver thread.
And there are blue flowers
Made of thread
Running down the left side
Of that sash.

She wears a pure white top.
That is sleeveless.
That tops neckline
Is all in blue.
With five silver half circles
Right there on the front.
The blue of the neckline
Continues up,
Over her shoulders.
Another line of blue flowers
Runs diagonally,
From the top right
To the bottom left.

She wears full length,
Fingerless gloves
Upon her arms and hands.
Silver edging wraps around her arms
Up there by her elbows.
Her gloves are blue,
That fades as grey fades in.
Then the grey
Fades into white.

Around her neck
Is a silver necklace.
And that necklace holds
A very large
Blue stone
In it.

She has long brown hair
That ends somewhere
Past her shoulders,
Hidden beneath her wings.
Her hair is decorated,
Having several small blue flowers,
And many more tiny green ones,
On each side of her head.

Her wings are fairy wings.
Made of six segments each.
And they are fully spread out.
Those wings of hers are colored
An even paler blue
Than her skirt is.

Each segment of each wing
Is filled with little silver lines.
The same kind of lines
That you see in the wings
Of dragon flies.

Her wings are attached
To her back.
And run from her shoulders
To her waist.

She’s the smallest of the fairies
That I have,
By far.
Small enough
That I can take her
Almost everywhere.
If I want to.

She is a gift to me.
Given by my son.
I carry her to work
Each day
To remind me
That my family
Cares for me.

And as long as I have them
I know
I am not alone
On this world
I never made.

I have kept the name for her
That was on the box
That she came in.

And her name is Eyela.
And she is
A fairy princess.
Resting on the desk,
Here at work with me.

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