Fairies : The Flowers In The Flower Beds

Tuesday, 05 April 2011

Chrissy and Lilly were excited.
It was at long last spring.
And they could do something
They knew their human friend
Would really like.

So one night
As he was asleep
There upon his bed.
Chrissy and Lilly
Opened up the wall,
And out they went.

They zoomed around the house,
To stop in the front yard.
And they were so happy
To see the flowers
Coming up.
Left on their own
It would be a week or two
Until they started to bloom.
And they would bloom,
Most of them,
All at once.
And they they would be done.

Chrissy and Lilly knew
That would help him.
But the knew another way
That would help him
Even more.

So the flew among the flowers
In the flower beds.
And they arranged the flowers
So that they would bloom
A few at a time.
And that way,
There would be flowers
In full bloom
In those flower beds
For at least a month.
And maybe more.

There were daffodils,
And narcissus,
And even irises.
There were even several
Azalea bushes,
And a huge gardenia
That would have a hundred blooms
Or more.

Chrissy and Lilly were so happy
That there would be flowers
In those flower beds
Well into May
And maybe even June.

For they both knew
That having flowers
He could look at
Made him feel so very good.
And that for a little while
He’d forget all of the things
That hurt him,
And stressed him
Every single day.

The two of them went out
Into those flower beds
Night after night.
For weeks.
And took care of the flowers
As they grew,
And as they bloomed.

And the flowers
In those flower beds
In the spring and summer months,
Were very beautiful indeed
That year.

And their human friend
Too many pictures
On many, many days,
Of the flowers
And the blooms
In those flower beds
That year.

Chrissy and Lilly
Were so happy to see him,
With a smile upon his face,
As he looked upon the pictures
That he’d taken
Of the flowers
They’d worked so very hard
To make their very best
For him.

And they knew
That he’d remember
The flowers of that year.
Every time he looked upon
The pictures
He had taken.

And every time he did
They knew
He’d always
Find his smile again.

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